Attention: If you skipped one or more releases, please also check the technical release notes of the skipped releases.

To get an overview about new functionality, read the Release Notes. To learn about the necessary actions to update Livingdocs to release-2023-09, read on.


System Requirements


Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:20
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:20
Browser SupportEdge >= 92, Firefox >= 90, Chrome >= 92, Safari >= 15.4, iOS Safari >= 15.4, Opera >= 78


Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:18.3
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:18.5
Browser SupportEdge >= 92, Firefox >= 90, Chrome >= 92, Safari >= 15.4, iOS Safari >= 15.4, Opera >= 78

Breaking Changes πŸ”₯

Migrate the Postgres Database πŸ”₯

It’s a simple/fast migration with no expected data losses.

# run `livingdocs-server migrate up` to update to the newest database schema
# migration 193-increase-document-title-length.js
#   increases the length of the document title to 1000 characters
livingdocs-server migrate up

Drop support for AngularJS metadata plugins πŸ”₯

Custom AngularJS metadata plugins are no longer supported. You should migrate to core metadata plugins. If you cannot replace AngularJS plugins with core plugins: contact your Livingdocs customer manager before you write new plugins in Vue. You can find a guide to migrate your AngularJS metadata plugins to Vue.

This includes Angular Metadata UI components, Metadata Services, mixing custom UI with Livingdocs core metadata types and custom types with Livingdocs UI components.

Drop support for Legacy Dashboards πŸ”₯

Support for Legacy Dashboards has been removed in favor of the new Table Dashboards. If you are using a legacy dashboard, you should migrate to the new Table Dashboard.

Drop support for most filters in Editor Config πŸ”₯

Support for 4 Editor Config filters.* has been removed. Please use specific Table Dashboards instead.

  • filters.articleList
  • filters.dataRecordList
  • filters.inlineArticleList
  • filters.pageList

Drop support for Editor Config filters.documentListList πŸ”₯

The Editor Config filters.documentListList has no effect anymore. Configure the filters for the document-list search dashboard in the Project Config at editorSettings.documentLists.dashboard.displayFilters.

Drop support for Editor Config documents.useLegacyDashboards πŸ”₯

Editor Config documents.useLegacyDashboards has no effect anymore. Support for Legacy Dashboards has been dropped. Livingdocs will automatically generate a Table Dashboard with default display filters if no dashboard is explicitly defined.

Drop support for Editor Config search.articleSearch.listItemComponent πŸ”₯

Editor Config search.articleSearch.listItemComponent has no effect anymore. Please use Table Dashboards instead.

Drop support for legacyFilters in searchManager.searchPublications() πŸ”₯

Customers calling searchManager.searchPublications() directly, and providing a legacyFilters property in the first argument, should update to the new filters in the new Search DSL.

Drop support for project.contentType.publicationIndex.scheduledPublishing πŸ”₯

Please remove the project.contentType.publicationIndex.scheduledPublishing property from your project config and configure scheduled publishing using Publish Control as described here.

Drop support for propertyConfig.config.behaveAsLiImage πŸ”₯

Custom metadata plugins cannot use propertyConfig.config.behaveAsLiImage to take advantage of upstream li-image plugin features. Please use type li-image instead.

Structure changes in references extracted from li-document-references πŸ”₯

We have changed the structure of references extracted from metadata properties with the type li-document-references. Every document member within the stored value of the metadata property is now listed separately as reference.


references: [{
  type: 'documents',
  ids: ['1', '2'],
  location: 'metadata',
  propertyName: 'referenceListTest'


references: [{
  type: 'document',
  id: '1',
  location: 'metadata',
  propertyName: 'referenceListTest'
  type: 'document',
  id: '2',
  location: 'metadata',
  propertyName: 'referenceListTest'

This change only affects newly updated documents. Existing documents will keep the old structure. To optionally update existing documents, run the following command: node node_modules/@livingdocs/server/db/manual-migrations/006-generate-references.js

The manual migration can be executed any time after the deployment.

