To get an overview about new functionality, read the Release Notes. To learn about the necessary actions to update Livingdocs to release-2023-11, read on.

Attention: If you skipped one or more releases, please also check the release-notes of the skipped ones.


System Requirements


Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:20
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:20
Browser SupportEdge >= 92, Firefox >= 90, Chrome >= 92, Safari >= 15.4, iOS Safari >= 15.4, Opera >= 78


Postgres12 (Deprecated Postgres v12)
Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:18.3
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:18.5
Browser SupportEdge >= 92, Firefox >= 90, Chrome >= 92, Safari >= 15.4, iOS Safari >= 15.4, Opera >= 78

Breaking Changes πŸ”₯

Migrate the Postgres Database πŸ”₯

# run `livingdocs-server migrate up` to update to the newest database schema
# migration 194-actors.js
#   adds new table actors
livingdocs-server migrate up

Before upgrading to November release, please upgrade to the latest release-2023-09 v237.2.32. A patch was released to allow compatibility with the new database schema.

The next step, you should run livingdocs-server migrate up from November release instance to apply the new User/Actors schema. New release instances will not work until the migrations above are applied.

Previous release instances will continue to work with the new database schema after running the migrations. Finally, you can deploy the new release instances.

Note: After running the migration userApi.findById() using the import user id doesn’t work anymore, but projectApi.getImportUser(projectId) still returns the same id as before.

server li-includes feature

includeApi.registerService() and includeApi.registerServices() are now synchronous methods πŸ”₯

includesApi.registerService() and includesApi.registerServices() behaviour has changed and are now synchronous methods. If you rely on its return value to be a Promise (e.g. when accessing .then), you have to update your code.

But with this release it is recommended to use liServer.registerIncludeServices() directly.

server Metadata plugins

li-reference and li-reference-list metadata plugins support has been removed πŸ”₯

Please replace li-reference with li-document-reference and li-reference-list with li-document-references. No data migration is required, but you will need to remove referenceType from the metadata plugin config. If you were using ui.config.searchOnlyPublished on li-reference definitions, you should migrate to config.published.

server DocumentVersion

Remove old getter functions on DocumentVersion class πŸ”₯

Remove getter functions which have a replacement on the DocumentVersion class:

  • Remove documentVersion.getContentType(), please use documentVersion.contentType
  • Remove documentVersion.getDocumentType(), please use documentVersion.documentType
  • Remove documentVersion.getProjectId(), please use documentVersion.projectId
  • Remove documentVersion.getChannelId(), please use documentVersion.channelId
  • Remove documentVersion.getDocumentId(), please use documentVersion.documentId
  • Remove documentVersion.getDesignDescriptor(), please use
  • Remove documentVersion.getDesignVersion(), please use
  • Remove documentVersion.getTitle(), please use documentVersion.title
  • Remove documentVersion.getMetadata(), please use documentVersion.metadata
  • Remove documentVersion.getMetadataSource(), please use documentVersion.metadataSource
  • Remove documentVersion.getSystemdata(), please use documentVersion.systemdata
editor Editor configuration

Remove support for metadata based scheduling supported via customPublicationDateField config

Editor configuration parameter document.customPublicationDateField support has been removed. With this change metadata based scheduling is no longer supported. Please migrate to contentType.publishControl.publishSchedule within Publish Control feature.

server Project configuration

Remove label config of li-language metadata plugin πŸ”₯

The deprecated label configuration for metadata properties of type li-language does not have an effect anymore. Please remove the li-language label from your metadata configs in contentType configurations.

The language labels are now supported natively in the Livingdocs Editor.

Deprecations 🚧

server Operations

Postgres v12 ⚠️

Postgres v12 support is deprecated and will be removed in March 2024 release (release-2024-03).

server li-documents feature

Document Patch API ⚠️

Document patch API document.patch has been deprecated, and will be removed in release-2024-01. Please replace it with documentApi.executeDocumentCommands. No data migration is required, but you will need to swap patches parameter with commands, and user with userId.

editor Editor configuration

iFramely default extractor added by default ⚠️

initializeOembedMetadataExtractor() is deprecated and will be removed in release-2024-03.

The following code should be removed from the editor configuration:

// app/editor.js
const Iframely = require('@livingdocs/editor/app/scripts/modules/iframely')
const defaultExtractor = require('@livingdocs/editor/app/scripts/modules/iframely/default_metadata_extractor')

If initializeOembedMetadataExtractor() is called with a custom extractor please get in touch.

server Editing api

Endpoint PATCH /document/:id ⚠️

This concerns an internal API used by the Livingdocs Editor which has been used in the past by customizations.

