Custom Metadata Plugins

Migrate Custom Plugins -> Core Plugins

Most custom metadata plugins can be migrated to core plugins. The core plugins are constantly improved and new ones will be added.

Some thoughts/inputs for a migration:

  • The storage format for Metadata fields should have only one level. Then it’s easier to switch to core plugins and your deliveries are simpler too. E.g. having metadata: {seoTitle, seoDescription} is simpler to handle than metadata: {seo: {title, description}}.
  • When the storage data type of the custom plugin and the core plugin is the same, a migration is easy, you can just update the Project Config and replace the downstream my-custom-text with li-text
  • When you have some validation in your plugin (e.g. reject on publish), you can replace that part with a PreparePublishHook
  • When you copy metadata you can replace that part with a PreparePublishHook
  • Use a plugin which supports Data Sources when you load list of items, e.g.
    • editor -> remote host
    • editor -> custom server endpoint -> remote host
  • When having different storage formats between the downstream plugin and the core plugins to be replaced, you need to write a Data Migration. Please also consider that deliveries must support both formats until the migration is done.
  • Date fields can probably be replaced with Publish Control

Migrate Custom Plugins -> Vue Plugins

Always consider a migration to a core plugin first (see the strategies above). If that is not possible (after you spoke with us) another option is to write a custom plugin with Vue.

Typical Questions:

  • Q: I had a service in the Angular plugin, how to replace?
  • A: Integrate the service logic in your Custom Vue Plugin.