Technical Release Notes

Every odd month (January, March, May, July, September, November), a new Livindocs release is provided. Subscribe to the release newsletter to get notified with a rundown of the latest features and improvements and join the webinars where the release is presented mid month.

Technical Release Notes

  • Current Release: The latest announced release
  • Maintained Releases: Get security fixes and severe bug fixes.
  • Upcoming Release: You can already read about the features, improvements and fixes of the next release. But be aware that the release notes are auto generated and will be manually fixed before we officially anounce the new release.
  • Legacy Release: Legacy releases do not receive bugfixes anymore. If you use an old release please notify us ( so we are aware and can inform you of critical fixes in newer releases.
NameServer VersionEditor VersionUpcomingCurrentMaintainedLegacy
September 2024release-2024-09 (v254.1.14)release-2024-09 (v110.22.17)
July 2024release-2024-07 (v254.0.13)release-2024-07 (v110.21.25)
May 2024release-2024-05 (v251.8.27)release-2024-05 (v110.13.59)
March 2024release-2024-03 (v248.5.41)release-2024-03 (v110.1.96)
January 2024release-2024-01 (v245.0.50)release-2024-01 (v106.0.114)
November 2023release-2023-11 (v241.0.54)release-2023-11 (v102.1.111)
September 2023release-2023-09 (v237.2.50)release-2023-09 (v100.8.113)
July 2023release-2023-07 (v231.0.49)release-2023-07 (v95.0.87)
May 2023release-2023-05 (v226.3.47)release-2023-05 (v94.10.85)
March 2023release-2023-03 (v213.6.62)release-2023-03 (v90.33.101)
January 2023release-2023-01 (v208.3.65)release-2023-01 (v87.5.77)
November 2022release-2022-11 (v200.3.53)release-2022-11 (v85.15.78)
September 2022release-2022-09 (v194.0.31)release-2022-09 (v81.20.91)
July 2022release-2022-07 (v189.0.39)release-2022-07 (v80.38.72)
May 2022release-2022-05 (v179.3.42)release-2022-05 (v80.10.80)
March 2022release-2022-03 (v171.1.55)release-2022-03 (v77.2.83)
November 2021release-2021-11 (v157.2.38)release-2021-11 (v74.4.74)
September 2021release-2021-09 (v154.0.50)release-2021-09 (v72.13.54)
June 2021release-2021-06 (v135.1.84)release-2021-06 (v67.6.83)
March 2021release-2021-03 (v124.5.83)release-2021-03 (v63.8.73)
December 2020release-2020-12 (v114.0.60)release-2020-12 (v57.33.63)
October 2020release-2020-10release-2020-10
July 2020release-2020-07release-2020-07
May 2020release-2020-05release-2020-05
April 2020release-2020-04release-2020-04
February 2020release-2020-02release-2020-02
December 2019release-2019-12release-2019-12
September 2019release-2019-09release-2019-09
July 2019release-2019-07release-2019-07
May 2019release-2019-05release-2019-05
March 2019release-2019-03release-2019-03
January 2019release-2019-01release-2019-01
November 2018release-2018-11release-2018-11
September 2018release-2018-09release-2018-09
June 2018release-2018-06release-2018-06
May 2018release-2018-05release-2018-05
April 2018release-2018-04release-2018-04
March 2018release-2018-03release-2018-03
February 2018release-2018-02release-2018-02
January 2018release-2018-01release-2018-01
December 2017release-2017-12release-2017-12
October 2017release-2017-10release-2017-10
September 2017release-2017-09release-2017-09
August 2017release-2017-08release-2017-08
July 2017release-2017-07release-2017-07

How to install a Livingdocs release/patch

Every release gets a label (dist-tag) as soon as it’s out. If you want to update your editor to the September 2021 release, you have to update your package.json like that:

// package.json with a label for the livingdocs editor
"dependencies": {
  "@livingdocs/editor": "release-2021-09",
  // ...

// As an alternative you can also use a version number with a ~ to only allow patch updates
// The minor (72) and major (13) version keep the same for every release, just the patch (38) version will be increased
// To find out the minor/major version for a release, you have to go to the release notes of a release and check the
// patch section
"dependencies": {
  "@livingdocs/editor": "~72.13.38",
  // ...

As soon as a maintained release is out, we only add bug fixes and security patches to a release. When a new patch version arrives, the label release-2021-09 will automatically moved to the latest patch version. This means, you can patch your project with this workflow:

// install definition in package-lock.json
npm ci

// get currently installed version
npm list | grep @livingdocs/editor

// update package-lock of the editor based on the definition of package.json
npm update @livingdocs/editor

// after the update you can check if the version has been updated
// and then you can commit the change
npm list | grep @livingdocs/editor