The Endpoint PATCH /document/:id will be removed in release-2024-01. Please replace it with PATCH /document/:id/commands. No data migration is required, but you will need to swap patches parameter with commands.

server Project configuration

Metadata plugins and paramSchema validation changes ⚠️

Plugins used in other contexts than the ones stated in the docs, will report an error during server startup with release-2024-01.

All downstream plugins are supported by default in document metadata and media library metadata. But if a downstream plugin is used in include services, creation flows or push messages, that will cause an error during startup.

If a downstream plugin is being used in an include service or creation flow params schema the following configuration needs to be added to the plugin declaration:

supportedPluginContexts: [

To opt-in to the new validation you can set serverConfig.useStrictSchemas: true. This will allow you to find any invalid usage of plugins and fix them before release-2024-01.

Please contact your Livingdocs customer manager if you have any problems with the limitations imposed by the supported plugin contexts.

server Server configuration

Config option realtimeUpdates.enabled ⚠️

The option serverConfig.documents.realtimeUpdates.enabled has been deprecated. It will be removed in release-2024-01.

Please remove the enabled property and use pollingEnabled and/or websocketsEnabled instead. The enabled value will be transferred to pollingEnabled if pollingEnabled does not have a value defined.

This deprecation is related to the Teaser includes reload feature. Please read the feature documentation for more information.

Features 🎁

server Public api

Document Command API 🎁

The Document Command API is exposed on the Public API and allows external services to change document content and metadata and even publish, e.g. making article title A/B-test easier.

Document Command API adds PATCH /api/v1/documents/:documentId/commands endpoint on the Public API, which accepts the following commands to be executed on the document: setMetadataProperty, setEditableDirective and publish. The scope to authenticate requests for this new endpoint is public-api:write.

More information about the Document Command API can be found in the Document Command API documentation.

An example of a setMetadataProperty command would look like this:

curl -k -X PATCH "" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
  --data-binary @- << EOF
    "commands": [{"operation": "setMetadataProperty", "propertyName": "title", "value": "updated title"}]

With the introduction of the Document Command API, we needed a way to differenciate if a document was modified by a user (human) or a token (machine), therefore the ‘actor’ concept has been introduced. When a document is updated by a token via the Document Command API, the document will show the specific token that authorized the request.

Please run the migrations for this release to add the new actors table to your database. This migration will add Import users and API clients to actors table. The actor name will be used to show the actor that modified a document. When reporting modifications on a document users will be obscured and the UI will only report that a human did a modification, while API clients will be reported with their name.

userApi.findById() using the import user id doesn’t work anymore, but projectApi.getImportUser(projectId) still returns the same id as before. Every user has an actorId which is equal to userId.

Editor Search bar

Enhanced search syntax ‘simple search’ 🎁

Users in the Editor can now use new syntax in the Media Library search bar and also in document dashboards that use the new config option search described below.

This release we have improved query syntax to allow users to use special operator to improve text based search results. The new search query syntax supports the following operators:

  • + signifies AND operator
  • | signifies OR operator
  • - negates a single token
  • " wraps a number of tokens to signify a phrase for searching

For example, the query quick brown +fox -news will search for documents containing quick and brown and fox and documents that do not contain news, i.e. quick AND brown AND fox AND NOT news.

Previously the default operator was OR, which meant that the query quick brown fox was interpreted as quick OR brown OR fox, i.e. documents would match if they contained any of the three tokens.

You can also use " to search for phrases, for example quick "brown fox" will only match documents that contain the exact phrase brown fox and quick, e.g. The quick fox is brown wouldn’t result in a match, but The brown fox is quick would.

Using | (OR) operator will result in a match if any of the tokens are present in the document, e.g. quick | brown | fox will match documents that contain quick OR brown OR fox, not necessarily all three. Which was the behaviour of search queries in previous releases.

This behaviour is enabled in the Media Library search, and it can be enabled per dashboard for documents with the following dashboard configuration in your editorSettings within the project configuration:

editorSettings: {
  dashboards: [{
    // ...
    search: {
      strategy: "simple"
server liServer methods

Add liServer.register...() methods 🎁

We have extended the liServer API to allow to register extensions and custom routes. This simplifies the server initialization and also improves IDE autocomplete support.

