Attention: If you skipped one or more releases, please also check the release-notes of the skipped ones.





System Requirements


Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:16
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:16


Node14 πŸ”₯
Postgres9.6 (Deprecated Postgres 9 and 10)
Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:14.3
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:14.3


Document Import between Projects (Drag + Drop)

Allows to export/import a document via drag + drop (only between 2 projects of the same design on the same server). A user can drag a document A in project A onto the dashboard of project B, then the dropped document will be imported.

Comment mentions πŸŽ‰

Allows to mention another user in the comments. When writing ‘@’ in a comment a user search will appear to select a user to be mentioned. The mentioned user then gets a notification. Check the Editor PR if you want to get some visual impressions.

Important: If you want to use comments mentioning, you have to enable Notifications

Composition API (in beta)

There is a new public api endpoint:

POST /api/beta/composition/:documentId

This endpoint is meant to serve as a replacement of GET api/v1/documents/:documentId/latestPublication for deliveries when rendering documents. The goal of the composition endpoint is to gather all required information to render a document in one endpoint and to work for different rendering strategies (e.g. render from JSON or use the prerendered Html). The composition Api currently supports rendering Html without any configuration, can preload references in metadata and can return resolved includes as JSON.

It also offers optimised performance for all those tasks and will replace the RenderPipeline feature.

We plan to add additional functionalities like automatic design updates of documents and more to the composition Api in upcoming releases and are open for inputs what we could add to the composition Api.

Media Library - Multi Language πŸŽ‰

With the introduction of the multi language metadata feature, one can now translate metadata into different languages.

Media Library - File - Add Support for Files πŸŽ‰

Additionally to the existing images and videos, we now also support files in the Media Library. Files can be added to documents in order to allow downloads, e.g. providing a downloadable press release next to an article.

Media Library - Video - Add Transcoding Metadata Plugin πŸŽ‰

With the video transcoding metadata plugin

  • You can notify an external system to start transcoding a video
  • The external system can call the public API and respond with transcoding state
  • The editor shows the current state

Sitemaps + Feeds πŸŽ‰

  • Consume Sitemaps via public API
  • We support you to implement your own RSS Feed (RSS 2.0) via server APIs (because feeds are highly customizable)

New License Model and Billing πŸŽ‰

We provide a new “Billing” screen in the server admin backend that shows per month which kinds of users are on the system and the changes from month to month. In that way customers can keep track of their inferred license costs. Also, all screens to invite users to your projects now require you to specify the kind of user: Editorial User (full license), Freelancer or Technical User (free). The employment type can be corrected if need be on the server admin detail screen.

Breaking Changes πŸ”₯

This time we have a rather high amount of breaking changes, therefore we grouped the breaking changes into different sections:

Pre Deployment πŸ”₯

Migrate firstPublicationDate to documents table (pre deployment) πŸ”₯

In order for a delivery to know when a document was first published, we want to provide the firstPublicationDate when a Publication is fetched from the Public API. To be able to fullfill that goal we need a db migration.

For productive systems please run a manual migration using node ./node_modules/@livingdocs/server/db/manual-migrations/007-populate-first-publication-date.js to process the documents in batches. The manual migration must be done before livingdocs-server migrate up, which contains the same migration, but locks the database by ~10s for 100k documents.

References: Server PR

Move metadata id’s (pre deployment) πŸ”₯

Tidy-up after populating document_revisions.metadata_id as part of the firstPublicationDate feature in Server PR

For productive systems please run a manual migration using node ./node_modules/@livingdocs/server/db/manual-migrations/008-move-metadata_id.js to process the documents in batches. The manual migration must be done before livingdocs-server migrate up, which contains the same migration, but locks the database. We propose to have enough disk space left for this migration (2 x used disk space by the database). After the migration, the disk space should be smaller, but during the migration, it will grow.

References: Server PR

Main πŸ”₯

Migrate the database

It’s a simple/fast migration with no expected data losses.

