Represents a collection of documents. All documents in a channel must use the same design. A channel also defines the Renditions.


A list of Components and configurations how they can be used in a Livingdoc and how users can interact with these Components in the Livingdocs Editor.


See Upstream.

Embedded Design

An “Embedded Design” lives inside of a Livingdocs channel configuration, therefore every “Embedded Design” is unique per project. Another design type is a Referenced Design.


A livingdoc is a document in our system. It separates content from structure by using Components. A Livingdoc references a specific Design which defines the available Components that can be used in the document.


Represents an organisation and consists of users and channels.

Referenced Design

A “Referenced Design” can be used multiple times in different projects. Another design type is an Embedded Design.


Upstream is a package/repository which is integrated in another project called downstream. In our case the upstreams are our core livingdocs-editor and livingdocs-server. They are provided as npm packages (semantic versioning) and can be used by a downstream project, e.g., livingdocs-server-downstream. The livingdocs-framework package cannot be installed separately, it is a core package that cannot be used as an upstream.