To get an overview about new functionality, read the Release Notes. To learn about the necessary actions to update Livingdocs to release-2024-01, read on.

Attention: If you skipped one or more releases, please also check the release-notes of the skipped ones.


System Requirements


Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:20
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:20
Browser SupportEdge >= 92, Firefox >= 90, Chrome >= 92, Safari >= 15.4, iOS Safari >= 15.4, Opera >= 78


Postgres(Deprecated Postgres v12) 12
Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:18.4
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:18.6
Browser SupportEdge >= 92, Firefox >= 90, Chrome >= 92, Safari >= 15.4, iOS Safari >= 15.4, Opera >= 78

Breaking Changes πŸ”₯

server Release

Migrate the Postgres Database πŸ”₯

No upstream migrations were added this release.

server Requirements

Drop support for Node v18.17 πŸ”₯

Drop support for Node versions below 18.17 due to a dependency. Use livingdocs/server-base:20 and livingdocs/editor-base:20 or the latest livingdocs/server-base:18.x or livingdocs/editor-base:18.x container images: livingdocs/server-base:18.4 and livingdocs/editor-base:18.6.

server Project configuration

Custom downstream plugins paramSchema validation changes πŸ”₯

Plugins used in other contexts than the ones stated in the docs, will now report an error during server startup.

All downstream plugins are supported by default in document metadata and media library metadata. But if a downstream plugin is used in include services, creation flows or push messages, that will now cause an error during startup.

If a downstream plugin is being used in an include service or a creation flow params schema the following configuration needs to be added to the plugin declaration:

supportedPluginContexts: [

You should remove the serverConfig.useStrictSchemas property if you set it in the previous release.

Please contact your Livingdocs customer manager if you have any problems with the limitations imposed by the supported plugin contexts.

server Server configuration

Config option realtimeUpdates.enabled πŸ”₯

The option serverConfig.documents.realtimeUpdates.enabled has been removed. Please remove the enabled property from your Server configuration and replace it with one or both of the following properties instead:

  • serverConfig.documents.realtimeUpdates.pollingEnabled
  • serverConfig.documents.realtimeUpdates.websocketsEnabled

This breaking change concerns the Teaser includes reload feature. Please read the feature documentation for more information.

server li-documents feature

Document Patch API πŸ”₯

Document patch API document.patch support has been removed. Please replace it with documentApi.executeDocumentCommands. No data migration is required, but you will need to swap patches parameter with commands, and user with userId.

server Editing api

Endpoint PATCH /documents/:id πŸ”₯

This concerns an internal API used by the Livingdocs Editor which has been used in the past by customizations.

The Endpoint PATCH /documents/:id support has been removed. Please replace it with PATCH /documents/:id/commands. No data migration is required, but you will need to swap patches parameter with commands.

server Project configuration

Custom Channel config Properties via uiComponent property πŸ”₯

Support for custom Channel config Properties via uiComponent property has been removed. Please remove your property registration on the server liServer.registerChannelConfigProperty(). There isn’t a replacement for this functionality.

editor Editor UI

Prepare Publish Flow feature πŸ”₯

Support for the Prepare Publish Flow is removed, Publish Control is always used. No action is required.

editor Dashboards

Filter Sets feature πŸ”₯

Filter Sets feature has been removed in favor of configuring multiple dashboards to provide fast access to different sets of documents for different roles.

Deprecations ⚠️

server Project Configuration

defaultComponents in container directives ⚠️

Container directives can define defaultComponents, but the config has only an effect on direct children. With release-2024-03, nested containers inherit the defaultComponents from parent containers. Please add explicit defaultComponents to containers, if they shall not inherit the defaultComponents from parent containers.


editor Media Library

Media Library UX improvements 🎁

New behavior added to the Media Library. When clicking a thumbnail on the Media Library view, a sidepanel appears with reduced details. The sidepanel allows users to edit metadata properties, but media actions and multi-language edit are not available. This view allows you to quickly inspect the details of a media library entry without leaving the Media Library view.