# run grunt migrate to update to the newest database schema
# migration - 156-add-content-type-id-on-document-publication-events.js
# migration - 157-add-documents-data-column.js
# migration - 158-remove-metadata_id-columns.js
# migration - 159-add-content_type_id_indexes.js
# migration - 160-add-li_jsonb_patch-function.js
# migration - 161-add-user-occupations.js
# migration - 162-update-li_jsonb_patch-function.js
livingdocs-server migrate up

Drop Node 12 support πŸ”₯

  • πŸ”₯ Upgrade to npm v7
  • πŸ”₯ Drop node v12. Only node v14 and v16 are supported from now on.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ Run the process as non-root user in production
Migration Howto (node 16)
  • Change the content of the .nvmrc in your project root to 16
  • Change the engines.node declaration in the package.json to >=16
  • Change the Docker image versions in your Dockerfile to livingdocs/server-base:16.0 / livingdocs/editor-base:16.0

References: Editor PR

Add Strict Schema Validation for JSON Schema πŸ”₯
  • We’ve migrated our json validator from tv4 to ajv and applied a πŸ”₯ strict schema validation.
  • Invalid json schemas now cause a shutdown of the server.
  • If the server stops during startup, you’ll need to fix the schemas.

The type declaration on a schema is now mandatory. Previously it was implicitly declared.

body: {
  type: 'object', // < this attribute was optional with
                  // the old validator. It's mandatory now.
  properties: {
    something: {type: 'string'}

References: Server PR

Remove set() hook for metadata plugins πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯ Remove set() hook for metadata plugins. Use onUpdate() instead.

References: Server PR

Remove Gravatar for User Avatars as Default Solution πŸ”₯

User Avatars are now generated using initials of the user name (first letter of firstname, first letter of lastname).

Gravatar: If you want to keep using Gravatar for user avatars, you have to opt-in by setting app.useGravatar: true in the editor config.

References: Editor PR

LegacyDocumentModel Getters πŸ”₯

This change should not affect customers, but based on how deep you dived into Livingdocs document models, it could affect you.

Some writing operations of the documentsApi return a LegacyDocumentModel. LegacyDocumentModel.revision, LegacyDocumentModel.document, LegacyDocumentModel.metadata and LegacyDocumentModel.last_publication are now getters and will πŸ”₯ throw when you try to assign a value. If you really need to assign a value, please use the new LegacyDocumentModel.revisionEntity or similar property.

References: Server PR

Old File Upload πŸ”₯

If you used the file upload through drag&drop into documents before, you now have to configure a mediaType like this to restore that behavior:

module.exports = {
  type: 'mediaFile',
  handle: 'file',
  info: {
    label: 'File'
  metadata: [
      handle: 'title',
      type: 'li-text',
      ui: {component: 'liMetaTextForm'},


Remove Registration Endpoints πŸ”₯

  • πŸ”₯ removed editing API endpoint register
  • πŸ”₯ removed editing API endpoint register/website


Configs πŸ”₯

Remove editor configs πŸ”₯

  • πŸ”₯ Removed editor config supportedBrowsers. No replacement is provided for now. If you really need one, talk to us.
  • πŸ”₯ Removed editor config sidePanelBehaviour. The main navigation opens/closes on click (by ignoring double-clicks). The possibility to activate open/close on mouseenter (hover) is removed.
  • πŸ”₯ Removed dependency bowser ( If you use it in downstream, we suggest to replace by feature/touch input detection or adding the dependency to your downstream project

References: Editor PR

Remove Deprecated Upload Configs πŸ”₯

We removed a few server configs which are deprecated for a long time.

