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Component changes

ServerFeatureSupport disabling gzip compression to support offloading it to a loadbalancer. Read more#1575-
ServerImprovementLock xml2js to 0.4.17#06b96aaa-
ServerBugfixEnable cdata and update update xml2js to 0.4.18#1580-
ServerImprovement, BugfixConvert document API to JS#1582#1348
ServerFeatureRegister shutdown handlers. Read more#1590-
ServerFeatureRegister and execute server series of initializedHooks. Read more#1598-
ServerFeatureAllow integrators to use different node versions. Read more#1593-
ServerFeatureIntegrate Release-Tools v1.5.1. Read more#1594#1563
ServerBREAKING CHANGEMove dnd-import to import API. Read more#1591Epic, #1368
ServerBREAKING CHANGEAdd contentTypes and prepare new channelConfiguration. Read more#1576#1372
EditorImprovementIntroduce a descriptive title to every sidebar: editing, inserting and tasks#1610#1050
EditorFeatureAllow integrators to use different node versions. Read more#1630-
EditorBugfixFix error reporting for file uploads. Read more#1597-
EditorBugfixRemove page refresh when leaving the history mode#1594-
EditorBugfixFix layout department lookup. Read more#1616-
EditorFeatureIntegrate Release-Tools v1.5.1. Read more#1633#1563
EditorFeatureRevamp Hugo dashboard drop. Read more#1623Epic, #1368
EditorFeatureAdd transformation selection for huGO DnD import. Read more#1631#1369
EditorFeatureShow backlink for images imported from huGO. Read more#1643#1371
EditorFeatureSelect layout and channel on huGO DnD#1640Epic
FrameworkFeatureAllow removing a view from the livingdoc. Read more#242#1214

Known issues

EditorBugTypeError: Cannot read property ‘rangeCount’ of null#1497
EditorBugThe controller with the name ‘TasksController’ is not registered.#1481
EditorBugview: cannot transition from viewing to viewing#1432

In detail

Support disabling gzip compression

Support disabling gzip compression to support offloading it by a loadbalancer. Gzip compression offloading to a load balancer results in a better performance. To disable gzip compression on the server, you can set server.gzip = false.

Register shutdown handlers

Register process shutdown handlers in the core. This way we can use our logger also for unhandled exceptions and other process termination events.

In the future we can extend the handlers to properly end active connections where possible.

New server configuration option

The server can now be configured to properly log unexpected errors with the server logger. These logs have the log level fatal. It also logs info log messages on SIGTERM and on process exit. By default this option is disabled.

registerShutdownHandlers: true // defaults to `false`

Exposed log level fatal

The log level fatal is now exposed in the server api:


Register and execute server series of initializedHooks


liServer.registerInitializedHook((done) => {done()})

Hooks to be executed by liServer.initialize() right after all features have been initialized. This method is useful to configure features dynamically or register feature specific hooks. An example would be to register a publish hook on the documents feature.

liServer.registerInitializedHook((done) => {
  done(/* err */)

You can register as many hooks as you’d like. They will be executed sequentially (and always in registration order), which means that no two hooks ever run in parallel and instead each hook waits until the previous one is done executing before running.

For more documentation regarding initializing a Livingdocs Server please refer to the following link.

Allow integrators to use different node versions

  • Only assert the lower bound of node and npm versions. Customers should be able to use different versions at their own risk and need to ensure that they run some tests. Node versions 7 & 8 aren’t tested in our environment yet.
  • We’ll still use the suggested node version defined in the .nvmrc file, which is v6.

Integrate Release-Tools v1.5.1

  • With the introduction of the release-tools it’s possible to create and maintain a maintenance branch for an old version with a proper semantic-release approach. You can read more here.
  • Besides that we also introduced a check to verify that on a maintenance branch only patch commits are allowed.

Move dnd-import to import API

  • Minimum required editor version is v20.6.1
  • Endpoint /text/import changed from get to post.
  • Document transform files not used anymore.
  • Configuration for hugo import added.
  • Hugo import now requires custom code.

Example Configuration

      basePath: path.resolve('./plugins/hugo-import-transformations')
        dir: 'agency'
        layouts: [
          design: 'domenica'
          layout: 'regular'
          transformation: 'nzzas_regular'
        dir: 'archive'
        layouts: [
          design: 'morpheus'
          layout: 'regular'
          transformation: 'web_regular'

Fix error reporting for file uploads.

Fixes error reporting for file uploads. By files here we mean everything except images, e.g. PDFs:

  • Add tests for bugs that need fixing.
  • Inform users about upload errors.
  • Reject promises where needed.

Fix layout department lookup

  • Woodwing uses a new departmentId field for identifying a department of a layout. We now use it to pick the right department from the previously received departmentList.
  • For NewsNT we fall back to using the department field.

Revamp Hugo dashboard drop

This pull request removes:

  • hugo drop on an article

This pull request adds:

  • permission check for create articles when dropping from hugo
  • post to hugo/text/import

The permission check is done before the drop can happen: error-dnd

Add transformation selection for huGO DnD import

We added the new end point /hugo/layouts which for a request like /hugo/layouts?project_id=1 returns the following response:

    "channels": [
            "id": 1,
            "name": "web",
            "label": "Web",
            "layouts": [
                    "name": "print",
                    "caption": "Print Article"

This pull request shows a backlink to the huGO asset.

screen shot 2017-08-31 at 15 00 01

Allow removing a view from the livingdoc



When removing a view, it is also destroyed. This allows to clean up used views and also create a fresh interactive view on the Livingdoc.

Add contentTypes and prepare new channelConfiguration

Breaking Changes

Document Copy:

Metadata Plugins are executed when a document is copied (with the document-copy feature of the livingdocs-server). Now copying works the same as creating a document manually regarding how the metadata plugin onUpdate methods are concerned. This is technically a breaking change but should not require any code changes (except maybe in tests).

Preparation for the introduction of contentTypes

In the coming September or October release we plan to introduce contentTypes. Content Types merge the current documentType on the document and layouts from the design. If databases contain a large number of documents the introduction of contentTypes should be prepared beforehand.

With this release the documents database table contains a new column content_type. This column should be set for every document. This release ensures that every new document has a contentType set. If a document has a layout, the contentType will be set to the layout. Otherwise the contentType will be set to the documentType.

For all existing documents a manual migration will have to be run. We created a manual migration as this is a long running operation for databases with many documents. The migration can be found in ./node_modules/@livingdocs/server/db/manual-migrations/002-write-content-type.js.