Attention: If you skipped one or more releases, please also check the release-notes of the skipped ones.


This release consists of the following new versions of the livingdocs-server and the livingdocs-editor:


Livingdocs Server

How to require the server in your package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "@livingdocs/server": "v76.8.13",

Livingdocs Server Patches

  • v76.8.13: fix: use local asset in the queue dashboard
  • v76.8.12: fix(search): resolve channel correctly
  • v76.8.11: fix: Work around alpine linux issue in droneci tagging
  • v76.8.8: resolve hugo author when dnd
  • v76.8.7: Elasticsearch: Fix optional date filters in Elasticsearch 6
  • v76.8.6: merge: fix json schema
  • v76.8.5: lock: store tab id
  • v76.8.4: push-notifications: add placeholder id mappings for local env conf
  • v76.8.3: config: do not camelize storage.config
  • v76.8.2: pin highlight.js to 9.14.2
  • v76.8.1: languages: index with custom lang handle
  • v76.8.0: initial version for release

Livingdocs Editor

How to require the editor in your package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "@livingdocs/editor": "v35.36.29",

Livingdocs Editor Patches

  • v35.36.29: fix(print): Remove unneeded bottom bar CSS

Removes a workaround that is no longer needed. This fixes a display bug where the bottom preview image was covered by the print preview bottom bar.

  • v35.36.28: fix(dependencies): update Livingdocs framework
  • v35.36.27: fix(print): Use document state notification for remote lock
  • v35.36.26: fix(print): Tweak print preview bottom bar

Make sure the print preview bottom bar fully covers the text counter it replaces.

  • v35.36.25: fix(cropping): correctly round the decimals
  • v35.36.24: fix: remove todo and retrigger semantic release
  • v35.36.23: fix(component-sidebar): Hide filtered components using ng-show

With ng-show the sidebar DOM structure remains the same regardless of the filter applied.

  • v35.36.22: fix(readOnly): robustify read only mode
  • v35.36.21: fix(lock): fix remove lock behavior
  • v35.36.20: refactor: improve naming and use helper function
  • v35.36.19: fix(lists): move instead of copy on DnD
  • v35.36.18: fix(eslint): remove unused import
  • v35.36.17: fix: Sanitize all user input on render to prevent script injection
  • v35.36.16: fix(queries): add filter by channel handle
  • v35.36.15: chore: Improve display of buildInfo
  • v35.36.14: fix(scrolling-in-lists): The scrolling on the lists view doesn’t work for chrome 73 and firefox
  • v35.36.13: fix(selection-mode-btn): don’t disable the selection mode btn in selection mode state
  • v35.36.12: chore: Fix eslint errors
  • v35.36.11: chore: Ignore updates of angular-ui-tree as it has a bug and not maintained anyways
  • v35.36.10: fix(lists-alphabetically): the sort is now alphabetically asc ordered
  • v35.36.9: fix(printModal): delete keys and add remove button
  • v35.36.8: fix(print): guard the access of publicationPreset if its undefined
  • v35.36.7: fix(prefill-component): Fixed the component prefill and metadata initial extraction

The component prefill and metadata initial extraction worked with isNew on a document. This feature didn’t work anymore and is removed now. Instead there is a isNew parameter on the transition.

  • v35.36.6: fix(lists-sorted-alphabetically): Fixed that the lists sorted alphabetically

The lists are now sorted alphabetically case insensitive. Before it was case sensitive.

  • v35.36.5: history: load more revisions with a load more button
  • v35.36.4: print: use presets to fill the modal with a prefered publication
  • v35.36.3: max width: Preparing for themeing
  • v35.36.2: do not delete document after transform errors
  • v35.36.1: Fix nzz soft lock issues
  • v35.36.0: initial version for release


Recover Document 🎁

Sometimes it’s possible that the editor comes into a conflict state. This can have different reasons. The most probable scenario is, that user 1 has a bad connection or works offline while another user is updating the document. When user 1 is back online and tries to save the document, he runs into a conflict.

User 1 will now be notified that the document has a conflict and get a link to recover the local document. If user 1 clicks on the recover link, a copy of his local document will be created.

Custom Document Drag + Drop 🎁

The editor has some built in Drag & Drop implementations, to handle image, file and text drops onto a document. And It is possible to register your own drag & drop handlers. Dropping objects over a dashboard is a separate subject.

Merge users 🎁

A project admin can now merge n users into 1 in the editor.

Remove editor reload and live updates in read-only mode 🎁

When you are switched to read-only mode, e.g. because another user is editing, then the screen does not reload anymore and the position in the document stays as it is. When you are in read-only mode, you also don’t see live updates of other typing users anymore.

Breaking Changes πŸ”₯

Migrate the database

# run grunt migrate to update to the newest database schema
#   112-add-event-type-content-type-view-after-document-creation-updated.js
#   113-add-event-type-content-type-document-creation-disabled-updated.js
#   114-alter-user-config-value.js
livingdocs-server migrate up

Removed functions

  • Removed grunt repair-teasers task πŸ”₯

  • Removed getExternalList option on registerListHooks

  • Related

Other Changes