Access Rights and Groups

In Livingdocs, access rights are set on a group. A group is a many-2-many relation of users to projects. So in general for a given project you will have many groups. One group, the “Owners” group is always created by default. The screenshot below shows you how to set the access rights for a given group.

Access Rights

You reach this screen by clicking on “Project Settings” in the main menu

Roles and scopes

Livingdocs has roles (the settings in the screenshot above) and scopes which are more granular system level access controls. Normally, a role clusters a bunch of scopes, for example “Publish and unpublish articles” in the screenshot above. So setting a role on a group gives users of this group certain scopes in the system.

Available Scopes

This lists all available scopes with their system identifiers. In the configuration you might find scope settings in some places, e.g. for the sidePanelItems.


  • readArticles, users that can read articles
  • createArticles, users that can create articles
  • writeArticles, users that can write articles
  • publishArticles, users that can publish articles
  • unpublishArticles, users that can unpublish articles
  • deleteArticles, users that can delete articles


  • readPages, users that can read pages
  • createPages, users that can create pages
  • writePages, users that can write pages
  • publishPages, users that can publish pages
  • unpublishPages, users that can unpublish pages


  • readDataRecords, users that can read data
  • createDataRecords, users that can create data
  • writeDataRecords, users that can write data
  • publishDataRecords, users that can publish data
  • unpublishDataRecords, users that can unpublish data

Lists (main menu entry):

  • readLists, users that can read lists
  • manageLists, users that can manage (edit) lists
  • publishLists, users that can publish lists


  • manageMenus, users that can edit, publish and delete menus

Project Settings:

  • administerProject, users that can change project settings (project admin role)

Server Admin:

  • manageUsers, create / edit / delete users (server admin role)