Attention: If you skipped one or more releases, please also check the release-notes of the skipped ones.


System Requirements


Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:16
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:16
Browser SupportEdge >= 80, Firefox >= 74, Chrome >= 80, Safari >= 13.1, iOS Safari >= 13.4, Opera >= 67


Postgres11 (Deprecated Postgres 11)
Elasticsearch6.x (Deprecated)
Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:14.3
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:14.3
Browser SupportEdge >= 80, Firefox >= 74, Chrome >= 80, Safari >= 13.1, iOS Safari >= 13.4, Opera >= 67


Publish Control - Iteration 2

The second iteration of Publish Control comes with more features:

  • Embargo (prevent the publication of a document)
  • Significant update
  • Visible Publication Date
  • Auto refresh the UI when Publish Control data have changed

Consult the Guide on «Publish Control» to learn how to configure this feature.

Drag + Drop of Document Teasers

We enable you to drag + drop Document Cards onto a document to create Teaser Components. You need to configure Teaser Components using an Include Service with a li-document-reference param to make it work.

🐉 Dragon Drop

We provide you a completely rewritten and improved Drag n’ Drop logic in the Livingdocs Editor. Below is a list of changes.

  • The drop target is selected by an algorithm that detects the likely intended target. It no longer inspects the element under the cursor.
  • All targets are fully validated for the current drag payload. When starting a drag it is possible to declare multiple component names which should be validated. This is used e.g. for document drops where multiple teaser components are candidates to be used. And which one will be used depends on the selected drag target. But no drag targets where none of these options are valid should be proposed to the user.
  • New placement logic for drag markers. The markers should be more consistent and intuitive especially at the end of containers.
  • Support of vertical drag markers e.g. in flexbox containers
  • Display of multiple drag markers at the same time when there are multiple targets in close proximity. This happens if placement of a component is not restricted and there are containers in use.
  • Small animations to make space for the current drop target. This especially helps at the beginning and end of containers where there often is no space between the container and the component.
  • New container highlighting that highlights the parent container of the current target (except if it’s the root container)
  • Directives are now a primary drop target as well. Users see clearly if a drop will replace a directive (e.g. on an image drop) or insert a new component
  • There is no more display of placement violations this would not make sense anymore with the new drop placement algorithm where the next likely target is selected.
  • Drags are properly canceled when ending the drag outside of the iframe.


Dashboard Improvements

Currently we are working hard on the improvement of Dashboards. Here you have a list of changes:

Table Dashboard

Media Library Dashboard


External Systems

External Systems define a relation to a source system. Usually this is used when an old CMS imports articles to Livingdocs. This first version provides links to the source system via the Table Dashboard action menu.

Comyan Integration

We did a few more steps to make the Comyan integration better.

  • Improved Security
  • Use the JSON API from Comyan instead of XML (better handling of special characters)
  • Improved asset duplication check
  • Image usage report to Comyan

Desk Net Publication Status Sync

The li-desknet-integration metadata plugin has been extended to support one-way synchronisation of the publication status from Livingdocs to Desk-Net. A new config property provides a priority-based set of instructions used to calculate the Desk-Net publication status value and send it to the Desk-Net API. There is also the option of configuring a table dashboard cell to display the publication status.

New oEmbed Integration

We added new oEmbed include services for Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Datawrapper and Podigee.

Breaking Changes 🔥

Migrate the database 🔥

It’s a simple/fast migration with no expected data losses.

# run `livingdocs-server migrate up` to update to the newest database schema
# migration 178-extend-media-library-state.js
livingdocs-server migrate up

Drop Postgres 10 support 🔥

🔥 Drop Postgres 10 support

Remove Component Library and ContentType config UI 🔥

🔥 The possibility to view edit components and content-types and their metadata is removed from the Project Config UI in the editor. This feature hasn’t been used by customers in production for a while, and it was badly maintained. We want to invest more into the CLI instead.