Affected API endpoints:

Drop backwards compatibility mode for li-text πŸ”₯

The backwards compatibility mode for li-text for ui.component and ui.config.rows has been removed. If you still have ui.component or ui.config.rows in the metadata config for a li-text property, you have to move to config.allowNewlines and length Editor configurations: config.minLength, config.maxLength, config.recommendedMinLength, config.recommendedMaxLength.

Drop support for li-media-language metadata plugin πŸ”₯

Metadata plugin type li-media-language got replaced with li-metadata-translations. Upgrade path using li-metadata-translations instead which supports the same config as li-media-language.

Preview API πŸ”₯

The previewApi (li-preview) feature support has been removed. Use registerPreviewFunction instead.


document.customPublicationDateField is deprecated

Using Editor config document.customPublicationDateField is deprecated and will be removed with release-2023-11. Please migrate to contentType.publishControl.publishSchedule.

li-reference metadata plugin is deprecated

Metadata plugin type li-reference has been deprecated. Please replace it with li-document-reference. No data migration is required, but you will need to remove referenceType from the metadata plugin config. If you encounter any other schema errors please check the documentation for the li-document-reference plugin for further details.

li-reference-list metadata plugin is deprecated

Metadata plugin type li-reference-list has been deprecated. Please replace it with li-document-references. No data migration is required, but you will need to remove referenceType from the metadata plugin config. If you encounter any other schema errors please check the documentation for the li-document-references plugin for further details.

storageFormat.label property within the li-language metadata plugin is deprecated

The storageFormat.label property within the li-language metadata plugin is deprecated and will be removed in release-2024-01. There is no replacement for this property.

uiComponent property passed to liServer.registerChannelConfigProperty is deprecated

uiComponent property used when registering Channel with liServer.registerChannelConfigProperty is deprecated and will be removed in release-2024-01. This property will be removed as part of the migration to Vue.js, therefore no replacement is provided.


Ticker Tool

Livingdocs now offers a tool to create ticker articles with ease. This feature uses a contentType as Ticker Host document, and another contentType as the Ticker Entry. The Ticker Host is used to create a new ticker article, and the Ticker Entry is used to create new entries in the ticker.

An example Ticker Host contentType configuration:

handle: 'tickerHost',
documentType: 'article',
info: {
  label: 'Ticker'

ticker: {
  // The tickerEntry contentType
  entryContentType: 'tickerEntry'

// ...the rest of your content type configuration
// like metadata, components, publishControl etc.

An example Ticker Entry contentType configuration:

handle: 'tickerEntry',

metadata: [
    handle: 'tickerHost',
    type: 'li-ticker-host-reference'
  // ...possibly more metadata configs

// ...the rest of your content type configuration
// like metadata, components, publishControl etc.

Notice the Ticker Host contentType has a ticker property, which defines the Ticker Entry contentType. The Ticker Entry contentType has a metadata property tickerHost, which defines the reference to the ticker host. This reference is set on creation of each ticker entry.

Anchor Linking

When selecting a document in the inline link edit tool or in li-tree, it is now possible to also select a specific component within that document. The directiveId (= componentId:directiveName) will then be included in the URL hash part.

To enable anchor linking for a project, at least one component with a doc-editable and anchor: true must be defined within the project config. For example:

  name: 'title',
  label: 'Title',
  directives: [{
    type: 'editable',
    name: 'title',
    anchor: true
  html: dedent`
    <h2 doc-editable="title">

Display and Base Filters

In the July 2023 release, we introduced in the possibility for users to create configurable filters. With this release, we have added filter support for more core metadata plugins.

We have added the possibility to configure Display Filters for the following metadata plugins:

  • li-document-reference with style: minimal
  • li-document-references with style: minimal
  • li-enum
  • li-string-list with dataProvider
  • li-text with dataProvider

We have added the possibility to configure base filters for the following metadata plugins:

  • li-desknet-integration
  • li-retresco
  • li-imatrics-nlp-tags

For these filters to take effect you must index the metadata properties in Elasticsearch/Opensearch. To do so you have to define index: true in the metadata plugin config. See metadata plugins for more information. Then, reindex the document using:

npx livingdocs-server elasticsearch-index --handle=li-documents -y

Language Switcher and Additional Support for French and Italian

Livingdocs UI has been translated to more UI languages. We now support French and Italian on top of English and German. A new language switcher has been added to the user profile for a personalized experience. By default, the language defined in the Editor configuration app.locale is used.

