Access @livingdocs organisation on NPM

NPM tokens

To access private packages, you need a read access token. You can find a pre-generated tokens with read access in the secrets

Access tokens

For private repositories, we add the read-only token to the .npmrc under source control.

echo "//<fill-in-your-token>" >> .npmrc

For public repositories, add the .npmrc file to the .gitignore and fetch the token from an environment variable.

export NPM_TOKEN=<fill-in-your-token>
echo "//${NPM_TOKEN}" >> .npmrc

Never add write tokens to the .npmrc file

If you need to override a read-only token in the .npmrc file (eg. when you want to temporarily use a token with write access), you can pass the write token as CLI arg.

npm --//<fill-in-your-write-token>