Release Notes: October 2017 Release


This release consists of the following new versions of the livingdocs-server, the livingdocs-editor and the livingdocs-framework:

Package Version
@livingdocs/server 63.2.1
@livingdocs/editor 23.0.3
@livingdocs/framework 7.14.0

Livingdocs Server

How to require the server in your package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "@livingdocs/server": "63.2.1",

Livingdocs Editor

How to require the editor in your package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "@livingdocs/editor": "23.0.3",

Livingdocs Framework

The framework is already integrated in the package.json of the upstream server and editor. It’s not necessary to integrate the framework from your side.

The framework does not have a release branch.

How to require the framework in your package.json:

dependencies: {
  "@livingdocs/framework": "7.14.0"

Component changes

Known issues

Component Type Description PRs Issues
Server BREAKING CHANGE, Feature Upgrade to node 8 and npm > 5.5. Read more 80, #73, #2f65dfb, #1660 -
Server BREAKING CHANGE Remove deprecated methods. Read more #1659 -
Server Bugfix Content fixes for drag’n’drop huGO articles Read more #1652 #1557
Server Feature Extract routing to top-level feature #1667 #1564
Server Bugfix Move devDependencies used in colt helpers into dependencies #1671 -
Server Bugfix Fix render pipeline api error handling Read more #1669 -
Server Feature Expose max_tasks_per_worker config on worker strategy Read more #4e6791c -
Server Improvement Remove disableHugoUpdates check in favor of hugo updateConditions Read more #1661, #1559 1046
Server Bugfix Makes migrations 086-087 work again for older releases Read more #4f334d2 -
Server Bugfix Allow sorting on keyword filtered ES searches #1648 #1518
Server BREAKING CHANGE Remove newrelic support Read more #1651 -
Server Bugfix Prevent crash on undefined Elasticsearch config #1637 -
Server Feature Allow upload of SVG images (cropping is disabled in the editor) #1313, #1635, #1671 #302
Server Bugfix Migrate PrintController to object #1643 -
Server Bugfix Upgrade to ajv@5.0.0 compatible schemas #1642 -
Server Bugfix Log errors instead of crashing on registration #1632 #
Server, Editor Feature New doc include api Read more #1623 Epic, #1430, #1423, #1655
Server Bugfix Routing fix (fixes “Key not found in database” error) #1609 #1380
Editor Bugfix Update twitter embed code matcher #1673 #1515
Editor Bugfix As an editor I would like to see if I’m working on an archived article #1669 #1473
Editor Bugfix The controller with the name ‘TasksController’ is not registered. #1676 #1481
Editor Feature Limit dropdown items through configuration. Read more #1667 -
Editor BREAKING CHANGE, Feature Upgrade to node 8 and npm > 5.5. 80, #73, #1700 -
Editor Bugfix Image caption isn’t imported from Hugo. Read more #1714 #1546
Editor Bugfix Fix embed code line break #1705 -
Editor Bugfix Image cropping on the publish panel takes 2 clicks to config #1702 #1533
Editor Feature Extend field extractor for doc-style. Read more #1701, #265 #1531
Editor BREAKING CHANGE Remove Option to Configure the Publish Panel Metadata Forms in the Editor. Read more #1696 -
Editor Bugfix Order print template and layout by name #1664 -
Editor Bugfix Get moment to work with webpack #1693 -
Editor Bugfix Fix getAbsoluteBoundingRect() called on a detached node #1690 #1137
Editor Bugfix Guard resrc image service call via framework #1689 #1542
Editor Bugfix Fix embed teaser #1685 -
Editor Feature Introduce card-based design on the publishing screen Read more #1453 #118
Editor Bugfix Fix spellchecker editable event bug #1678 #1516
Framework Feature New imageService for ImageResizer #254 -
Editor Bugfix Fields from header(catchline,text,lead,author) are not updated in metadata object in publication index if header was deleted in the editor #264 #1475

In detail

Upgrade to node 8

  • We upgraded to node 8, most likely it will not have a big impact on you if you already use Docker. We can use newer features from now on. There are big changes in low level components like an improved debugger, async/await, n-api, async_hooks and v8. You can read more about it here:

  • There was one bigger issue we ran into. The behavior of the Date constructor changed in this node version. new Date(isoString) is now timezone agnostic. That behavior changed in ES2015 and node/chrome now respect that.

With node 6:

new Date('2015-05-04T00:00:00')  // 2015-05-04T00:00:00.000Z
new Date('2015-05-04T00:00:00Z') // 2015-05-04T00:00:00.000Z

With node 8:

new Date('2015-05-04T00:00:00')  // 2015-05-03T22:00:00.000Z
new Date('2015-05-04T00:00:00Z') // 2015-05-04T00:00:00.000Z
  • We use and advise you to use npm version > 5.5. npm publish had an issue where the test directory at the root of a project didn’t get published in the final package tar file on npm. npm v5.1 version which gets shipped with node 8.9 fixes that issue.

  • When you switch to node 8 please also install all local modules from scratch (or npm rebuild):

    nvm install 8 && nvm alias default 8
    rm -Rf ./node_modules && npm install
  • npm 5 which gets shipped with node 8 has a few issues with npm link. If you depend on them, you might want to downgrade to an older npm version using npm install -g npm@3.