Administrators can define which languages are available in the language dropdown by configuring app.availableLocales in the Editor configuration. Multi-Language UI supported languages are en, de, fr and it. The language switch stays hidden if app.availableLocales is undefined or [].

app: {
  locale: 'en', // optional, language to show UI in - defaults to 'en'
  availableLocales: ['en', 'de', 'fr', 'it'] // optional - languages available in UI language switcher

Cross Project Content Sharing

Cross Project Content Sharing enables users to link documents of another project. The external project can either be on the same or a different livingdocs cluster.

Please also see the Cross Project Content Sharing Guide where the setup steps are described in detail.

There are some limitations to this feature:

  • In case documents of another Livingdocs instance should get embedded, the same Elasticsearch instance must be configured on the remote Livingdocs Server.
  • The content type of the external document that should get embeded must be of a content type present in the destination project configuration.
  • It only works for table dashboards that are shown in the metadata property context. Therefore you’ll need to configure useDashboard on either li-document-reference, li-document-references or li-tree metadata plugins.

To enable this feature you can configure your current server cluster with clusterId in the server configuration and the externalSystems: [] in the project configuration, see code snippets below. You can generate livingdocsServerToken in the Livingdocs Server Project Admin page in the Editor under Api Clients you can create a new token with Enable cross-project content sharing checked.

Server configuration:

  clusterId: 'my-cluster-id', // must be unique per database / livingdocs cluster

Keep attention, if you change this config on an already-existing server, you will need to reindex document on Elasticsearch as document ids get prefixed using the cluster id.

npx livingdocs-server elasticsearch-index --handle=li-documents --recreate -y
npx livingdocs-server elasticsearch-index --handle=li-publications --recreate -y

Include externalSystems in the project configuration that fetches documents from other projects:

externalSystems: [
    handle: 'myExternalSystem',
    label: 'My System',
    url: {
      origin: '',
      pathPattern: '/{{metadata.myExternalSystemId}}'
    type: 'livingdocs',
    handle: 'externalProject',
    label: 'External Project',
    livingdocsServerUrl: '',
    livingdocsServerToken: {
      $secretRef: {name: 'crossProjectTokenOnRemoteProject'}

Then create a dashboard that includes the crossProjectContentSearch filter. Use that dashboard on one of the metadata properties that should support embedding external documents.

displayFilters: [
  {filterName: 'crossProjectContentSearch', config: {filterLabel: 'Content Hubs'}}

The dashboard must be referenced in a metadata property configuration.

  handle: 'relatedDocuments',
  type: 'li-document-references',
  config: {documentType: 'article'},
  ui: {
    label: {en: 'Related articles', de: 'Verwandte Artikel'},
    config: {
      // reference the dashboard here
      useDashboard: 'articlesWithExternalDocuments',
      sortable: true,
      style: 'default'

Vulnerability Patches

We are constantly patching module vulnerabilities for the Livingdocs Server and Livingdocs Editor as module fixes are available. Below is a list of all patched vulnerabilities included in the release.

Livingdocs Server

This release we have patched the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Server:

We are aware of the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Server:

  • CVE-2023-26102 has yet to be patched by rangy but we have proposed a fix in this PR This vulnerability is not exploitable in the Livingdocs Server.

Livingdocs Editor

This release we have patched the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Editor:

We are aware of the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Editor:

  • CVE-2023-26102 has yet to be patched by rangy but we have proposed a fix in this PR This vulnerability is not exploitable in the Livingdocs Editor because rangy module is scoped in the livingdocs-framework and not exposed to the users.
  • CVE-2023-26116, CVE-2023-26118, CVE-2023-26117, CVE-2022-25869, CVE-2022-25844 are all AngularJS vulnerabilities that don’t have a patch available. We are working on removing all AngularJS from our code and vulnerabilities will go away when we complete the transition to Vue.js.


Here is a list of all patches after the release has been announced.

