Display Filter

Display Filters are filters with a UI. They are configurable per dashboard and allow the user to define what should be shown in the result list.

There are 3 types of Display Filters: listV2, metadataPropertyName and customVueComponent. Some Display Filters are provided by Livingdocs and can be configured without additional code. It is possible though to provide your own custom filters, there is a guide explaining the details.

Usually you configure displayFilters in dashboard configurations like this:

  handle: "myDashboard",
  displayFilters: [
    // shorthand for {filterName: "aFilterName"}

    // some filters take a config object
      filterName: "anotherFilterName",
      config: {
        some: "configToPass"

    // gives you a filter for this metadata property, caveats apply, see below. Added in: release-2023-03
    {metadataPropertyName: "myMetadataProperty"}
  // ...

There are 2 types of filters provided by Livingdocs for you to configure, some you define by filterName, some by metadataPropertyName. They are separately listed here:

Named Filters

  • documentState, unpublished, published, not yet published, my articles, needs proofreading, currently proofreading
  • timeRange, filter the search results in time ranges such as last 24 hours
  • liDateTimeRange, filter the search results in time ranges (quick filter + from/to range)
    // simple config - filters by updatedAt
    displayFilters: ['liDateTimeRange']
    // custom config
    //   documentPropertyName: Supports 'createdAt'/'updatedAt', defaults to updatedAt
    //   metadataPropertyName: Supports any of your metadata date fields
    displayFilters: [{filterName: 'liDateTimeRange', config: {documentPropertyName: 'createdAt'}}]
    displayFilters: [{filterName: 'liDateTimeRange', config: {metadataPropertyName: 'publicationDate'}}]
  • sortBy: relevance (default), creation_date, updated_at, alphabetical
  • language: uses the project configuration for available languages to offer a select box to filter for languages (requires multi-language feature to be enabled)
  • contentType: uses the content-types configuration in your server to filter for different content-types, e.g. galleries or regular articles.
  • channels give the user a dropdown to filter by a specific channel. The concept of channels will be removed, if you aren’t using them yet, don’t start doing so.

Metadata Filters

Added in: release-2023-03

Listed here are the supported metadata types, you would configure the filters for them with a metadataPropertyName with the handle of a property of this type that is configured in your contentTypes/mediaTypes. Support for more types will be added as needed. Contact your Customer Solutions Manager for potential Implementation Partnerships.

For these filters to take effect you must index the metadata properties in Elasticsearch/Opensearch. To do so you have to define config{ index: true } in the metadata plugin config. See metadata plugins for more information. After updating the config, one must re-index all the documents:

npx livingdocs-server elasticsearch-index --handle=li-documents -y

Supported Types