Remove deprecated methods

  • DocumentVersion.prototype.render got removed. Please call renderPipeline.renderDocumentVersion({documentVersion}, cb) directly.
  • Removes transform methods from generic_document model. Downstreams might depend on this model in tests.
  • Removes exported renderDocument and renderDocumentVersion on the render-pipeline file. Please use the renderPipeline instance using
  • Removes renderPipeline.renderDocument. Please use the renderPipeline.renderDocumentVersion({documentVersion}, cb) method instead.
  • From now on we don’t export the designLoader methods on the design feature file anymore. Please use the designLoader feature instead:
liServer.features.api('li-design-loader').load({name, version}, cb)
  • Removes exports from cache api. Please use liServer.features.api('li-cache') instead.
  • Removes searchApi.getSearchManager and searchApi.getEsClient. Please use liServer.features.api('li-search').searchManager if you really need it.
  • Removes require('@livingdocs/server/app/features/documents').publicationApi. If you still depend on deep requires, please replace them with the proper api. e.g. `liServer.features.api(‘li-documents’).publication.
  • Removes ``DocumentEntitiesManager.getDocumentAndRevision. Please use DocumentEntitiesManager.getVersion` instead.

Content fixes for drag’n’drop huGO articles

  • HugoArticle class was parsing only paragraphs (<p>-tags). We are now parsing subtitles as well (<h2>-tags).

New body property in HugoArticle

Instances of the HugoArticle class now additonally have a body property which holds an array of objects describing the content. Given the following huGO article body:

<p>Paragraph One.</p>
<h2>Subtitle One.</p>
<p>Paragraph Two.</p>

after parsing the body property would contain:

    content: 'Paragraph One.'
    type: 'paragraph'
    content: 'Subtitle One.'
    type: 'heading2'
    content: 'Paragraph Two.'
    type: 'paragraph'

whereas the text property - which is kept - contains:

  'Paragraph One.',
  'Paragraph Two.'

The <h2/>-headings have been omitted in the latter case.


Which tags are allowed to be parsed can be configured:

hugo: {
    // [...]
    parsedBodyTags: {
      h1: 'heading1',
      h2: 'heading2',
      p: 'paragraph'

In case the tags are not configured the default is:

  h2: 'heading2',
  p: 'paragraph'

Fix render pipeline api error handling

An asynchronous function of a render_pipeline_api should call the callback with an error, not throw errors directly. Otherwise the users of the api cannot handle the error nor log additional informations to find the document which caused the problem.

Makes migrations 086-087 work again for older releases

Removes the deprecated group_projection and group_member_projection tables. They got replaced in migration #085 about 8 months ago. If you’re using the regular apis, this doesn’t have an impact on your code.

Remove newrelic support

This removes the instrumentation library from the project. We’ve never used it and will most likely replace it with sth like opentracing.

Remove disableHugoUpdates check in favor of hugo updateConditions

import now accepts an optional updateCondition parameter. This parameter can be a string referring to one of three common update strategies configured downstream and implemented upstream: never, always, untouched - or alternatively a function implementing custom logic can be passed.

// app/features/import/import_api

import ({importJob, rawDocument, shouldCreateNew, updateCondition, userId}, callback) {
  // ...

Limit dropdown items through configuration

For dropdowns we’re using ui-select. ui-select has issues handling big data. We implement the limitTo provided by ui-select to limit the amount of data displayed at once to a configurable value. If the configuration is missing or undefined this parameter will not apply.

Example for config:

name: 'royaltyRecipientIds'
  form: 'li-meta-multiselect-form'
    service: 'nzzRoyaltyRecipients'
    halfWidth: false
    label: 'Royalty Recipient'
    placeholder: 'Select a royalty recipient...'
    limitTo: 500

Image caption isn’t imported from Hugo

After d’n’d-ing an image the response data looks like the following:

    "url": "",
    "width": 4800,
    "height": 3200,
    "size": 13422989,
    "mime": "image/jpeg",
    "hugoPicture": {
        "id": "picture-1917895495",
        "url": "",
        "height": "3200",
        "width": "4800",
        "author": "ALEXANDRA WEY",
        "credit": "KEYSTONE",
        "agency": "NZZ – Agentur Keystone",
        "source": "KEYSTONE",
        "copyright": "© KEYSTONE /  ALEXANDRA WEY",
        "caption": "ARCHIVBILD ZUM RUECKTRITT VON TENNISSPIELER MARCO CHIUDINELLI --- Marco Chiudinelli of Switzerland celebrates after defeating Yaraslav Shyla of Belarus during the fifth match of the Davis Cup world group playoffs between Switzerland and Belarus, Switzerland, Sunday, September 17, 2017. (KEYSTONE/Alexandra Wey)",
        "note": "",
        "hugoTimestamp": "2017-10-21T16:09:30",
        "contentCreatedAt": "2017-09-17T00:00:00"
  • There’s no more hugoData object and the caption is inside hugoPicture.
  • The test design’s image component now accommodates a caption.

Extend field extractor for doc-style

Extends the field extractor to also be able to extract style directives.

The configuration of a style extraction looks like this:

	identifier: 'textColor'
	type: 'style'
	style: 'color'
	matches: ['multiple-styled-component.background']

This will look in the component multiple-styled-component on the directive background and extract the style color.

A serizalized component like this:

'multiple-styled-component': {
  text: 'I am styled'
  background: {'css-background-color': '#000', 'color': '#fff'}

would lead to the field textColor to be extracted to #fff.

The resulting markup has the full content object with all styles in content and the selected style in style. If no style is set, only the content is returned.

Remove Option to Configure the Publish Panel Metadata Forms in the Editor

Introduce card-based design on the publishing screen




  • 23.0.3 - addTask method invocation