  • πŸ”₯ removed Use instead
  • πŸ”₯ removed files.public. Use files.publicUrl instead
  • πŸ”₯ removed designs.bucket and designs.bucketPath. Use instead
  • πŸ”₯ removed designs.public. Use designs.assets.publicUrl instead
  • πŸ”₯ removed images.public. Use images.publicUrl instead
  • πŸ”₯ removed images.bucket and images.bucketPath. Use instead
  • πŸ”₯ removed images.upload. Use images.uploadRestrictions instead
  • πŸ”₯ do not support deprecated format in images.processing.convert anymore. Use the new format instead (see example)
    // old format
    images.processing.convert: {pdf: 'png'}
    // new format
    convert: [{sourceFormat: 'pdf', targetFormat: 'png'}]

References: Server PR

Media Library Server Config πŸ”₯

  • πŸ”₯ remove serverConfig assetManagement (googleVision and enabled has no effect since release-2020-07)
  • πŸ”₯ remove serverConfig mediaLibrary.enabled (had no effect since release-2020-07)
  • πŸ”₯ remove serverConfig mediaLibrary.types (had no effect since release-2020-07) use mediaTypes instead
  • πŸ”₯ remove serverConfig mediaLibrary.autoTagging (googleVision has no effect since release-2020-07) use project integrations instead
  • πŸ”₯ remove serverConfig mediaLibrary.paginationSize (had no effect since release-2020-07)


Moved Elasticsearch Properties πŸ”₯

The server configuration search.indexer got moved into elasticIndex. The old search.indexer config got removed.

  • πŸ”₯ Move search.indexer.concurrency to elasticIndex.concurrency
  • πŸ”₯ Move search.indexer.batchSize to elasticIndex.batchSize
  • πŸ”₯ Move search.indexer.maxCpu to elasticIndex.maxCpu


Handles and mediaLibraryEntry.asset.url πŸ”₯

Handles πŸ”₯

Content Type and Media Type handles must conform to the pattern ^[a-z][a-zA-Z0-9-]{2,49}$. Metadata properties must conform to the pattern ^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9-_]{2,49}$.

Please alert us if the pattern is too restrictive. We already applied those patterns in the editor when Content Types got configured on the Project Settings screen. It was just the validation on the server that was missing. In all the cases known to us, this won’t affect the existing setups.


Before the changes in here either the mediaLibraryEntry.asset.key or mediaLibraryEntry.asset.url were mandatory on an media library asset object. From now on the url is not considered as fallback for the key and therefore the key property is πŸ”₯ mandatory. This change shouldn’t affect you and you should see warnings in case you’ve invoked the internal apis without key, you should see a validation error. Please let us know if you run into any issues with that.


Drop Callback Support πŸ”₯

Drop Callbacks for Authentication API πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯ Remove callback support for authenticationApi (server.features.api('li-authentication')) functions. Only promise based calls are supported.


Drop Callbacks for localAuthenticationApi πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯ Remove callback support for localAuthenticationApi (server.features.api(’li-authentication-local’)) functions. Only promise based calls are supported



We did a cleanup for asset related server configs and moved them into the mediaLibrary feature. The old configs are still supported, but we suggest to move them now.

πŸ”§ Deprecate server config files. Move config to server config mediaLibrary.files πŸ”§ Deprecate server config videos. Move config to server config mediaLibrary.videos πŸ”§ Deprecate server config images. Move config to server config mediaLibrary.images


APIs 🎁

Server API’s

Includes API

The includes API got a lot of improvements regarding batch loading and performance, please check out the pull request to get more info. The most important features are:

  • Bulk include resolver
  • Preloading include param refrences
  • Duplicate Filtering
  • Added li-list metadata plugin

Extended APIs:

  • 🎁 includesApi.resolveIncludes({options, includes}): resolve multiple includes at once. This will automatically batch requests with the new batchLoader. This will drastically reduce the number of database requests as well as response times.
  • 🍬 includesApi.resolveIncludes({..., batchLoader}): you can now pass in a batchLoader instance.
  • 🎁 includesApi.buildOptions({documentVersion}): new helper method to build the options params which need to be passed to resolveInclude() and resolveIncludes()


Sitemaps API

Added a new Sitemaps API to simplify setting up and maintaining sitemaps and RSS feeds.

