Access Hooks

The access hook feature allows to register a function on the server that intercepts the document modifications before the document gets saved to the database. It should only be used for access control, not to mutate the document.

A hook can return a permission error (with a 403 status property) which is consumed by the editor.

Beta Stage

The implementation of the access hooks is in an beta stage and could change in the future. We might introduce policies that will replace the hooks at a later step. So please make sure you don’t implement complex logic using the hooks.

Example: Prevent Document Updates

Here you see a simple example which rejects a document update when the title is set to ‘examplePermissionError’.

// server
liServer.registerInitializedHook(async () => {
  const accessControlApi = server.features.api('li-access-control')
  accessControlApi.registerHook(async ({action, nextDocument}) => {
    switch (action) {
      case 'document.update':
        if (nextDocument.metadata.title === 'examplePermissionError') {
          return accessControlApi.metadataPermissionError({
            message: 'Title cannot be "examplePermissionError"',
            metadataProperty: 'title'

Advanced Document Update Example

In this example we only allow the server admin (which has userId = 1) to update a document which has the category ‘financialReport’. It’s only a showcase to get a feeling what you could do.

const accessControlApi = server.features.api('li-access-control')

// Hook parameters
// ---------------
// action          - document.create / document.update / document.get / document.delete / document.publish / document.unpublish
// projectId
// userId
// newDocument     - only available on action = 'document.create'
// documentVersion - stored document
// nextDocument    - document update which will be stored when the access check is valid
//   true or undefined or null - the document modification is allowed
//   throw an error            - the document modification will be rejected, the error will be showed in the editor
accessControlApi.registerHook(function ({action, projectId, userId, newDocument, documentVersion, nextDocument}) {
  switch (action) {
    case 'document.create': return true
    case 'document.update': return canUpdate(documentVersion, userId)
    case 'document.get': return true
    case 'document.delete': return canUpdate(documentVersion, userId)
    case 'document.publish': return canUpdate(documentVersion, userId)
    case 'document.unpublish': return canUpdate(documentVersion, userId)

function canUpdate (documentVersion, userId) {
  const hasFinancialReport = documentVersion.metadata.category === 'financialReport')
  if (hasFinancialReport && userId !== 1) {
   throw accessControlApi.permissionError(
    'No user except the admin is allowed to edit documents in the category financialReport'