Remove Several Server Configs 🔥

  • 🔥 remove deprecated serverConfig.levelUpAdpater, use serverConfig.kv.levelUpAdapter instead
  • 🔥 remove deprecated serverConfig.levelDbAdapter, use serverConfig.kv.levelUpAdapter instead
  • 🔥 remove deprecated serverConfig.db, use serverConfig.kv.levelUpAdapter instead
    • ℹ️ Only serverConfig.kv.levelUpAdapter has an effect on the routing feature.
  • 🔥 remove deprecated, use instead


Change DB config preference 🔥

🔥 Change db preference of server config - db.* configs override db.connectionString values


Remove option to use comyan images in media library 🔥

Initially, we implemented the option to have a media library entry that points to an external comyan image without uploading the image in Livingdocs. Since no customers is using this and we don’t want to use the media library this way, we remove the option.

🔥 The Project Config flag settings.integrations.comyan.uploadImagesFromComyan has been removed. If you have this set to true you can just remove it, no change in behavior will result. If you have this set to false please contact us as the option is not supported anymore.


Remove Deprecated Incoming References from public API (beta endpoints) 🔥

🔥 Remove incoming*References endpoints that have moved to /api/v1/* from /api/beta/*.

  • 🔥 Remove beta endpoint /api/beta/documents/:documentID/incomingDocumentReferences

  • 🔥 Remove beta endpoint /api/beta/documents/:id/incomingMediaReferences

  • 🔥 Remove beta endpoint /api/beta/mediaLibrary/:mediaId/incomingDocumentReferences

  • 🔥 Remove beta endpoint /api/beta/mediaLibrary/:mediaId/incomingMediaReferences

  • PR

Remove deprecated publicationApi functions 🔥

  • 🔥 Remove publicationApi.getLatestPublications. Please migrate to publicationApi.getLatestPublicationsV2. Here’s the exact implementation of the old logic using the new function:

    async function getLatestPublications ({
      offset, limit,
      project_id, // eslint-disable-line
      projectId = project_id,
    }) {
      if (limit > 100) {
        throw validationError('getLatestPublications: maximum limit is 100')
      const documentVersions = await publicationApi.getLatestPublicationsV2({
        limit: limit || 100,
        sort: ['publishedAt', 'desc']
      return {documentVersions}
  • 🔥 Remove publicationApi.getPublicationsByDate. Please migrate to publicationApi.getLatestPublicationsV2.

    Here’s the exact implementation of the old logic using the new function:

    function getPublicationsByDate ({projectId, createdAt, limit, offset}) {
      if (!projectId) throw validationError(`The parameter projectId is required.`)
      return publicationApi.getLatestPublicationsV2({
        documentType: 'article',
        publishedAt: createdAt,
        sort: ['publishedAt', 'desc']


Metadata Plugins: Add configSchema and uiSchema Validation 🔥

We added 2 properties configSchema and uiSchema to a metadata plugin where one can define a schema validation. If you want to know more about the motivation and a fallback (metadataPluginsToIgnoreForConfigValidation), you get some insights here.


Error on Metadata Plugin registration 🔥

🔥 When registering a metadata plugin twice, you get now an error message (before, the second plugin was ignored, which lead to confusion).


Remove Core Plugin Whitelist 🔥

🔥 Server config documents.metadata.corePluginWhitelist removed. Core metadata plugins can not be whitelisted anymore. All plugins are loaded.