Hovering over the thumbnail will show the actions:

  • Pencil button links to full edit page
  • Magnifying glass button opens overlay with large image preview with the possibility to show a reduced set of metadata properties. The supported metadata property types are:
    • li-text
    • li-integer
    • li-boolean
    • li-date
    • li-datetime
    • li-enum
    • li-string-list
server Public api

Event Actors 🎁

actor property has been added to the webhook payload. This property reports the actor that triggered the event. The use case can be defining a priority lane to prioritise events triggered by humans over machines or filter events by trigger actor.

The following actors are supported:

  • user - user triggered the event, user name is not reported in the webhook payload: {type: 'user'}
  • importer - import actor triggered the event, actor name is reported in the webhook payload: {type: 'importer', name: 'importer-name'}
  • api-client - api client triggered the event, actor name is reported in the webhook payload: {type: 'api-client', name: 'api-client-name'}

Example webhook payload:

  "event": "document.delete",
  "deliveryId": "Vulsdw3-y2JLqnE13NjPa",
  "projectId": 3,
  "projectHandle": "service",
  "webhookHandle": "test-1",
  "documentId": 123,
  "actor": {
    "type": "importer",
    "name": "Importer"
server Server Configuration

Secure Opensearch/Kibana 🎁

To improve security in the Livingdocs infrastructure, we have added a new authentication method to the Opensearch/Kibana stack. It is now possible to use AWS credentials methods to access the Opensearch/Kibana. The new configuration can be found in the Server config withing search property:

search: {
  elasticsearchClient: {
    // AWS Credentials support for OpenSearch
    // You can configure any AWS Credentials provider supported by the AWS SDK credentials-provider-node
    // configuration provided:
    // Please make sure to always define aws object, even if you don't use AWS credentials 
    aws: {
      accessKeyId: '*****',
      secretAccessKey: '*****',
      region: 'eu-central-1'

For production environments:

  • using AWS IAM Roles you can define a token with accessKeyId and secretAccessKey in the aws object
  • when running the Livingdocs Server in EKS, use the IAM Roles for Service Accounts feature to assign the required permissions to the Livingdocs Server pod.
  • when running the Livingdocs Server in ECS/Fargate, use the IAM Roles for Tasks feature to assign the required permissions to the Livingdocs Server task.

For local development, AWS Profile credentials can be used when connecting to remote Opensearch/Kibana. In both cases make sure to define the region property.

search: {
  elasticsearchClient: {
    aws: {
      region: 'eu-central-1'
server Public api

Support publishControl.visiblePublicationDateOverride on Import API 🎁

The publishControl.visiblePublicationDateOverride property can now be set within the documents parameter when importing articles via the Import API. This allows you to set the visible publication date override when importing documents. As with other publish related properties, "flags": {"autoPublish": true} must be defined when using the Public API.

server Webhooks

Add support for ‘document.create’ and ‘document.delete’ webhooks 🎁

New webhooks for document create and delete have been added to the webhooks list. These webhooks are triggered when a document is created or deleted. Please find webhook payload examples below:

  "event": "document.create",
  "deliveryId": "KIOSZpPUt8X6X-FDlnLTX",
  "projectId": 3,
  "projectHandle": "service",
  "webhookHandle": "test-1",
  "documentId": 123,
  "actor": {
    "type": "user"
  "event": "document.delete",
  "deliveryId": "Vulsdw3-y2JLqnE13NjPa",
  "projectId": 3,
  "projectHandle": "service",
  "webhookHandle": "test-1",
  "documentId": 123,
  "actor": {
    "type": "api-client",
    "name": "Publibot 3000"
editor Media Library Search

Sort options of DisplayFilters are respected in Media Library 🎁

The Media Library DisplayFilter respects sorting options. This adapts the behavior of the Table Dashboards. The sorting options are defined in the DisplayFilter configuration.

This feature has also been backported to release-2023-11 and release-2023-09.

Vulnerability Patches

We are constantly patching module vulnerabilities for the Livingdocs Server and Livingdocs Editor as module fixes are available. Below is a list of all patched vulnerabilities included in the release.

