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Livingdocs documentation

This is the technical documentation for the Livingdocs CMS. We address 3 larger audiences here:

  • designers

  • integrators

  • core developers

Livingdocs as a service

You can use our hosted Livingdocs at and do your integration using our API. This is a headless CMS approach. You can get started immediately by just creating an account on Refer to our API documentation for more information on the available endpoints. Most of this documentation assumes that you integrate Livingdocs on-premises or have otherwise access to the source code.

Livingdocs on-premises

If you use Livingdocs as an on-premises software you will have access to the (private) boilerplates projects and/or an .npmrc file with access to our core repositories (Note: this requires at least signing an evaluation contract, if you haven't done so already contact us at To start an evaluation you can go through our evaluation guide.

To get a devops environment, refer to our devops section.


Please let us know about gaps or errors in our documentation at or do a pull request on the source for our documentation.

(If you are viewing this documentation on our Github repository, there is a new nicer view of it at