Publish NPM Modules

All public and private packages belong to the @livingdocs organization.

NPM tokens

To publish packages, you need a write access token. Only publish using access tokens belonging to the organization. You can find a pre-generated tokens with write access in the secrets

If you need to override a read-only token in the .npmrc file (eg. when you want to temporarily use a token with write access), you can pass the write token as CLI arg.

npm --//<fill-in-your-write-token>

With semantic release

Releases are done by a machine user automatically via semantic release. Manual actions are only required, when you need to release a patch for an older version (legacy release).

Always prefer releasing via semantic release, don’t release manually

Without semantic release

npm adduser --scope=livingdocs --always-auth
# fill in login infos that belong to the organization

Public package

Packages without a scope are public by default. If you use the @livingdocs scope in the package name, you must set access to public explicitly:

npm publish --access public

Private package

Your package name must be scoped with @livingdocs.

npm publish

After initial publishing, you need to add read access to the package for consumers team.