Data Source API

The DataSource API (or Data Source API) provides a simple way to fetch/transform any DataSource (e.g. a public gist or another URL) and provide the results to any server feature or use it in the editor as a data source for metadata or filters.

The current version supports binding a DataSource to a metadata field, which will be described in more detail in the example section.

Metadata plugins with DataSource support

  • li-text
  • li-string-list
  • find more metadata plugins here with DataSource support

Example - Bind a DataSource to a Metadata Field

You can register a DataSource (e.g. labelValuePairDataSource) and use it as dataProvider for a metadata field (e.g. dummy). In the publish screen you get a list of values (based on the results of the DataSource).

Final result on the editor publish screen

DataSource Dropdown

Register a DataSource on the server

const axios = require('axios')

liServer.registerInitializedHook(() => {

  // register code on the server
    handle: 'labelValuePairDataSource',
    // result for labelValuePair = [{label, value}, ...]
    dataFormat: 'labelValuePair',
     * Fetch data from your external service (or provide a static list)
     * Errors are handled by default. If you know you're DataSource,
     *   you can throw your own error messages
     * @param {Object} params
     * @param {Number} params.projectId
     * @param {Number} params.userId
     * @param {Object} params.params params will be passed by the requester
     *   (e.g. a metadata plugin on the editor which passes the documentId)
     * @returns {Object} {label, value, ?isDefault}
    async fetch ({projectId, userId, params}) {
      const {data: fetchedData} = await axios({
        method: 'get',
        url: ''

      // your returned data format must match with the 'dataFormat'
      return fetchedData? => ({
        // optional - if true this is the initial value
        // isDefault: true

Bind a DataSource to a Metadata field in the content-type config on the server

// content-type config on the server
metadata = [
    handle: 'dummy',
    type: 'li-text',
    ui: {
      label: 'DataSource Example'
    config: {
      dataProvider: {
        // this is the dataSource handle registered on the server
        dataSource: 'labelValuePairDataSource'