Back to Standard

What is Back to Standard?

Back to Standard means removing custom or deprecated features and plugins and replace them with a simpler solution. When you have developed a custom solution some time ago maybe you can now replace that with a core solution which has the same featureset than your custom solution.

Back to Standard is for customers which have old stuff like deprecated Angular plugins and search for ideas/guidance how to replace them.

If you miss a section, please get in contact with us.

Why is Back to Standard important?

  • We can better align features for you, because of less customisation via plugins
  • You can replace custom solutions with simple core solutions (mostly configs)
  • You can replace deprecated solutions (they will go away)
  • You will have a better developer experience by simplifying the solutions and the business saves money
    • less code
    • less bugs
    • less maintenance
    • easier updates
  • We can remove old code in the core (less maintenance costs)


Migrating away from AngularJS can be a complex process, especially if you have a lot of downstream custom plugins. That’s why we want to leave you enough time to make the transition.

  • release-2023-01 - deprecate Angular extensions
  • release-2023-09 - remove support for Angular extensions