  • 🎁 sitemapsApi.getSitemapIndex({contentTypes, baseUrl, projectId})
  • 🎁 sitemapsApi.getSitemapUrlSet({date, contentTypes, projectId, baseUrl})
  • 🎁 sitemapsApi.renderFeedXml({...})

The renderFeedXml is based on RSS 2.0 Specification


Import API

  • 🎁 server.features.api('li-import').importDocumentAndMedia() - added new function to import documents and media assets from another project

Document API

  • 🍬 documentApi.createV2() Now accepts params content and design (Previously one had to pass revision: {data: {content, design}}.

Document List API

  • 🎁 documentListApi.get(id, null, {reverseMatched: false}) - Add reverse option



Some customers still use internal properties of the DocumentVersion model which always can change. Please don’t use them.

  • πŸ”₯ don’t use documentVersion.documentEntity
  • πŸ”₯ don’t use documentVersion.revisionEntity
  • πŸ”₯ don’t use documentVersion.publicationEntity
  • πŸ”₯ don’t use documentVersion.metadataEntity

Always use the official API of the documentVersion.

We also have deprecated some functions in the DocumentVersion. Please go through the list below and replace internal and deprecated calls.


  • documentVersion.getContentType() -> documentVersion.contentType
  • documentVersion.getDocumentType() -> documentVersion.documentType
  • documentVersion.getProjectId() -> documentVersion.projectId
  • documentVersion.getChannelId() -> documentVersion.channelId
  • documentVersion.getDocumentId() ->
  • documentVersion.getDesignDescriptor() ->
  • documentVersion.getDesignVersion() ->
  • documentVersion.getTitle() -> documentVersion.title
  • documentVersion.getMetadata() -> documentVersion.metadata
  • documentVersion.getMetadataSource() -> documentVersion.metadataSource
  • documentVersion.getSystemdata() -> documentVersion.systemdata

Public API’s

Add Filters for latestPublications

Introduce more filters on api/v1/documents/latestPublications.


  • 🎁 Introduce ?reverse=true to order publications in ascending order
  • 🎁 Introduce ?contentTypes=regular,interview content type filters
  • 🎁 Introduce ?documentTypes=article,page document type filters
  • 🎁 Introduce ?id.gte=1&id.lte=100 range filters Supported filters: id.gte,, id.lte,, publishedAt.gte,, publishedAt.lte,


  • 🎁 Introduce ?reverse in addition to /api/v1/publicationEvents?reverse=true
  • 🎁 Introduce ?contentTypes=regular,interview content type filters
  • 🎁 Introduce ?documentTypes=article,page document type filters
  • 🎁 Introduce ?id.gte=1&id.lte=100 range filters Supported filters: id.gte,, id.lte,, createdAt.gte,, createdAt.lte,


Media Library - Add Version property


Document Import - Set Creation Date of Publication

Allows to import documents with a publicationDate flag which will set the creation date of a publication.



Allows to get sitemap infos. Two new HTTP endpoints accessible with a public API token with the ‘read’-scope

  • 🎁 Introduce GET ${serverUrl}/api/v1/sitemaps/index?contentTypes=articles&baseUrl= (public API token with ‘read’-scope needed)
  • 🎁 Introduce GET ${serverUrl}/api/v1/sitemaps/entries?date=2020-01&contentTypes=article&baseUrl= (public API token with ‘read’-scope needed)


Server CLI

livingdocs-server project-truncate

livingdocs-server project-truncate -p <your-project> -y truncates documents in Elasticsearch too (instead of only truncating Postgres documents).


Other Changes

Opt-In for Vue based metadata form rendering (support us!)

When you opt-in by setting the editor config to metadata.useVueBasedFormRendering: true, all Metadata Forms are rendered using a Vue based rendering. For any properties/forms without a Vue component, the Angular component is rendered. This is also how custom metadata plugins using angular forms is supported.