Desk Net Config Update 🔥

  • 🔥 server.features.api('li-desknet-integration').integrationApi moved to server.features.api('li-desknet-integration')
  • 🔥 projectConfig.settings.desknet.enabled must be set to true to use all Desk-Net features
  • 🔥 projectConfig.settings.desknet.platformId is no longer used to determine which publication to use. The publicationId stored in metadata is used, with a fallback to the one provided by Desk-Net in the request data.
  • 🔥 projectConfig.settings.desknet.credentials is now required
  • 🔥 projectConfig.settings.desknet.contentTypes.standard is now required
  • 🔥 desknetApi.handlers.createFromDesknet() and desknetApi.handlers.updateFromDesknet() will not define the cmsEditLink property in the return value if there is no publication linked in the metadata
  • 🔥 desknetApi.handlers.updateFromDesknet() will not update the metadata if the update request is for a publication which does not match the publicationId stored in the metadata value
  • 🔥 desknetApi.libs are no longer exposed
  • 🔥 desknetApi.hooks are no longer exposed
  • 🔥 desknetApi.handlers have been moved to desknetApi root
  • 🔥 desknetApi.getFullElement() is no longer exposed
  • 🔥 desknetApi.getElement() is no longer exposed
  • 🔥 desknetApi.sendUpdateRequestToDesknet() is no longer exposed
  • 🔥 desknetApi methods will throw errors instead of logging warnings
  • 🔥 and publication.platform are required for POST /publication endpoint
  • 🔥 is required for PUT /publication/:id endpoint


Design Class Updates 🔥

🔥 renamed .ld-switch to .li-switch 🔥 The element no longer requires the class ld-switch__toggle

Should you have any switch buttons in your downstream, update your markup according to the changes mentioned above.


Design Cleaning 🔥

After removing the whole Project Setup from Livingdocs some cleaning was necessary. No longer needed CSS had to go. At the same time some underused or generally unused CSS also was removed.

The following CSS classes have been deleted: .api-client-item__name, .api-client-item__scopes, .ld-application-menu__button, .ld-article-panel--alternative-bg, .ld-article-panel--styleguide, .ld-burst--half, .ld-burst--slim, .ld-burst--negative-sides, .ld-comp-crumbs and BEM children, .ld-component-list--thirds, .ld-component-list--halves, .ld-component-list__action--hover, .ld-component-list__item--highlight, .ld-component-list__item--new, .service-turned-off, .ld-document-filter, .ld-drop-zone and BEM children, .ld-legend, .ld-metadata-panel and modifiers as well as BEM children, .ld-navigation, .ld-panel__header__title--has-action, .ld-panel__header__title-action, .violation-item, .monaco-iframe-container, .ld-box, .ld-user-archived, .configuration-section, .service-turned-off, .configuration-section--last, .ld-splash, .ld-page__header, .ld-page__title, .ld-page--narrow-centered, .ld-arrange and modifiers as well as BEM children, .ld-card--flat-bare, .ld-card--bare, .ld-circle, .li-droplist-entry--tabs, .ld-article-list-panel, .ld-document-state-icon and modifiers as well as BEM children, .li-taband modifiers, .ld-media-edit-image

Required Actions You are highly encouraged to update your markup if you should be using any of the deleted or renamed classes. In order to ease that process, there is a file you can @import in your custom SCSS to get support for the mentioned classes and variables: In the SCSS file you have configured as CUSTOM_STYLE_PATH_BEFORE or CUSTOM_STYLE_PATH_AFTER add this line at the top:

@import "~styles/backwards-compatibility/release-2022-07.scss";

This will define the removed classes within your SCSS file tree. Your custom UI will most probably look just fine. From there on you can refactor your code and remove the @import "~styles/backwards-compatibility/release-2022-07.scss"; after you are done. We will keep this file around for some time, but it will eventually get removed. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Multi Selection can be disabled 🔥

Whilst we continue to refine the selection across multiple components we have enabled a config to turn it off. In the editable settings set multiEditablesTextSelection: false.

APIs 🎁

Archive Asset via Public API

Allows the patch operation archive via public API to archive an asset.

Unpublish Document via Public API

Other Changes







Here is a list of all patches after the release has been announced.

