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This release consists of the following new versions of the livingdocs-server and the livingdocs-editor:


Livingdocs Server

How to require the server in your package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "@livingdocs/server": "68.5.7",

Livingdocs Editor

How to require the editor in your package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "@livingdocs/editor": "28.9.13",


Project-builders 🎁 πŸ”₯

Project-builders can be registered on the registration feature and then whitelisted in the configuration. These project builders provide downstreams the ability to register custom behavior on new user registration and their project creation, it allows to create multiple projects per user with full customization of related channels and even seed documents. A more detailed description and examples can be found in the documentation.

server PR #1897

Seeding 🎁 πŸ”₯

The seeding is a new API to seed documents for a given project and channel.

A more detailed description and examples can be found in the documentation.

server PR #1905

Postgres πŸ”§

We dropped the plv8 extension. This will make deployment/maintenance easier for self-hosted databases and allows to easily upgrade to Postgres v10.

This change won’t affect you unless you’re using the extension by yourself in your custom code. The migration will require permission to drop the extension.

See this commit for details.

Other Changes

  • UX Improvements
    • List all the projects for an admin user server #1907 editor #1960 🎁
    • Add magazine includes to the example server. server #1910 🎁
    • Implement custom workflow for data-record documents. editor #1963 🎁
    • Ensure consistency for content-type icons between the menu and the document creation modal. editor #1979 🎁
    • If the document creation fails an error will be shown in the console or in a notification. editor #1956 🎁
    • Improve undo CMD+Z and redo CMD+SHIFT+Z keyboard shortcuts. editor #1977 🎁
  • Tooling
  • Chore
    • Automatically create the import user if it doesn’t exist, it makes the grunt import-create obsolete. server #1898 πŸ”§
    • Use the default channelId of a project if it can not be found in the token. server #1908 πŸ”§
    • Remove redundant include registration. editor #1965 πŸ”§
    • Improve the error handling when parsing the metadata configuration. editor #1959 πŸ”§
    • Aggregate all migrations into the least recent js migration file πŸ”§ server #1906
  • Bugfixes
    • Cast import_user to integer in Postgres. server #1893 πŸͺ²
    • Replace number parsing in config processor helper. server #1895 πŸͺ²
    • Fix a regression bug in the project-create grunt task. server #1903 πŸͺ²
    • Test for the existence of the multi-language metadata field before trying to show it. editor #1947 πŸͺ²
    • Fix a regression where the error reason was not properly forwarded anymore in the login handler. editor #1962 πŸͺ²
  • Print
    • Add validation for print publication date editor #1966 🎁
    • Fix a regression bug for Hugo Drag and Drop. editor #1974 πŸͺ²

Icon Legend

  • Breaking changes: πŸ”₯
  • Feature: 🎁
  • Bugfix: πŸͺ²
  • Chore: πŸ”§