Image cropping

The image cropping in Livingdocs is implemented as an open-source library available here. The Livingdocs editor allows you to set certain configuration options to customize the behavior of the cropping interface.

For all configurable options in the library, see here

Example Editor configuration

  editor: {
    imageCrop: {
      showSurroundingImage: 'always',
      surroundingImageOpacity: 0.5,
      zoomStep: 1.05
  disableCropFor: ['image/svg+xml']


Possible values: always, panning, never, Default: never

If set to always you will see the cropped out parts in opacity, if set to never you will not see the cropped out parts, if set to panning you will only see the cropped out parts in opacity when dragging.


Possible values: between 0 and 1, Default: 0.2

Deduces the opacity with which the cropped out parts are shown (see above).


Possible values: between 1 and 2, Default: 1.25

Deduces zoom steps when zooming into an image and out. 1.05 zooms in 5% with every step.


An array of mime types for which there should be no “crop image” option displayed in the editor.