Livingdocs Server

This release we have patched the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Server:

No known vulnerabilities. πŸŽ‰

Livingdocs Editor

This release we have patched the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Editor:

We are aware of the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Editor:

  • CVE-2023-44270 vulnerability in postcss, it affects linters using PostCSS to parse external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It is not exploitable in the editor as we don’t load untrusted external CSS at build time.
  • CVE-2023-26116, CVE-2023-26118, CVE-2023-26117, CVE-2022-25869, CVE-2022-25844 are all AngularJS vulnerabilities that don’t have a patch available. We are working on removing all AngularJS from our code and vulnerabilities will go away when we complete the transition to Vue.js.


Here is a list of all patches after the release has been announced.

Livingdocs Server Patches

  • v245.0.44: fix(retresco): Properly delete retresco enrich jobs from redis after processing
  • v245.0.43: fix(azure-blob-storage): Correctly handle processing errors by propagating to all the streams
  • v245.0.42: fix(security): Patch security vulnerabilities CVE-2024-30260 and CVE-2024-30261 in undici, CVE-2024-29041 in express, CVE-2024-28863 in tar, CVE-2024-28849 in follow-redirects, CVE-2024-28176 in jose, and CVE-2023-36665 in protobufjs
  • v245.0.41: fix(queue): Properly await in lib/async-queue
  • v245.0.40: fix(planning boards): allow search strategy config
  • v245.0.39: fix(project-secrets): Fix support for AWS Aurora for Postgres v14.9
  • v245.0.38: fix(deps): update dependency ioredis from 5.3.2 to v5.4.1
  • v245.0.37: fix(hugo): Return promise from async controller functions
  • v245.0.36: fix(lists): Define limit as option on documentListModel.getInbox(), as it is possible to retrieve more than 1010 leading to Too many results error
  • v245.0.35: fix(deps): update dependency exifreader from 4.17.0 to v4.21.1
  • v245.0.34: fix(deps): Upgrade @livingdocs/framework@release-2024-01
  • v245.0.33: fix(document-inbox): Only retrieve documentId and title fields from elasticsearch
  • v245.0.32: fix(local-authentication): Allow null for projectId
  • v245.0.31: fix(deps): Upgrade to @livingdocs/framework@27.2.12
  • v245.0.30: fix(local-authentication): Adjust tests to new schema
  • v245.0.29: fix(security): Patch vulnerabilities CVE-2024-24758 on undici and GHSA-9h6g-pr28-7cqp on nodemailer
  • v245.0.28: fix(images): Do not abort exif extraction with invalid dates
  • v245.0.27: fix(memory-cache): Delete channel config key from cache if value is falsy
  • v245.0.26: chore(desknet): Add tests for token refresh
  • v245.0.25: chore(example-server): use li-push-messages handler with longer execution time
  • v245.0.24: chore(example-server): use li-push-messages handler with longer execution time
  • v245.0.23: fix(OIDC): Skip logging an error when thrown error is nonce expired during OIDC flow
  • v245.0.22: fix: add npg for duplicate filtering
  • v245.0.21: fix(image-processing): Fix extracting metadata from large image headers
  • v245.0.20: fix(mediaLibrary): Map the state attribute on media library entries based on the archived flag
  • v245.0.19: fix(openid-connect): Remove log when nonce expires in Redis
  • v245.0.18: fix(realtime): Emit ‘document.updated’ to avoid collaboration UI issues
  • v245.0.17: fix(public-api): Restrict /search ids offset to 9'999 entries as elasticsearch only supports 10'000 and we prefetch 1 for the cursor
  • v245.0.16: fix(documents): Throw better error when calling unpublish on a document that’s not public
  • v245.0.15: fix: update package-lock for argon2
  • v245.0.14: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/secure-password from 5.0.2 to v5.0.3
  • v245.0.13: fix(composition-api): Make sure we never load errors or null values into preloaded values
  • v245.0.12: fix(notifications): Use link which opens the task side panel
  • v245.0.11: chore(commands): Add failed precondition name into conflict error
  • v245.0.10: fix(imports): Remove result count rendering on imports page
  • v245.0.9: fix(dashboard-sources): ensure correct order of returned documents
  • v245.0.8: fix(notifications): Use project defaultLocale for labels in task emails
  • v245.0.7: fix: allow downstream plugin in creation flow params
  • v245.0.6: chore: pin framework to 27.2.7
  • v245.0.5: fix(media-library): Normalize upload error code
  • v245.0.4: fix(media-library): Use extracted mime type for file uploads
  • v245.0.3: fix(schema): Add message to createSchemaApi validation errors
  • v245.0.2: fix(release-2024-01): Update framework to 27.2.5 (release-2024-01 tag)