Livingdocs Server Patches

  • v237.2.49: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 26.0.9 to v26.0.10
  • v237.2.48: fix(lists): Define limit as option on documentListModel.getInbox(), as it is possible to retrieve more than 1010 leading to Too many results error
  • v237.2.47: fix(security): Patch vulnerabilities CVE-2024-24758 on undici and GHSA-9h6g-pr28-7cqp on nodemailer
  • v237.2.46: chore(desknet): Add tests for token refresh
  • v237.2.45: chore(example-server): use li-push-messages handler with longer execution time
  • v237.2.44: fix(OIDC): Skip logging an error when thrown error is nonce expired during OIDC flow
  • v237.2.43: fix(image-processing): Fix extracting metadata from large image headers
  • v237.2.42: fix(mediaLibrary): Map the state attribute on media library entries based on the archived flag
  • v237.2.41: fix(openid-connect): Remove log when nonce expires in Redis
  • v237.2.40: fix(security): Patch vulnerabilities CVE-2023-26159 on follow-redirects and CVE-2023-45857 on axios
  • v237.2.39: fix(composition-api): Make sure we never load errors or null values into preloaded values
  • v237.2.38: fix(notifications): Use link which opens the task side panel
  • v237.2.37: fix(deps): Update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 26.0.7 to 26.0.9
  • v237.2.36: fix(notifications): Use project defaultLocale for labels in task emails
  • v237.2.35: fix(media-library): Use extracted mime type for file uploads
  • v237.2.34: fix(history): Upgrade @livingdocs/framework to fix include history
  • v237.2.33: fix(media-library): Fix sort support in media library
  • v237.2.32: fix(deps): Upgrade metalman-schema to fix response body transformation
  • v237.2.31: fix(image): Fix matcher to detect SVG images that include or \n
  • v237.2.30: fix(project): Allow handles that are 2 characters long and improve validation error message
  • v237.2.29: fix(http): agent updated to only support https
  • v237.2.28: fix(framework): upgrade to fix html parsing and firefox issues
  • v237.2.27: fix: wrong method call when calling importUserCache
  • v237.2.26: fix(exif-extraction): Normalize the Date Created exif field to a full iso timestamp supported everywhere
  • v237.2.25: fix(image-processing): Detect SVG uploads
  • v237.2.24: chore(import): Mark unused import configs as deprecated
  • v237.2.23: chore(includes): Reduce loops when assigning preloaded li-tree values
  • v237.2.22: fix(http): Define longer requestTimeout on liServer.httpServer to avoid requests being cancelled by the socket timeout
  • v237.2.21: fix(twitter oembed): supports urls
  • v237.2.20: fix(indexing): Increase events to fetch if no group existed
  • v237.2.19: fix(comyan): encode title when reporting usage
  • v237.2.18: fix(external ID): readoly config allowed
  • v237.2.17: fix(security): Update get-func-name to version v237.2.49 to patch CVE-2023-43646
  • v237.2.16: chore(example-server): Map additional metadata in copy instructions
  • v237.2.15: fix(security): Update sharp to version v237.2.49 to patch CVE-2023-4863
  • v237.2.14: fix(includes): allow onboarding platform
  • v237.2.13: fix(includes): Allow li-document-reference with minimal style
  • v237.2.12: fix(search): Always filter media library entries by cluster id
  • v237.2.11: fix(routing): Remove slug limitation of 30 characters
  • v237.2.10: test(cross-project): Add a test for the /projects/cross-project-config endpoint
  • v237.2.9: fix(references): Update after running hooks
  • v237.2.8: fix(includes): Handle errors in custom getDocumentIds functions
  • v237.2.7: fix(public-api): Remove non-functional renderOptions.decodeHtml in composition api
  • v237.2.6: fix(documents): Truncate title on creation

Livingdocs Editor Patches

  • v100.8.111: fix: Blur components when exiting the edit mode

  • v100.8.110: fix(workspace): Add cleanup fn to leaveWindow event handler response

  • v100.8.109: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 26.0.9 to v26.0.10

  • v100.8.108: chore(collaboration): Simplify collaboration bar to only use one event listener

