Editor Customization

Editor extension points

Possible Livingdocs Editor UI customizations:

  • custom Angular factories or services (for use in other customizations)
  • custom Angular components for metadata fields
  • .. or custom model classes for existing metadata fields
  • custom Angular components for doc-include sidebar user interfaces
  • custom Display Filter
  • custom Dashboard item (a single item in the articles dashboard)
  • custom Embed components (the core contains Iframes and Tweets)
  • custom Iframely metadata extractors
  • locale customizations

Editor Configuration

In addition to this some behaviour can be customised using the JSON configuration.

Customization examples

The editor (like the server) usually has an app/editor.js file where code customizations are registered and that looks something like this:

// entry point when using the webpack build of the editor
const liEditor = require('@livingdocs/editor')()
const editingApiModule = window.angular.module('li-editing-api')
// the Angular editorModule -> can be used to register services and factories
const editorModule = window.angular.module('livingdocs-editor')

// example of loading a custom angular module: ui-validate
// require('angular-ui-validate')
// editorModule.requires.push('ui.validate')

// Just require a custom Angular factory using the editorApiModule

// Register a custom filter for the dashboard
const layoutsFilter = require('./custom/filters/layouts_filter')
liEditor.searchFilters.registerList('layouts', layoutsFilter)

// Register a custom doc-include sidebar interface (Angular component)
liEditor.includes.register('brightcove', {
  template: require('../plugins/includes/ld-brightcove-include/brightcove_include_template.html'),
  controller: require('../plugins/includes/ld-brightcove-include/brightcove_include_controller'),
  bindings: {
    directive: '=',
    componentView: '=',
    component: '='

// Register a custom metadata field model (business logic)

// Example of custom embeds
// embeds = require('@livingdocs/editor/app/scripts/modules/embeds/embeds')
// Pinterest = require('./custom/scripts/modules/embeds/pinterest/pinterest')
// Facebook = require('./custom/scripts/modules/embeds/facebook/facebook')
// embeds.registerCustomEmbeds [
//   Facebook,
//   Pinterest
// ]

// Example of changing the date locale
// moment = require('moment')
// momentDe = require('moment/locale/de')
// moment.locale('de')