  • Direct Extension Registration

    • liServer.registerPublicationHooks({...}), previously liServer.features.api('li-documents').registerPublicationHooks({...})
    • liServer.registerGlobalPublicationHooks({...}), previously liServer.features.api('li-documents').registerPublicationServerHooks({...})
    • liServer.registerListHooks({...}), previously liServer.features.api('li-document-lists').registerListHooks({...})
  • Data Sources

    • liServer.registerDataSource({...}), previously liServer.features.api('li-data-sources').register({...})
    • liServer.registerDataSources([{...}, {...}]), previously liServer.features.api('li-data-sources').register({...})
  • Create / Generate Functions

    • liServer.registerCreateFunction({...}), previously liServer.features.api('li-documents').document.registerCreateFunction({...})
    • liServer.registerTransformFunction({...}), previously liServer.features.api('li-documents').document.registerTransformFunction({...})
    • liServer.registerCreateFunctions([{...}, {...}]), previously liServer.features.api('li-documents').document.registerCreateFunctions({...})
    • liServer.registerTransformFunctions([{...}, {...}]), previously liServer.features.api('li-documents').document.registerTransformFunction({...})
  • Includes

    • liServer.registerIncludeService({...}), previously liServer.features.api('li-includes').registerServices({...})
    • liServer.registerIncludeServices([{...}, {...}]), previously liServer.features.api('li-includes').registerServices([{...}, {...}])
  • Oembed Providers

    • liServer.registerOembedProvider({...}), previously liServer.features.api('li-oembed').registerProvider({...})
    • liServer.registerOembedProviders([{...}, {...}]), previously liServer.features.api('li-oembed').registerProviders([{...}, {...}])
  • Media Sources

    • liServer.registerMediaSource({...}), previously liServer.features.api('li-media-library').registerMediaSource({...})
    • liServer.registerMediaSources([{...}, {...}]), previously liServer.features.api('li-media-library').registerMediaSource({...})
  • Register Custom Routes

    • liServer.registerEditorRoutes({method, path, auth, action, ...})
    • liServer.registerServerRoutes({method, path, auth, action, ...}) The params for both registerEditorRoutes and registerServerRoutes are the same. The difference is only in what values are accepted in the auth param. The editor routes accept user token scopes and the server routes accept no auth or api token scopes.

By convention these methods would be called in a single file that starts the downstream server.


const liServer = require('@livigdocs/server')()

liServer.registerInitializedHook(() => {

  // ...
editor liEditor methods

Add liEditor.registerIframePlugin() 🎁

Expose IframePlugin register function via liEditor: liEditor.registerIframePlugin({IframePlugin}).

server Project configuration

Push Notifications within articles 🎁

The Push Notifications feature can now trigger pushes from within the Article Editor Toolbar (previously it could only trigger pushes on Dashboards).

If a li-push-messages metadata plugin is configured on a document a “Push” button will be availalbe in the document editor.

editor Document editing

Real-time teaser includes 🎁

Teasers can be reloaded automatically on all publish and unpublish events within the current project. This can be enabled by updating the server config:

  documents: {
    realtimeUpdates: {
      websocketsEnabled: true

If there is a teaser list in the document then all teasers will be reloaded for every event (with throttling and jitter applied). If there are only document teasers then we only refresh if the specific document references are published or unpublished. There is throttling in place to prevent a client from making too many requests (default: 5 seconds), and a jitter is applied to spread the server load of multiple connected clients (set to half of websocketsThrottling).

Note: Setting websocketsEnabled: true will also use the websocket events to update table dashboard rows, or indicate a new result is available within a table dashboard. More details about real-time updates can be found in the Server Configuration documentation.

editor Document editing

We have added support for tel: and mailto: URL links in the editor. This feature is enabled by default and doesn’t require any configuration.

Vulnerability Patches πŸ›‘οΈ

We are constantly patching module vulnerabilities for the Livingdocs Server and Livingdocs Editor as module fixes are available. Below is a list of all patched vulnerabilities included in the release.

Livingdocs Server πŸ›‘οΈ

This release we have patched the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Server:

We are aware of the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Server:

  • CVE-2023-26102 has yet to be patched by rangy but we have proposed a fix in this PR This vulnerability is not exploitable in the Livingdocs Editor because rangy module is scoped in the livingdocs-framework and not exposed to the users.

