Livingdocs Enterprise Documentation

This is the technical documentation for the «Livingdocs CMS - Enterprise Edition». As a starting point we recommend the Evaluation Guide and then moving on from there. Make sure that you have the Livingdocs Boilerplate projects (editor, server) cloned locally as the documentation refers to them in many places.

Livingdocs in a Box

Service Documentation

If you are a service customer and do not have access to our source code, refer to our Service Documentation. This documentation only covers the Enterprise Edition of Livingdocs.


If you use Livingdocs as an on-premises software you will have access to the (private) boilerplates projects and/or an .npmrc file with access to our core repositories (Note: this requires at least signing an evaluation contract, if you haven’t done so already contact us at To start an evaluation you can go through our evaluation guide.

To get a devops environment, refer to our devops section.


Please let us know about gaps or errors in our documentation at or do a pull request on the source for our documentation.

(If you are viewing this documentation on our Github repository, there is a new nicer view of it at