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Proofreading Task

This guide will show you how to add a custom proofreading task. A proofreading task is a special form of a task with some additional config settings and plugins. If you want to know how to add a review task or another generic task, you can read more here

The screenshot below shows the task in question.

Custom Task

Server plugin

On the server we need to configure a new metadata field proofreading (more about metadata fields you can read here)

metadata: [
  // metadata field name
  handle: 'proofreading',
  // plugin
  type: 'li-task-v2',
  config: {
    label: 'Proofreading',
    showInTaskList: true,
    // flag to control if the card should be updated automatically on custom dashboard
    realtimeNotification: true,
    // flag to declare that this metadata field is a proofreading task
    isProofreading: true
    // flag to control the differ from the poofreading feature in the editor
    updateLastProofreadRevision: true,
    // you can pick a deadline date in the editor when starting with a task
    requestDeadline: true,
    // define a link from the task to a dashboard. 'kanban-proofreading' is the handle of the dashboard in the editor-config
    linkToDashboard: 'kanban-proofreading',
    // flag to enable an option to mark a task as a high priority task
    setPriority: true,
    // define beforeLabel/afterLabel of the 3 states requested/accepted/completed
    assignUsers: true,
    // flag to enable an option to assign a user to a task.
    // if the 'notifications' feature is activated, assigned users will always get an email/slack/* notification
    requested: {
      beforeLabel: 'Request proofreading',
      afterLabel: 'Proofreading requested'
    accepted: {
      beforeLabel: 'Begin proofreading',
      afterLabel: 'Started with proofreading'
    completed: {
      beforeLabel: 'Finish proofreading',
      afterLabel: 'Proofreading finished'
    // when the relative deadline date is nearer than the relative time in the config,
    // a task is set as highly urgent
    urgency: {
      high: {value: 2, unit: 'hours'}

Register a deadline computation in the editor

If requestDeadline: true in the configuration, you are asked to set a deadline date when starting a task.

The default behavior is

  • default date: now + 1 day
  • allowed date range (validation): now + 7 days

If you want to change that default behavior, you can register you own deadline computation in the editor via the liEditor.

// return an Error if validation fails
const validation = (date, handle) => {
  const daysInFuture = 10
  const from = moment().startOf('minute')
  const to = moment().add(daysInFuture, 'days')
  const toErr = moment().add(daysInFuture, 'days').subtract(1, 'minutes').format('LLL')

  if (!moment(date).isBetween(from, to)) {
    return new Error(`Date must be between now and ${toErr}`)

suggestDeadline = (document, handle) => {
  if (document.contentType === 'regular') return moment().add(1, 'days')
  return moment().add(2, 'days')

liEditor.taskDeadline.register(suggestDeadline, validation)