Livingdocs Editor πŸ›‘οΈ

This release we have patched the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Editor:

We are aware of the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Editor:

  • CVE-2023-26102 has yet to be patched by rangy but we have proposed a fix in this PR This vulnerability is not exploitable in the Livingdocs Editor because rangy module is scoped in the livingdocs-framework and not exposed to the users.
  • CVE-2023-44270 vulnerability in postcss, it affects linters using PostCSS to parse external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It is not exploitable in the editor as we don’t load untrusted external CSS at build time.
  • CVE-2023-26116, CVE-2023-26118, CVE-2023-26117, CVE-2022-25869, CVE-2022-25844 are all AngularJS vulnerabilities that don’t have a patch available. We are working on removing all AngularJS from our code and vulnerabilities will go away when we complete the transition to Vue.js.


Here is a list of all patches after the release has been announced.

Livingdocs Server Patches

  • v241.0.54: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 27.1.9 to v27.1.10
  • v241.0.53: fix(azure-blob-storage): Correctly handle processing errors by propagating to all the streams
  • v241.0.52: fix(security): Patch security vulnerabilities CVE-2024-30260 and CVE-2024-30261 in undici, CVE-2024-29041 in express, CVE-2024-28863 in tar, CVE-2024-28849 in follow-redirects, CVE-2024-28176 in jose, and CVE-2023-36665 in protobufjs
  • v241.0.51: fix(queue): Properly await in lib/async-queue
  • v241.0.50: fix(deps): update dependency ioredis from 5.3.2 to v5.4.1
  • v241.0.49: fix(hugo): Return promise from async controller functions
  • v241.0.48: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 27.1.7 to v27.1.9
  • v241.0.47: fix(lists): Define limit as option on documentListModel.getInbox(), as it is possible to retrieve more than 1010 leading to Too many results error
  • v241.0.46: fix(deps): update dependency exifreader from 4.15.0 to v4.21.1
  • v241.0.45: fix(media-library): Append file extension to download url
  • v241.0.44: fix(document-inbox): Only retrieve documentId and title fields from elasticsearch
  • v241.0.43: fix(security): Patch vulnerabilities CVE-2024-24758 on undici and GHSA-9h6g-pr28-7cqp on nodemailer
  • v241.0.42: fix(memory-cache): Delete channel config key from cache if value is falsy
  • v241.0.41: chore(desknet): Add tests for token refresh
  • v241.0.40: chore(example-server): use li-push-messages handler with longer execution time
  • v241.0.39: fix(project): Allow _ on project name, add tests for valid/invalid handle names
  • v241.0.38: fix(test): update to trigger a new release version
  • v241.0.37: fix(image-processing): Fix extracting metadata from large image headers
  • v241.0.36: fix(mediaLibrary): Map the state attribute on media library entries based on the archived flag
  • v241.0.35: fix(openid-connect): Remove log when nonce expires in Redis
  • v241.0.34: fix(designs): Await async createReadStream
  • v241.0.33: fix(realtime): Emit ‘document.updated’ to avoid collaboration UI issues
  • v241.0.32: fix(security): Patch vulnerabilities CVE-2023-26159 on follow-redirects
  • v241.0.31: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/secure-password from 5.0.2 to v5.0.3
  • v241.0.30: fix(composition-api): Make sure we never load errors or null values into preloaded values
  • v241.0.29: fix(notifications): Use link which opens the task side panel
  • v241.0.28: chore(commands): Add failed precondition name into conflict error
  • v241.0.27: fix(deps): Update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 27.1.5 to 27.1.7
  • v241.0.26: fix(imports): Remove result count rendering on imports page
  • v241.0.25: fix(dashboard-sources): ensure correct order of returned documents
  • v241.0.24: fix(notifications): Use project defaultLocale for labels in task emails
  • v241.0.23: fix: allow downstream plugin in creation flow params
  • v241.0.22: chore: pin framework to 27.1.5
  • v241.0.21: fix(media-library): Use extracted mime type for file uploads
  • v241.0.20: fix(schema): Add message to createSchemaApi validation errors
  • v241.0.19: fix(history): Upgrade @livingdocs/framework to fix include history
  • v241.0.18: fix(readme): Remove newlines
  • v241.0.17: fix(media-library): Fix sort support in media library
  • v241.0.16: fix(deps): Upgrade metalman-schema to fix response body transformation
  • v241.0.15: fix(webhooks): Normalize webhooks configuration and consumer only enabled when instance is configured with role worker
  • v241.0.14: fix(project): Allow handles that are 2 characters long and improve validation error message
  • v241.0.13: fix(http): agent updated to only support https
  • v241.0.12: fix(exif-extraction): Normalize the Date Created exif field to a full iso timestamp supported everywhere
  • v241.0.11: fix(editable): Revert editable.js upgrade as there have been issues on Firefox
  • v241.0.10: fix: update wrong method call
  • v241.0.9: fix(image-processing): Detect SVG uploads
  • v241.0.8: chore(includes): Reduce loops when assigning preloaded li-tree values
  • v241.0.7: chore(includes): Adapt preloader tests for fallback serverServiceSchema
  • v241.0.6: fix(http): Define longer requestTimeout on liServer.httpServer to avoid requests being cancelled by the socket timeout
  • v241.0.5: fix(includes): Remove breaking change introduced by schema changes