  • v100.8.107: fix(drag-and-drop): Always pass the mediaLibraryEntry.asset.duration when dropping a video media library entry on directives

  • v100.8.106: fix(images): Fix named crops for imported images that don’t have an imageService configured

  • v100.8.105: chore(vue-components): Use correct lifecycle method in li-angular-component

  • v100.8.104: fix(url): Allow URLs without a TLD

  • v100.8.103: fix(security): Patch vulnerability CVE-2024-24758 on undici

  • v100.8.102: fix(document-preview): Post to wildcard if the origin uses a sandbox without allow-same-site. Without it postMessage doesn’t work at all.

  • v100.8.101: chore: Remove TODO, leave the comment about workspace initialization

  • v100.8.100: fix(li-table): Correctly compute whether a table cell is in the overflow

  • v100.8.99: fix(toolbar): Hide metadata overlay when opening tasks sidebar

  • v100.8.98: fix(publish-control): Clear content validation errors on publish

  • v100.8.97: fix(li-image): Do not allow picking images from a document that are not present in the media library

  • v100.8.96: fix: Use input or change events instead of keyup

  • v100.8.95: fix(popover): save on removing specialproviders and make custom elements work on vue popover

  • v100.8.94: fix(filters): Reposition filter popups when selecting values

  • v100.8.93: fix(li-image): actually reload document images when content changed

  • v100.8.92: refactor: implement review comments

  • v100.8.91: fix(publish-control-delivery): Show delivery state when opening publish control panel

  • v100.8.90: fix(canvas): Reassign state.areas to trigger reactivity

  • v100.8.89: test(links): Add cypress tests

  • v100.8.88: fix(li-link-edit): apply correct default attributes for internal urls

  • v100.8.87: fix(deps): Update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 26.0.8 to 26.0.9

  • v100.8.86: chore(editor): Remove online listener from autosave on unload

  • v100.8.85: fix(tasks): Add metadataProperty.config.label fallback

  • v100.8.84: fix(ticker): Save publication date on first attempt

  • v100.8.83: fix(tasks): Only show remove action when the task has a value

  • v100.8.82: fix(editor): Prefill teasers when dropped from side panel

  • v100.8.81: fix: support component drag&drop in safari 17.2

  • v100.8.80: fix(li-link-edit): extend typeahead search baseFilters from useDashboard

  • v100.8.79: fix(ticker): Stop editing ticker before deleting

  • v100.8.78: fix(delivery-builds): start listening to realtime updates after publish

  • v100.8.77: fix(editor): close publish control panel when user clicks into content to make room for properties panel

  • v100.8.76: chore: fix cypress test for video includes

  • v100.8.75: fix(history): Upgrade @livingdocs/framework to fix include history

  • v100.8.74: fix(tasks): ensure tasks panel and toolbar button updates when a task is updated by another user

  • v100.8.73: chore(collaboration): Set CollaborationUser values on creation

  • v100.8.72: fix(admin): Fix api client url after creating a project in the admin UI

  • v100.8.71: fix(li-link-edit): allow to reopen and edit links with invalid href

  • v100.8.70: fix(url-util): Take subdomains into account when validating URL TLD

  • v100.8.69: fix(framework): revert htmlparser2 and editable.js upgrade

  • v100.8.68: fix(media-library): Fix error when opening media side panel in editor

  • v100.8.67: fix(image-crop): Prevent focal point button overlapping content

  • v100.8.66: fix(ticker): Support rendering includes in multiple ticker entries

  • v100.8.65: fix: don’t prevent click events in li-link-edit

  • v100.8.64: fix(search): Load dynamic metadata with inline document search

  • v100.8.63: fix(tasks): Use correct steps within task value

  • v100.8.62: fix(media-library): Don’t show hidden form field on multi-asset upload

  • v100.8.61: fix(comments): safeguard comment highlighting if comments disabled

  • v100.8.60: fix(security): Update get-func-name to version v100.8.111 to patch CVE-2023-43646

  • v100.8.59: fix(comments): create comment after visiting history

  • v100.8.58: fix(lists): Only re-render document list when it changes

  • v100.8.57: fix(publish control): remove content validation errors when user edits the directive