Livingdocs Editor Patches

  • v106.0.96: fix(print modal): Layout

  • v106.0.95: fix(create print article): handle overflow for the publication dropdown

  • v106.0.94: fix(groups): Increment version when updating group members

  • v106.0.93: fix(kanban-dashboard): Load document state from database on kanban dashboards

  • v106.0.92: chore(deps): Remove worker check

  • v106.0.91: fix(permissions): Also extract content types from {not: {key: 'contentType', term: 'regular'}} baseFilters to support permissions correctly

  • v106.0.90: fix(li-date-time-range-filter): Select correct filter key

  • v106.0.89: fix(tests): adapt tests for better li-image metadata UI testing

  • v106.0.88: fix(security): Update vulnerable dependencies in cypress/ and server/, namely follow-redirects, @fastify/reply-from and undici

  • v106.0.87: fix(comyan): correctly notify the user on comyan imageData loading error

  • v106.0.86: fix(editor): Disable proofreading for history

  • v106.0.85: fix(ticker): Reassign shallowReactive attributes to trigger reactivity

  • v106.0.84: fix: hide remaining media library button when showUi: false

  • v106.0.83: fix(editor): Prefill existing teasers when dropped from side panel

  • v106.0.82: fix: Blur components when exiting the edit mode

  • v106.0.81: fix(dashboards): Do not rename dashboardType variable

  • v106.0.80: fix(tasks): the task panel is not hidden anymore for narrow screens, so we can allow the toolbar action

  • v106.0.79: chore(collaboration): Simplify collaboration bar to only use one event listener

  • v106.0.78: fix(properties-panel): Only show transforms when there are alternatives

  • v106.0.77: fix(comments): Do not allow @assignment of api client and import users

  • v106.0.76: refactor: remove lodash get

  • v106.0.75: fix(page): list button only enabled with permissions

  • v106.0.74: fix: ensure same mediaId and recreate crops after image was replaced

  • v106.0.73: test: Use cy.spy instead of download request interceptor

  • v106.0.72: fix(proofreading): skip highlighting of invisible component elements

  • v106.0.71: fix(deps): Upgrade @livingdocs/framework@release-2024-01

  • v106.0.70: fix(ticker): Always load the design of ticker entries before rendering them

  • v106.0.69: fix(images): Fix named crops for imported images that don’t have an imageService configured

  • v106.0.68: fix(local-authentication): Do not include projectId if it is null

  • v106.0.67: chore(vue-components): Use correct lifecycle method in li-angular-component

  • v106.0.66: fix(dashboard): Use dashboard handle as fallback in cache key

  • v106.0.65: fix(deps): Upgrade to @livingdocs/framework@27.2.12

  • v106.0.64: fix(url): Allow URLs without a TLD

  • v106.0.63: fix(groups): Fix li-tag usage in angular. The text= attribute gets bound as variable

  • v106.0.62: fix(media-library): no longer show error in console

  • v106.0.61: fix(display-filter): Reset filter if custom range is not defined properly

  • v106.0.60: fix(security): Patch vulnerability CVE-2024-24758 on undici

  • v106.0.59: fix(properties): Don’t warn about config when there is no reference

  • v106.0.58: chore: Remove debug console log

  • v106.0.57: fix(workspace): Reload document on design change

  • v106.0.56: fix(lightbox): use 1680px breakpoint for metadata visibility

  • v106.0.55: fix: close cropping dialog on cancel for focalPointOnly behavior

  • v106.0.54: fix(ticker): Skip softLock checks for ticker entries

  • v106.0.53: fix(document-preview): Post to wildcard if the origin uses a sandbox without allow-same-site. Without it postMessage doesn’t work at all.

