Filter for Dashboards

If you still have Dashboard Filter configs listed below in your Editor Config under app.filters.*, you should migrate that filters as soon as possible.

Migrate articleList | pageList | dataRecordList


  • app.filters.articleList -> Filter for Article Dashboard
  • app.filters.pageList -> Filter for Pages Dashboard
  • app.filters.dataRecordList -> Filter for Data Record Dashboard

New - Switch to Table Dashboards:

  • Remove {liItem: 'articles'}, {liItem: 'pages'}, {liItem: 'data-record'} in editorSettings.mainNavigation
  • Set up your Table Dashboards
  • Move the Dashboard Filters to your Table Dashboard Config

Migrate inlineArticleList

Migrate from Editor Config app.filters.inlineArticleList to Project Config inlineLinks

Migrate documentListList

Migrate from Editor Config app.filters.documentListList to Project Config documentLists