  • v100.8.56: fix(publish control): make sure nzz special behavior for publish control works again

  • v100.8.55: fix(print mode): make publish control work with print mode again

  • v100.8.54: fix(planning boards): always use correct dates for weekly interval stepper

  • v100.8.53: fix(metadata): show error inputs with red border

  • v100.8.52: fix(li-tree): disable document preview link if no url buildable

  • v100.8.51: fix: proper handling of tel: and mailto: urls

  • v100.8.50: test: implement code review feedback

  • v100.8.49: fix(realtime): Don’t display connection error when window is not active

  • v100.8.48: fix(tasks): open tasks panel when article is opened from task board

  • v100.8.47: chore(metadata): Standardise li-document-reference(s) templates

  • v100.8.46: fix(video transcoding): Visual

  • v100.8.45: fix(locales): add fallback default locale

  • v100.8.44: fix(metadata): Bundle Separator

  • v100.8.43: chore(tasks): Replace moment with date-fns in task deadline API

  • v100.8.42: fix(li-link-edit): null-safe baseFilter access

  • v100.8.41: fix(schema form): Box model

  • v100.8.40: chore(display-filters): Warn when properties have different configs

  • v100.8.39: fix(server-admin): Use teaser style for author selection

  • v100.8.38: fix: update avatar when changing user name

  • v100.8.37: code(comments): always use the context from editable data

  • v100.8.36: chore(realtime): Remove unused listener assignment to this

  • v100.8.35: fix(focalPoint): fix reactivity issues for preview crops

  • v100.8.34: fix(axios): Log out the editor upon 401 errors in axios

  • v100.8.33: fix(pills): print layout has translate hack

  • v100.8.32: fix(iframe directive): Icon check

  • v100.8.31: fix(cross-project): Include externalSystem in table dashboard row identifier

  • v100.8.30: style(li-document-references): Use LiResourceDocument error states instead of inline ones

  • v100.8.29: fix(tasks): Reset all state when removing a task

  • v100.8.28: fix(li-push-messages): make all reachable through scrolling

  • v100.8.27: fix(angular-vue-wrapper): Destroy components when detatched from the DOM

  • v100.8.26: fix(image-services): Always pass originalDimensions to imageService.getUrl function.

  • v100.8.25: chore: Use animationFrame.digest instead of setTimeout

  • v100.8.24: refactor(ticker): remove event handler again in li-ticker-entry

  • v100.8.23: fix(ticker): Sidepanel and pagination

  • v100.8.22: fix(dashboard): Clone media library dashboard configs to prevent mutations against original config objects

  • v100.8.21: fix(numberdots): Rendering

  • v100.8.20: fix(editor): Allow scrolling in conflict preview

  • v100.8.19: fix(team filter): Element order

  • v100.8.18: fix(translations): Task labels on history side panel and home screen

  • v100.8.17: fix(editor): Correctly position apply and discard buttons in conflict UI

  • v100.8.16: fix(cross-project): Support multi selection label fro crossProjectContentSearch filter

  • v100.8.15: chore: Update renovate config

  • v100.8.14: fix(li-link-edit): apply base filters in quick search

  • v100.8.13: fix(workspace): show properties panel after history mode

  • v100.8.12: chore(cypress): fix flaky media-library tests

  • v100.8.11: fix(component lock): Restored look

  • v100.8.10: chore(li-comment): fix eslint errors and some more formatting

  • v100.8.9: improvement(li ticker): Empty state and responsiveness

  • v100.8.8: chore: Update chrome version in cypress

  • v100.8.7: chore(metadata): Add tests for li-image and li-poster-image

  • v100.8.6: chore(metadata): Compute whether li-image is in document context

  • v100.8.5: fix(comments): Allow avatar size to be string or number for mentions

  • v100.8.4: fix(editableCount): updated name

  • v100.8.3: fix(viewEvents): make blur editable fire before blur component

  • v100.8.2: fix: pass image original dimensions for crop preview

  • v100.8.1: fix(release-2023-09): Update framework to 26.0.1 (release-2023-09 tag)

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