  • v106.0.52: chore: Remove TODO, leave the comment about workspace initialization

  • v106.0.51: fix(li-table): Correctly compute whether a table cell is in the overflow

  • v106.0.50: fix(toolbar): Hide metadata overlay when opening tasks sidebar

  • v106.0.49: chore(publish-control): Remove unused property

  • v106.0.48: fix(li-image): Do not allow picking images from a document that are not present in the media library

  • v106.0.47: fix(link-edit): Return link data property for prefilling

  • v106.0.46: fix: Use input or change events instead of keyup

  • v106.0.45: fix(popover): save on removing specialproviders and make custom elements work on vue popover

  • v106.0.44: fix(video upload): showing transcoding when uploading single file

  • v106.0.43: fix(filters): Reposition filter popups when selecting values

  • v106.0.42: fix(li-image): actually reload document images when content changed

  • v106.0.41: fix(publish-control-delivery): Show delivery state when opening publish control panel

  • v106.0.40: fix(canvas): Reassign state.areas to trigger reactivity

  • v106.0.39: fix(realtime): Add version to refetch stub response in tests

  • v106.0.38: fix(external systems): show goTo action in dashboards only for documents without an externalSystem

  • v106.0.37: fix(publish-control-panel): Update running task whenever publish control panel changes visibility state

  • v106.0.36: fix(ticker): Ensure currently created ticker entries never get removed as they are not present in the elasticsearch result for a few seconds

  • v106.0.35: fix(table-dashboard): Update model when dashboardConfig changes

  • v106.0.34: fix(metadata): Feedback stacking

  • v106.0.33: fix(push messages): allow push for published articles with unpublished changes

  • v106.0.32: test(links): Add cypress tests

  • v106.0.31: fix(dashboards): Fix tests

  • v106.0.30: fix(docked content): Layering

  • v106.0.28: fix(li-link-edit): apply correct default attributes for internal urls

  • v106.0.27: fix: pass directive and to the Angular embed teaser

  • v106.0.26: chore(editor): Remove online listener from autosave on unload

  • v106.0.25: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/editable.js from 5.0.0 to 5.0.2

  • v106.0.24: fix(text-formatting): Re-calculate the text formatting states when toggling bold/italic buttons

  • v106.0.23: fix(imports): Remove result count rendering on imports page

  • v106.0.22: fix: avoid invalid component inserted after pressing enter

  • v106.0.21: fix: make sure publish button is not rendered outside of table

  • v106.0.20: chore: remove unused li-metadata-form-component component

  • v106.0.19: fix(tasks): Add metadataProperty.config.label fallback

  • v106.0.18: fix(workspace): Add cleanup fn to leaveWindow event handler response

  • v106.0.17: fix(search): Hide load more button when returning to result groups

  • v106.0.16: fix: translate unpublished

  • v106.0.15: fix(shortcuts): allow shortcuts for double low-9 quotation mark and it’s mirror

  • v106.0.14: fix(delivery builds): fix label for relative time of build start

  • v106.0.13: fix(ticker): Save publication date on first attempt

  • v106.0.12: fix(tasks): Only show remove action when the task has a value

  • v106.0.11: fix(publish-control): Hide update tasks link when in read-only mode

  • v106.0.10: fix(editor): Prefill teasers when dropped from side panel

  • v106.0.9: fix: resolve default components via container method

  • v106.0.8: fix(api): Improve asset proxy error handling

  • v106.0.7: fix: add back the stopping of click event propagation

  • v106.0.6: fix: support component drag&drop in safari 17.2

  • v106.0.5: fix(themes): Move theme logic from bootstrap to session initialization

  • v106.0.4: fix(li-link-edit): extend typeahead search baseFilters from useDashboard

  • v106.0.3: fix(release-2024-01): Update framework to 27.2.5 (release-2024-01 tag)

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