🎁 You can support us with the transition to Vue when opt-in to the vue based form rendering.









Livingdocs Server Patches

  • v135.1.84: chore: check type of assets
  • v135.1.83: fix: use the updated release-notes-patch repo
  • v135.1.82: fix(document-lists): Allow empty lists to be published
  • v135.1.81: chore(build): Upgrade to @livingdocs/secure-password
  • v135.1.80: fix(project-config): Lower the minimum metadata handle length to two characters
  • v135.1.79: fix(publication-hooks): Pass the correct documentType, add the contentType additionally to the documentType
  • v135.1.78: fix(group-projection): do nothing on an insert conflict
  • v135.1.77: chore: Update npm read token
  • v135.1.76: fix: add module ~lib/extract-header
  • v135.1.75: test(push notifications): Add tests for airship
  • v135.1.74: test: adapt tests
  • v135.1.73: chore(blob-store): Isolate the computeKey tests more
  • v135.1.72: fix(indexing): Do not trigger a catchup job with the publication indexing to not trigger an ‘Invalid Index Job’ message
  • v135.1.71: fix: respect the date range coming from the API call
  • v135.1.70: fix(indexing): Do not trigger a catchup job with the publication indexing to not trigger an ‘Invalid Index Job’ message
  • v135.1.69: fix(log): Improve handling of circular references and functions in pino:
  • v135.1.68: fix(server): Replace broken http-terminator with lil-http-terminator that doesn’t have any dependencies
  • v135.1.67: fix(elasticsearch): Do not push the _type in Elasticsearch 7 bulk payloads
  • v135.1.66: fix(github-sso): Migrate to another github passport module that’s more up to date
  • v135.1.65: fix(media library): correctly validate maxItems on li-string-list and li-numeric-list
  • v135.1.64: fix(indexing): Fix context filter/normalization during bulk index
  • v135.1.63: fix(authentication): Ensure we never query expired sessions
  • v135.1.62: fix: Skip bulk index jobs coming in with a wrong context
  • v135.1.61: fix(release): npm only pushed the version to the registry
  • v135.1.60: fix(sso): Fix legacy github, facebook and google login
  • v135.1.59: fix(indexing): null values in a filter declaration should behave exactly like undefined values
  • v135.1.58: fix: create new version because of npm
  • v135.1.57: fix: use image proxy for import-api
  • v135.1.56: fix(slack_api): use mail always case insensitive
  • v135.1.55: fix(image-upload): Use the filetype support detection of the image processing instead of duplicating it during the upload
  • v135.1.54: fix(openid-connect): Properly resolve the project handle during the group syncing
  • v135.1.53: fix: create new patch version for release management
  • v135.1.52: fix(indexing): Improve the indexing to handle deleted projects or content types
  • v135.1.51: fix: unsubscribe url in notifications mail template
  • v135.1.50: chore(hugo): add tests for drop image
  • v135.1.48: fix(design): add new CLI command design-set-active
  • v135.1.47: chore(revision): add test for metadata
  • v135.1.46: fix(project-delete): Delete media_library_entries, types and events correctly when deleting a project
  • v135.1.45: fix(migrations): incorporate PR feedback
  • v135.1.44: chore: change the slack messages template
  • v135.1.43: fix: read channelId from documentVersion
  • v135.1.42: fix(datetime validity): allow undefined to/from values
  • v135.1.41: fix(media): add read-only metadata field
  • v135.1.40: fix: allow to add only ids instead of range for processBatch
  • v135.1.39: fix(media-library): Fix the li_jsonb_patch function in Postgres to properly set keys that include a slash
  • v135.1.38: chore(ajv): Add benchmark/ajv-compile.js script
  • v135.1.37: chore: Use date-fns instead of moment
  • v135.1.36: fix: add comment.resolve action to notifications
  • v135.1.35: fix(notifications): Set a default sender address for notifications.channels[].email.fromAddress based on the configured template and transport
  • v135.1.34: fix: assign user to a task
  • v135.1.33: fix: document.transform notification
  • v135.1.32: fix(emails): Fix annotations in email templates. The examples at google are wrong on that page. There are correct examples here.
  • v135.1.31: fix: trigger a new release version
  • v135.1.30: fix(import): Process jobs in series to not run into pool allocation timeouts
  • v135.1.29: chore(document-migrations): Lower the concurrency to 2 as we’re running multiple processes most times
  • v135.1.28: chore(migrations): Improve the job status logs
  • v135.1.27: fix(cli): fix data migration run link
  • v135.1.26: fix(redis): Fix support for Redis sentinel with the livingdocs-server redis-flushdb command
  • v135.1.25: fix: add indexing config for datetime-validity plugin
  • v135.1.24: fix(iptc extraction): add an additional safety check to not run into errors in getValueForStorage
  • v135.1.23: fix(elasticsearch): Fix Elasticsearch bulk retries by matching failed entries in reverse order
  • v135.1.22: test(sitemaps): Use the correct timestamp in tests
  • v135.1.21: fix(user): Don’t throw when reactivating users without occupations
  • v135.1.20: fix(indexing): Retry bulk requests that respond with a 429 error when Elasticsearch is overloaded
  • v135.1.19: fix(import): Make config type mappings optional
  • v135.1.18: fix(li-users): Do not respond with duplicate users in the userApi.findMany and userApi.findByProjectId methods
  • v135.1.17: chore(import): Pass documentVersion from the controller
  • v135.1.16: fix(file-upload): Do not handle files as strings when calculating the byte size
  • v135.1.15: fix(search): Invoke search requests against Elasticsearch with the correct publication index
  • v135.1.14: test(sitemaps): use datefns instead of magic strings
  • v135.1.13: fix(files): Fix exposed files.publicUrl in /serverConfiguration endpoint
  • v135.1.12: fix(import): Delay media indexing and notifications
  • v135.1.11: chore: Do not fallback to an empty array for the documentVersion.content getter
  • v135.1.10: fix(imatrics): Fix typos in the imatrics implementation that got introduced during the introduction of the new DocumentVersion getters
  • v135.1.9: fix(indexing): Fix channelId comparison in live indexing
  • v135.1.8: Group projection: add archived to return object

