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To get an overview about new functionality, read the Release Notes. To learn about the necessary actions to update Livingdocs to release-2024-03, read on.

Attention: If you skipped one or more releases, please also check the release-notes of the skipped ones.


System Requirements


Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:20
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:20
Browser SupportEdge >= 92, Firefox >= 90, Chrome >= 92, Safari >= 15.4, iOS Safari >= 15.4, Opera >= 78


Livingdocs Server Docker Imagelivingdocs/server-base:18.3
Livingdocs Editor Docker Imagelivingdocs/editor-base:18.5
Browser SupportEdge >= 92, Firefox >= 90, Chrome >= 92, Safari >= 15.4, iOS Safari >= 15.4, Opera >= 78

Breaking Changes πŸ”₯

server Operations

Migrate the Postgres Database πŸ”₯

It’s a simple/fast migration with no expected data losses.

# run `livingdocs-server migrate up` to update to the newest database schema
# migration 195-remove-filter-sets.js
#   deletes filter_sets table, which is not used anymore
# migration 196-document-schedule-at.js
#   creates column schedule_at in documents table and migrates any existing schedule timestamps
# migration 197-media-library-schedule-at.js
#   creates column schedule_at in media_library_entries table
livingdocs-server migrate up
server Media Library

Strict image validation πŸ”₯

The metadata plugins li-image and li-poster-image now require a mimeType attribute. Image objects always have those attributes, so only tests might need an update to adapt to the new requirement.

Enforce specific mimeType on doc-image, doc-video, doc-audio, li-image and li-poster-image:

  • The mime type of doc-image must start with image/.
  • The mime type of doc-audio must start with audio/.
  • The mime type of doc-video must start with video/.

Image directives now require an originalUrl, mimeType, width and height. Image objects always have those attributes, so it’s most likely just your tests that need to be fixed.

server Server Config

images, files and videos configs removed πŸ”₯

Long-deprecated images, files and videos objects in the Server config have been removed. They got migrated to mediaLibrary.images, mediaLibrary.files and mediaLibrary.videos, but backwards compatibility was in place for a long time. Please move the properties if you see errors. You can find the documentation at Media Library DAM.

editor liEditor Methods

initializeOembedMetadataExtractor() πŸ”₯

Support for initializeOembedMetadataExtractor(), previously used to initialize Oembed with custom extractors, has been removed with release-2024-03. If you are using the default extractor, you can safely remove the call to initializeOembedMetadataExtractor(). If initializeOembedMetadataExtractor() is used for custom extractors please contact your Livingdocs manager.

editor DisplayFilters

displayFilters using li-category πŸ”₯

The filter {filterName: "category"} is no longer supported starting with release-2024-03. Please replace the filter {filterName: "category"} in the displayFilter config with filter {metadataPropertyName: "category"} or any other metadata property name of type li-category. This change allows you to use any handle of type li-category metadata.

Old configuration:

displayFilters: [

New configuration:

displayFilters: [
  {metadataPropertyName: 'category'}
server Metadata Plugins

Changes in metadata plugin schemas πŸ”₯

The metadata plugin schemas are more strict. The server will throw an error for uiSchema errors. And log a deprecation for common misusage. There have been certain cases where ui.config.label was defined. Please remove that, replace it with ui.label.

      handle: 'teaserImage',
      type: 'li-image',
      ui: {
+        label: 'Teaser Image',
-        config: {
-          label: 'Teaser Image',
-        }

Remove the default uiSchema for metadata properties of the media library. The schema below was defined as default. Plugins now need to list their properties explicitly if they need any of the properties in the config.

uiSchema: ms.obj({
  component: 'string',
  useDefaultComponent: 'boolean',
  service: 'string',
  placeholder: ms.$ref('LivingdocsTranslatableString'),
  config: ms.obj({
    canReset: 'boolean',
    limitTo: 'integer',
    maxSelectable: 'integer',
    readOnly: 'boolean',
    rows: 'integer', // for li-text (not used anymore since release-2022-09)
    sortable: 'boolean', // for li-document-references
    index: 'boolean'