Livingdocs Editor Patches

  • v102.1.111: fix(workspace): Prevent infinite refetch loop while on conflict screen

  • v102.1.110: fix(draft-storage): Fix function context in backported fix

  • v102.1.109: fix: update framework to fix safari 17.5 bug

  • v102.1.108: fix(draft-storage): Fix document conflicts with self

  • v102.1.107: fix(print): Fix this.draft context in print metadata plugin

  • v102.1.106: fix(draft-storage): Trigger digest when entering document conflict screen

  • v102.1.105: fix: change retresco idle to 30s

  • v102.1.104: fix(trackjs): Do not use serialize-error as we suspect it can’t handle circular references in our production workloads

  • v102.1.103: fix: Explicitly pass empty event object to _updateDraft

  • v102.1.102: chore: Do not make remoteDocument reactive. It causes issues on the november release

  • v102.1.101: fix(documents): Prevent overwriting newer revisions on save errors

  • v102.1.100: chore(deps): Remove worker check

  • v102.1.99: fix(groups): Hide api clients from group invitation screen

  • v102.1.98: fix(li-date-time-range-filter): Select correct filter key

  • v102.1.97: fix(security): Update vulnerable dependencies in cypress/ and server/, namely follow-redirects, @fastify/reply-from, axios and undici

  • v102.1.96: fix(security): Patch security vulnerabilities CVE-2024-30260 and CVE-2024-30261 in undici, CVE-2024-21501 in sanitize-html, CVE-2024-28863 in tar, CVE-2024-28849 in follow-redirects, and CVE-2024-29180 in webpack-dev-middleware

  • v102.1.95: fix(editor): Disable proofreading for history

  • v102.1.94: fix(ticker): Reassign shallowReactive attributes to trigger reactivity

  • v102.1.93: fix: hide remaining media library button when showUi: false

  • v102.1.92: fix: Blur components when exiting the edit mode

  • v102.1.91: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 27.1.7 to v27.1.9

  • v102.1.90: chore(collaboration): Simplify collaboration bar to only use one event listener

  • v102.1.89: fix(properties-panel): Only show transforms when there are alternatives

  • v102.1.88: fix(comments): Do not allow @assignment of api client and import users

  • v102.1.87: fix: ensure same mediaId and recreate crops after image was replaced

  • v102.1.86: test: Use cy.spy instead of download request interceptor

  • v102.1.85: fix(proofreading): skip highlighting of invisible component elements

  • v102.1.84: fix(drag-and-drop): Always pass the mediaLibraryEntry.asset.duration when dropping a video media library entry on directives

  • v102.1.83: chore(vue-components): Use correct lifecycle method in li-angular-component

  • v102.1.82: fix(url): Allow URLs without a TLD

  • v102.1.81: fix(display-filter): Reset filter if custom range is not defined properly

  • v102.1.80: fix(security): Patch vulnerability CVE-2024-24758 on undici

  • v102.1.79: fix(media-library): Show better error message if a network error occurs

  • v102.1.78: fix(properties): Don’t warn about config when there is no reference

  • v102.1.77: fix(workspace): Reload document on design change

  • v102.1.76: fix(document-preview): Post to wildcard if the origin uses a sandbox without allow-same-site. Without it postMessage doesn’t work at all.

