Release Notes release-17-07

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version: v7.8.0


EditorBugfixServer-side metadata changes will be shown in the publish screen#1588, #1585#1325, #1261
EditorBugfixTeaser image cropping is now applied in srcset definitions#1606#1258
EditorImprovementEditor’s default font-size was changed to 14px#1587#1029
EditorBREAKING CHANGEThis PR removes grunt and therefore also grunt deploy. Read more#1608-
EditorBugfixLink in List Tool should not be shown while dragging#1615#1224
Editor, ServerFeatureAdapt Print API for WoodWing#1611, #1567-
ServerImprovementRedis retries on error#1534, #1530, #1552#1231
ServerBREAKING CHANGEConfigurable asset and image storage with asset delivery. Read more#1546#1222
ServerBREAKING CHANGEAdd /designs/:name/:version/:file endpoint. Read more1569-
ServerBREAKING CHANGEElasticsearch upgrade from 1.7 to 2.4 Read more1547#1281
FrameworkBugfixImage service configuration is correctly merged#238#1229, #1216

In Detail

Remove Grunt from Editor

  • This PR removes grunt and therefore also grunt deploy.
  • This change has an impact on your setup in case you’re using grunt deploy or any other grunt script.
  • We have completely removed the script without replacement.
  • In case you’re using grunt deploy to deploy to s3, please use the s3 CLI directly.

Configurable asset and image storage


  • We have a new storage configuration for files, images & designs. (7f77fc8e)
  • Design Assets are served from the server itself, so you can just put a cdn in front of it and use one of the configured storage backends. To fetch a design asset you can use the url pattern /designs/:name/:version/assets/:filepath.
  • Design assets have a default expiration header of 1 year. That value is customizable with the config property designs.assets.cacheExpiration.


  • images.public moved to images.publicUrl
  • images.bucket and images.bucketPath are deprecated. Use instead.
  • files.public moved to files.publicUrl
  • is deprecated. Use instead
  • designs.public moved to designs.assets.publicUrl
  • designs.bucket and designs.bucketPath moved to

Breaking Changes

  • Removed GET /designs/:name/:version/assets endpoint which listed assets
  • Removed the lib/s3 file and therefore it’s a breaking change for some of our customers which required this internal file. If you’re not using require('@livingdocs/server/lib/s3'), this doesn’t affect you. Please directly use aws-sdk or some abstract-blob-store implementation.
  • Removed DELETE /designs/:name/:version because the current document server can’t handle deletions of designs. In the near future we’ll focus on the design workflow and introduce a new api with most likely a new api. (5a56c011)
  • The storage config change is backwards-compatible as long as the new storage property isn’t present. So as soon as you update the all.js config file, you’ll also need to update your secrets. Please have a look at the new storage config below.

Storage configuration

This PR adds a more explicit configuration for the image, file & design storage in a uniform way. It also deprecates the aws property in the config object.

The new configuration looks like that for a local file system storage:

images: {
  public_url: ''
  storage: {
    strategy: 'fs',
    config: {
      path: require.resolve('./data/dir')

And here is an example for an s3 configuration:

images: {
  public_url: ''
  storage: {
    strategy: 's3',
    config: {
      // You can use any option of the AWS.S3 client in here
      bucket: 'your-bucket',
      proxy: 'http://localhost:3128',
      region: 'eu-west-1',
      accessKeyId: 'your-key',
      secretAccessKey: 'your-secret'

This PR also moves the config images.public and files.public to images.public_url and files.public_url. e.g.

images: {
  public_url: 'http://some-public-image-url'
// instead of
images: {
  public: 'http://some-public-image-url'

Add /designs/:name/:version/:file endpoint

This moves the design assets path introduced in the last release to /designs/:name/:version/:file. Most likely it won’t be needed for you to update anything since you don’t use it at the moment. The existing s3 file upload and its url is still working.

With this pr, you can upload an assets using post /designs/:name/:version/assets using the file path /foo. That asset will then be available using /designs/:name/:version/foo. This also means that there can be no asset named assets as we use that path to upload files. We don’t think that this blacklisted assets key will cause an issue in any setup as most likely you only use a directory named like that, which will work.

Now it’s possible to serve assets using the same server you’re using to manage them. There’s no need to use a separate server which serves the design assets. We would advice to use a CDN in front of it to improve the performance.

Instead of using cloudfront or the s3 design assets prefix in

    publicUrl: ''

You can use this config to serve assets. Usually you would point your cdn to this server.

    cache_expiration: 31536000
    publicUrl: 'https://localhost:9090/designs'

e.g. in our setup we can use

    cache_expiration: 31536000
    publicUrl: ''

Elasticsearch upgrade from 1.7 to 2.4

Elasticsearch upgraded from 1.7 to 2.4. If you have custom indices or mappings, you will have to update them according to Elasticsearch changelog. Some queries also need to be adapted, for instance search queries sorted by a nested field.