Dashboard Source API

The DashboardSource API provides a simple way to populate a home screen table dashboard with a custom list of documents. Register a custom function on the server that returns a list of document ids. Consolidate the home screen documentation, to see how it can be connected to a dashboard.

Custom fetch functions can make requests to internal or external systems. However, they need to return document ids that exist within Livingdocs.

  • Documents that are not found or not visible to the current user are skipped
  • Results are limited to 35, no pagination support
const axios = require('axios')

liServer.registerInitializedHook(() => {
  const dashboardSourcesApi = liServer.features.api('li-dashboard-sources')
    handle: 'liDashboardSourceExample',
    async fetch ({projectId, userId}) {
      // Make a request to a third party system, query the documents API, read a file or similar.
      return {results: ['1', '2', '3']}