Access Rights and Groups

In Livingdocs, access rights are set on a group. A group is a many-2-many relation of users to projects. So in general for a given project you will have many groups. One group, the “Owners” group is always created by default. The screenshot below shows you how to set the access rights for a given group.

Access Rights

You reach this screen by clicking on “Preferences” > “Project Admin” > “Groups” in the main menu

Scopes and Policies

Livingdocs has scopes and policies which define granular system level access controls. Scopes define high-level api access like Manage menus or View lists, whereas the policies define content-specific access like Create documents of contentType regular or Read documents of contentType page. Users inherit the permission of the specific groups they get assigned to.

All permissions are additive, so if a user is in two groups, the user will have the permissions of both groups.