Livingdocs Server Patches

  • v189.0.39: fix(print): Add params to print export
  • v189.0.38: fix(desknet): Check value changed before publication status sync
  • v189.0.37: fix(print): Use previously hardcoded fields as fallback
  • v189.0.36: fix: incorporate feedback
  • v189.0.35: fix(google-vision): Rework google vision feature register function and set to disable by default
  • v189.0.34: fix(hugo-api): Make royaltyRecipients path configurable
  • v189.0.33: fix(billing): add a test for users that are not valid yet
  • v189.0.32: fix(desknet): Get default content from content type, not settings
  • v189.0.31: chore(httpServer): Log deprecation warnings about server configs that moved to httpServer
  • v189.0.30: chore(desknet): Add tests for title sync
  • v189.0.29: fix(deps): update dependency @google-cloud/translate from 6.3.1 to v7 (backported)
  • v189.0.28: fix(import): Does not affect ’touched’ documents
  • v189.0.27: fix(errors): At some places, objects are thrown. Until that is fixed, the error handler should fall back to the legacy formatter.
  • v189.0.26: fix: bump framework to version 24.0.7
  • v189.0.25: fix(db): Test against postgres 11 again in release branch
  • v189.0.24: fix: add checks for undefined when getting notification channels
  • v189.0.23: fix(framework): update to 24.0.6
  • v189.0.22: fix: avoid loading content when retrieving lists
  • v189.0.21: fix(framework): update to 24.0.5
  • v189.0.20: fix(multiple references): parsing/validation now correct
  • v189.0.19: fix: test new patching mechanism iteration 5
  • v189.0.18: fix: test new patching mechanism iteration 4
  • v189.0.14: fix(comyan): use proxy for all requests
  • v189.0.13: fix(media-library): Fix media library index to include the id first as we query by media_type_id, id, in which case the index can be used
  • v189.0.12: fix(include services): allow baseFilters and displayFilters in paramsSchema ui.config
  • v189.0.11: chore(lib): Change deprecated buffer.slice() to .subarray()
  • v189.0.10: chore(logging): Fix the dev string formatter to always include a newline at the start
  • v189.0.9: fix(desknet): Don’t forward error status code to editor
  • v189.0.8: chore(desknet): Reduce code repetition in tests
  • v189.0.7: fix(desknet): Use matchers to calculate published status
  • v189.0.6: fix(hugo): Add componentName to directiveMappings
  • v189.0.5: fix(comyan): fix error log
  • v189.0.4: chore(indexing): Index publish control values
  • v189.0.3: fix(referenceMigration): Supports all list configs
  • v189.0.2: fix(oembed): add spotify and data wrapper

Livingdocs Editor Patches

  • v80.38.72: fix(history): Prevent app from crashing when toggling history

  • v80.38.71: fix: change to selected service on copy

  • v80.38.70: fix(table dashboard): first loading

  • v80.38.69: fix: prevent refreshing table dashboard when loading more elements

  • v80.38.68: fix(media-library): Restore upload center placeholders

  • v80.38.67: fix(findIdfromUrl): Updated regex finder

  • v80.38.66: fix: display the correct link for reference website

  • v80.38.65: fix(documentList): Icon is reactive

  • v80.38.64: fix(mismatched): Password realigned

  • v80.38.63: fix: ignore htmlmin from webpack on two html files

  • v80.38.62: fix(teaser): set default params

  • v80.38.61: fix(toolbar): Handle anchor links as internal

  • v80.38.60: fix(media-library): Move validity icon to avoid duration overlap

  • v80.38.59: fix(li-component-link): update link if component changed

  • v80.38.58: chore(prepare-publish): implement code review feedback

  • v80.38.57: fix(ComponentLink): Now moves with componentSelection

  • v80.38.56: fix(copyButton): Article State persists on cancel

  • v80.38.55: fix(Session): Styling updated when expired

  • v80.38.54: fix(documentSoftLock): Counter alginment

  • v80.38.53: chore: improve comment

  • v80.38.52: fix(archived documents): Are removed from multilist inbox

  • v80.38.51: fix(li-metadata-form): save open/closed state of metadata cards for each contentType seperatly