Livingdocs Editor Patches

  • v67.6.83: chore: Change NZZ default integration branch

  • v67.6.82: fix: use the updated release-notes-patch repo

  • v67.6.81: fix(collab bar): Show tooltip with name to the left of avatar

  • v67.6.80: fix(search filter bar): Update show/hide when items are added asynchronously

  • v67.6.79: fix: rename Ignore to Off

  • v67.6.78: fix(user): Escape user initials that would break the avatar svg

  • v67.6.77: fix: move file downloader to it’s own helper and improve logic

  • v67.6.76: fix(media-library): Hide “set” button for non-translatable assets

  • v67.6.75: fix: change toolbar max offset to fix overlapping action bar issue

  • v67.6.74: fix: invoke PR feedback

  • v67.6.73: fix: request the whole month (inclusive current)

  • v67.6.72: fix(menu): do not allow to move a menu item before first save

  • v67.6.71: chore(menu): move event extraction to the right place

  • v67.6.70: fix: update framework (incorporate css loader fix)

  • v67.6.69: fix(li-image): allow download of crops in fullres when customBuilt.allowDownloadOfLiImageCrops is true

  • v67.6.68: fix(kanban boards): ensure kanban board columns don’t outgrow the screen

  • v67.6.67: fix(image cropping): properly handle original with recommendedRatios

  • v67.6.66: fix(drop-handler): Use queue for huGO and WoodWing uploads

  • v67.6.65: fix(tags): Dashboard

  • v67.6.64: fix(metadata): ensure li-numeric-list and li-string-list metadata changes trigger updates