Please define a uiSchema and configSchema json schema on the custom metadata plugins. A deprecation is logged if a plugin doesn’t define those. Use uiSchema: null to not allow any config at all.

editor Styleguide

Styleguide πŸ”₯

The Styleguide endpoint in the Server and the Editor view has been removed. Previously, under https://hostname/styleguide. If you are stil using li- prefixed CSS classes or Livingdocs SCSS files you should consider adapting your styles to the new CSS classes and SCSS files, as Livingdocs components might change in the future.

server Operations

Postgres v12 support dropped πŸ”₯

Postgres v12 support has been dropped and will be end-of-life in November 2024. Please upgrade to Postgres v16.

Deprecations ⚠️

Server Project Config

isDefault for li-image and li-image-crops ⚠️

The isDefault property for named crops is deprecated in both li-image and li-named-crops. It should be removed from the configuration. Since the value had no effect, its removal will not impact any functionality. The configuration will no longer be allowed in release-2024-09.

server Project Configuration

defaultComponents in container directives ⚠️

In the release notes for release-2024-01, we announced that the behavior for defaultComponents in nested containers is going to have a breaking change.

After some considerations, we decided not to introduce this breaking change. Nested containers in document content will not inherit the configuration of parent containers.

Default components are looked up in the direct parent container. If no config for the given type was found, it looks for a config in the documents’ Content Type (new in release-2024-03) and then in the design config. It will not look into the configurations of parent containers.

APIs 🎁


server/editor New Feature

Conditional Components 🎁

Conditional components introduce the ability to render a component in the delivery based on a dateTime condition. The conditions are stored with the component data and can be configured in the Livingdocs Editor.

In the contentType config within the project config there is now a new option to define the component conditions you would like to enable:

  handle: 'regular',
  // ...
  components: [
    {name: 'title'},
    {name: 'paragraph', conditions: ['dateTime']},
    // ...

Only 'dateTime' is supported.

The following Public API endpoints support conditional components:

  • GET /api/v1/documents/:documentId/latestPublication
  • GET /api/v1/documents/latestPublications
  • GET /api/v1/documents/:documentId/latestPublication/renditions/:renditionHandles
  • GET /api/v1/publications/search
  • GET /api/v1/document-lists/:id
  • GET /api/beta/documents/:documentId/latestDraft
  • GET /api/beta/documents/:documentId/latestPublication
  • GET /api/beta/documents/latestPublications
  • POST /api/beta/composition/:documentId

All of the GET endpoints support ignoreComponentConditions and componentConditions query parameters. The POST endpoint supports ignoreComponentConditions and componentConditions in the request body.

Along with the endpoints, the connected Public API methods also support ignoreComponentConditions and componentConditions arguments (existing arguments have been excluded for brevity):

  • publicApi.getLatestPublication({ignoreComponentConditions, componentConditions})
  • publicApi.getLatestPublications({ignoreComponentConditions, componentConditions})
  • publicApi.getRenditions({ignoreComponentConditions, componentConditions})
  • publicApi.searchPublications({ignoreComponentConditions, componentConditions})
  • publicApi.getDocumentList({ignoreComponentConditions, componentConditions})
  • publicApi.getLatestDraftBeta({ignoreComponentConditions, componentConditions})
  • publicApi.getLatestDraftsBeta({ignoreComponentConditions, componentConditions})

ignoreComponentConditions is a boolean value which defaults to false. In other words, if you do not specify ignoreComponentConditions=true then the endpoints will only return the components in the content which pass the conditional checks.

The componentConditions value is a JSON stringified object (or a plain object when send in the POST request body or provided directly to a Public API method) which contains the conditions you would like to apply. At the moment only dateTime is supported. An example of the query parameter would be ?componentConditions={"dateTime":"2024-02-14T17:25:10.391Z"}. A default of new Date() is used when component conditions should be applied and no dateTime is provided.