  • v80.38.50: fix(metadata-mapper): always emit event when updating metadata

  • v80.38.49: fix(document editing toolbar): enable flyouts opened from hidden actions on narrow screens

  • v80.38.48: chore(deps): Update jwt-decode from ^2.1.0 to ^3.1.2, includes workaround to use CommonJS as require()

  • v80.38.47: fix(draft): Fix bug preventing publication of data records

  • v80.38.46: fix(listInbox): Cannot remove doc during publish

  • v80.38.45: fix(metadata): don’t error in any case when metadata properties are updated

  • v80.38.44: fix: close document copy popup when clicking on X or outside the popup

  • v80.38.43: fix(publish state): Line Wrap

  • v80.38.42: fix: make sure selected items fit inside the dropdown

  • v80.38.41: fix(logging): To find multilist editor bug

  • v80.38.40: fix(metadata): show required errors when metadata form is opened from publish panel error

  • v80.38.39: fix(alignment): Document title in list cards

  • v80.38.38: fix: close side bar panels when opening the insert panel

  • v80.38.37: fix(update): Angular-legacy library to support sortablejs

  • v80.38.36: fix(metadataForm): Closed when history is clicked

  • v80.38.35: fix(table dashboards): make table dashboards work with contentTypes from other channels than the default channel

  • v80.38.34: fix(go-to-component): fix ready check

  • v80.38.33: fix: bump framework to version 24.0.7

  • v80.38.32: chore(vue-template-compiler): update version

  • v80.38.31: fix(metadata-form-navigation): support long titles in the metadata form navigation

  • v80.38.30: fix(camelcase): content type filter

  • v80.38.29: fix(framework): update to 24.0.6

  • v80.38.28: fix(framework): update to 24.0.5

  • v80.38.27: fix: don’t trigger click event for disabled buttons

  • v80.38.25: fix: remove non breaking space

  • v80.38.24: fix(text-formatting): Handle custom formatting attributes as optional

  • v80.38.23: fix(char counter): correctly show char counter when deleting a compnent with children

  • v80.38.22: fix: update currentValue of category filter after reseting filters

  • v80.38.21: fix(media library): ensure the new poster image is set and saved after “use frame as poster image”

  • v80.38.20: fix(publish control): don’t allow publish/publish schedule until draft is saved

  • v80.38.19: fix(dashboards): Calculate target dashboard on create dialog close

  • v80.38.18: fix(dashboards): Only allow opening print select from create dialog

  • v80.38.17: fix(embedded documents): ensure UI updates when images/videos in embedded documents are edited

  • v80.38.16: fix(dashboards): show the correct content type selection on custom dashboards

  • v80.38.15: fix(dashboards): ensure create button without when contentType filters are defined, also for custom dashboards

  • v80.38.14: fix(metadata): Avoid metadata reset while collaborative editing

  • v80.38.13: fix(auth): prevents an infinite loop when a user session is revoked

  • v80.38.12: fix(includes): ensure selected values are visible in paramsSchema form by updating the local params state

  • v80.38.11: fix(editor): background color is editable and shows color preview

  • v80.38.10: fix: option component properties with string value

  • v80.38.9: fix(significant-update): change button copy when significant checkbox is ticked

  • v80.38.8: fix(deps): update dependency moment from 2.29.3 to 2.29.4 [security]

  • v80.38.7: fix(MetadataForm closes): With faulty component link

  • v80.38.6: fix(metadata): don’t log deprecation notice when liMetaTextareaForm is configured

  • v80.38.5: fix(metadata): correct metadata service deprecation notice

  • v80.38.4: fix(dashboards): query and filter caches are not shared anymore between different unrelated document selection dialogs

  • v80.38.3: fix(scroll in readonly): Fixed for metadata screen

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