  • v102.1.75: fix(ticker): Skip softLock checks for ticker entries

  • v102.1.74: chore: Remove TODO, leave the comment about workspace initialization

  • v102.1.73: fix(li-table): Correctly compute whether a table cell is in the overflow

  • v102.1.72: fix(toolbar): Hide metadata overlay when opening tasks sidebar

  • v102.1.71: chore(publish-control): Remove unused property

  • v102.1.70: fix(home-screen): Add cacheKey to dashboards

  • v102.1.69: fix(link-edit): Return link data property for prefilling

  • v102.1.68: fix: Use input or change events instead of keyup

  • v102.1.67: fix(popover): save on removing specialproviders and make custom elements work on vue popover

  • v102.1.66: fix(video upload): showing transcoding when uploading single file

  • v102.1.65: fix(filters): Reposition filter popups when selecting values

  • v102.1.64: fix(li-image): actually reload document images when content changed

  • v102.1.63: refactor: implement review comments

  • v102.1.62: fix(publish-control-delivery): Show delivery state when opening publish control panel

  • v102.1.61: fix(canvas): Reassign state.areas to trigger reactivity

  • v102.1.60: fix(realtime): Add version to refetch stub response in tests

  • v102.1.59: fix(external systems): show goTo action in dashboards only for documents without an externalSystem

  • v102.1.58: fix(publish-control-panel): Update running task whenever publish control panel changes visibility state

  • v102.1.57: fix(table-dashboard): Update model when dashboardConfig changes

  • v102.1.56: fix(metadata): Feedback stacking

  • v102.1.55: fix(push messages): allow push for published articles with unpublished changes

  • v102.1.54: test(links): Add cypress tests

  • v102.1.53: fix(dashboards): Fix tests

  • v102.1.52: fix(account form): Syntax

  • v102.1.51: fix(li-link-edit): apply correct default attributes for internal urls

  • v102.1.50: fix: pass directive and to the Angular embed teaser

  • v102.1.49: fix(deps): Update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 27.1.6 to 27.1.7

  • v102.1.48: chore(editor): Remove online listener from autosave on unload

  • v102.1.47: fix(text-formatting): Re-calculate the text formatting states when toggling bold/italic buttons

  • v102.1.46: fix: avoid invalid component inserted after pressing enter

  • v102.1.45: fix: make sure publish button is not rendered outside of table

  • v102.1.44: fix(tasks): Add metadataProperty.config.label fallback

  • v102.1.43: fix(workspace): Add cleanup fn to leaveWindow event handler response

  • v102.1.42: fix: translate unpublished

  • v102.1.41: fix(shortcuts): allow shortcuts for double low-9 quotation mark and it’s mirror

  • v102.1.40: fix(ticker): Save publication date on first attempt

  • v102.1.39: fix(tasks): Only show remove action when the task has a value

  • v102.1.38: fix(editor): Prefill teasers when dropped from side panel

  • v102.1.37: fix: resolve default components via container method

  • v102.1.36: fix: add back the stopping of click event propagation

  • v102.1.35: fix: support component drag&drop in safari 17.2

  • v102.1.34: fix(li-link-edit): extend typeahead search baseFilters from useDashboard

  • v102.1.33: fix(ticker): Stop editing ticker before deleting

  • v102.1.32: fix(delivery-builds): start listening to realtime updates after publish

  • v102.1.31: fix(editor): close publish control panel when user clicks into content to make room for properties panel

  • v102.1.30: chore: fix cypress test for video includes

  • v102.1.29: fix(history): Upgrade @livingdocs/framework to fix include history

  • v102.1.28: fix(tasks): ensure tasks panel and toolbar button updates when a task is updated by another user

  • v102.1.27: improvement(icon link): Spacing

  • v102.1.26: chore(collaboration): Set CollaborationUser values on creation

  • v102.1.25: fix(admin): Fix api client url after creating a project in the admin UI

  • v102.1.24: fix(link-tool): close tooltip on click outside

  • v102.1.23: fix(li-link-edit): allow to reopen and edit links with invalid href

  • v102.1.22: fix(url-util): Take subdomains into account when validating URL TLD

  • v102.1.21: fix: allow for usage of the same filter twice with different config on one dashboard

  • v102.1.20: fix(media-library): Fix error when opening media side panel in editor

  • v102.1.19: fix(media-library): Allow upload center scrolling on mobile

  • v102.1.18: fix(image-crop): Prevent focal point button overlapping content

  • v102.1.17: fix(realtime): Don’t refresh includes when editable teaser is focused

  • v102.1.16: fix(realtime): Fix function rename that prevents teaser reloading

  • v102.1.15: fix(ticker): Support rendering includes in multiple ticker entries

  • v102.1.14: fix(display filters): allow a label configuration for liDateTimeRange display filter

  • v102.1.13: fix(forms): ld-select

  • v102.1.12: fix(menus): Pass menu handle during creation to catch handle conflicts

  • v102.1.11: fix(search): Support search.strategy config to allow switching to the simple query string

  • v102.1.10: fix: don’t prevent click events in li-link-edit

  • v102.1.9: fix: only support getDocument

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