Publish Control Migration Guide


If you come from the deprecated Prepare Publish workflow, this guide gives you an idea how to migrate to a Publish Control workflow.

Starting Position

Livingdocs is introducing a new publish flow. We call it Publish Control and will combine and standardize all things around publishing, scheduling publications and distribution features (lists, inboxes) in a central place.

If you compare the supported features from Prepare Publish and Publish Control it get’s obvious why you should migrate to Publish Control:

Prepare Publish Features

  • Instant Publish / Unpublish

Publish Control Features

  • Instant Publish / Unpublish
  • Scheduled Publish / Unpublish
  • Embargo Management (documents with an embargo defined cannot get published)
  • Significant Updates (marking publications as significant (to show your readers, when an existing article got a significant update))
  • Visible Publication Date (management of a date (with user edit possibilities) to show as the publication date to your readers)

As seen Prepare Publish only supported an instant publish/unpublish. The proposed solution for having the other features was to add metadata fields (dates) for the other use cases and then do the whole logic in the delivery.

There are a a few different setups implemented from customers and we can’t handle every scenario. Therefore we give you a rough guide to migrate to the Publish Control flow, but you have to find your own configuration.

1) Disable Prepare Publish

  • Remove the editor config document: {customPublicationDateField: 'publishDate'}
  • Remove publicationIndex properties in your Project Config
    • contentTypes['your-content-type'].publicationIndex.sortDate
    • contentTypes['your-content-type'].publicationIndex.scheduledPublishing

2) Enable Publish Control

Enable Publish Control for your Content Type:

  handle: 'myArticle',
  // ...
  publishControl: {}

3) Enable the new Features

Get familiar with the new features and decied what you want to enable for Publish Control

4) Backwards Compatibility for the Delivery

We assume your delivery has some publication logic based on metadata fields and as long as you don’t have all data in the Visible Publication Date, you have to make your application backwards compatible.

We propose a 3 step process

    1. Deploy/Update your frontend/delivery to be able to consume both metadata and Publish Control fields in systemdata
    1. Deploy/Update your server with enabled Publish Control and a configured Visible Publication Date with a fallback to the metadata fields and set the metadata fields to readOnly or hide them
    1. Deploy/Update your frontend/delivery to fetch Publish Control fields in systemdata only

If you ask yourself if you could remove the old metadata fields. The answer is no. But as soon as we provide a migration script where the old metadata can be written to Publish Control, you are able to remove them.