  • v67.6.63: fix(collaboration): remove special treatment of li-image metadata property crops

  • v67.6.62: fix(li-image-crop): Fix aspect ratio update behavior

  • v67.6.61: fix(editable text count): ensure editable text count works when loading a document editor directly and when opening from the dashboard

  • v67.6.60: fix(text count): fix config property typo

  • v67.6.59: fix(text count): show the selected editable directive count next to the document text count

  • v67.6.58: fix: set width of named crops to 200

  • v67.6.57: fix(icons): Upgrade to the newest version of material-design-icons-svg

  • v67.6.56: fix: use width instead of size and set it to 100

  • v67.6.55: fix(image metadata plugin): show correct order not reversed

  • v67.6.54: fix(media library): ensure video and image are rerendered after replace

  • v67.6.53: chore: fix test to have correct order

  • v67.6.52: fix(select form): Always show clear button

  • v67.6.51: fix(hugo): add over media library

  • v67.6.50: fix(filters): Hide filters with one option

  • v67.6.49: fix(history): implement feedback

  • v67.6.48: fix(properties panel): Handle initial undefined value in li-form-color

  • v67.6.47: fix: select print layout use arrow function

  • v67.6.46: fix(print-preview): only set editMode from contentType when it is defined

  • v67.6.45: fix(date inputs): make it easier to reset a date input

  • v67.6.44: fix(media library): Use locale-specific asset when inserting file into document

  • v67.6.43: fix(read-only): nest in ui object

  • v67.6.42: chore(viewport): fix specs

  • v67.6.41: fix(li-image): show crop previews larger for li-image metadata if there are no more than 2 namedCrop options

  • v67.6.40: fix(lists): show error message when publishing a list fails

  • v67.6.39: code(image manager): Address PR feedback

  • v67.6.38: fix(employment type): correctly show error message when revoking fails

  • v67.6.37: fix(media library): properly remove event listeners

  • v67.6.36: fix(mediaLibrary): do not throw reactive errors

  • v67.6.35: fix(dependencies): remove release-tools as editor dependency

  • v67.6.34: fix(defaultProject): respect the default project

  • v67.6.33: code(media library): Incorporate PR feedback

  • v67.6.32: fix(crop handling): Fix cropping for poster images

  • v67.6.31: fix(link tool): don’t reset the linkedDocument as soon as the user starts typing but only when actually linking a URL

  • v67.6.30: fix: fix icon link

  • v67.6.29: chore: improve sitemap entries example

  • v67.6.28: fix(comments): Disable multiselect mode while editing a comment

  • v67.6.27: fix(media library): Consistent asset replacement for default language

  • v67.6.26: fix(media library): Hide transcoding state + poster image in upload dialog

  • v67.6.25: fix(icons): fix some icons missing from the icon lib

  • v67.6.24: fix(embed): Extract html from directive content

  • v67.6.23: fix(dashboards): fix loading more articles

  • v67.6.22: fix(embeds): fix twitter embeds

  • v67.6.21: fix: correctly align context menu for the admin screen occupations table

  • v67.6.20: chore: Update @livingdocs/framework

  • v67.6.19: fix: display the creation date for new API tokens

  • v67.6.18: fix: throw errors on user invitation if they exist

  • v67.6.17: chore: skip metadata permission error Cypress test

  • v67.6.16: chore: Upgrade nzz and bluewin tests to node 16

  • v67.6.15: chore: fix shaky cypress

  • v67.6.14: fix(media-library): Fix context menu download link

  • v67.6.13: fix(css): Load the fonts only once

  • v67.6.12: chore: use userInfoService and add ignoreArchived

  • v67.6.11: fix(media upload): make cancelling a single upload in the upload dialog work again

  • v67.6.10: fix(media library): don’t show upload dialog for uploads without required metadata

  • v67.6.9: Upgrade fastify-reply-from to get rid of deprecation message with node 16

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