Within the document content, the components now have a conditions property which sits alongside the content property. The conditions value is an object which contains a property for the supported conditions, currently only dateTime, and the value of the condition:

  "component": "title",
  "identifier": "p:3:4.title",
  "id": "doc-1hkpdrmnl0",
  "content": {
    "title": "My Document Title"
  "conditions": {
    "dateTime": {
      "gte": "2024-02-11T23:00:00.000Z",
      "lt": "2024-02-25T23:00:00.000Z"

gte and lt properties are both optional. It is possible to set a start time (gte) without an end time (lt), and an end time without a start time. The dateTime property will not exist if both of the timestamps are removed.

Component conditions are only active when the document revision is published. Before publishing, the conditions considered to be part of the draft and will have no effect. When a component condition time passes the background scheduler will trigger a publication.update server event and process any configured webhooks, then schedule a future event if one exists.

Below is an example of the publication.update webhook payload. The actor property is not available for events triggered by conditional components.

  "event": "publication.update",
  "deliveryId": "2um3G07jkaMVp7TudVzAY",
  "projectId": 3,
  "projectHandle": "service",
  "webhookHandle": "handle",
  "documentId": 187,

This feature is opt-in. If no component conditions are set in the document content then all components will be returned in the content. If you disable conditions at a later date the conditions will still be respected to avoid any unwanted/unscheduled data from being returned by the API.

server Media Library

Media Library validity change events 🎁

There is now a media library scheduler running in the server which will emit and mediaLibraryEntry.invalid webhook events for values defined in the existing li-datetime-validity plugin. Schedule jobs are created based on the ‘from’ and ’to’ dates, and once the time is reached we recompute the media library entry state.

In addition to this there is a new li-invalid metadata plugin which has a boolean state. In the UI it is displayed as a checkbox in the media library entry metadata form, and overlays will be displayed on the media when viewed in the editor to indicate an invalid state. When it is toggled the media library entry state is computed.

If there is a state change we emit the relevant event. Please be aware that we emit a create or update event along side any state change event, so if you need a generic event use mediaLibraryEntry.create and mediaLibraryEntry.update, and for specific state events use mediaLibraryEntry.archive, mediaLibraryEntry.revoke, and mediaLibraryEntry.invalid.

The li-invalid metadata plugin can be configured in the media type config:

  type: 'mediaImage',
  handle: 'image',
  // ...
  metadata: [
    // ...
      handle: 'invalid',
      type: 'li-invalid',
      ui: {
        label: 'Invalid'
      config: {index: true}

The webhook payloads will look similar to the JSON below:

  "event": "",
  "deliveryId": "Ty7XErALFZSi1b96G76KB",
  "projectId": 3,
  "projectHandle": "service",
  "webhookHandle": "handle",
  "mediaId": "PNIi08x4UdEA",
  // Actor available for immediate li-invalid and li-datetime-validity changes,
  // but not when triggered by li-datetime-validity events
  "actor": {
    "type": "user"
  "event": "mediaLibraryEntry.invalid",
  "deliveryId": "ql-_3zjSdCrHesEcAERFs",
  "projectId": 3,
  "projectHandle": "service",
  "webhookHandle": "handle",
  "mediaId": "PNIi08x4UdEA",
  // Actor available for immediate li-invalid and li-datetime-validity changes,
  // but not when triggered by li-datetime-validity events
  "actor": {
    "type": "user"
server Image storage

Bucket independent image storage format 🎁

That means changes of documents.selectedImageService are respected and image urls are changed in real time.

The functionality can be enabled by setting mediaLibrary.generateImageServiceUrlsOnRead to true. When this is enabled, a new key attribute gets added on all asset objects. Image urls also get patched at the following locations:

  • doc-image, doc-audio, doc-file directives
  • li-image and li-poster-image metadata plugins (also on include params sub-property values)
  • The params object of doc-include directives
  • Any other object that has an originalUrl and mimeType attribute. If you have custom attributes using those attributes, please let us know.

If you want to read more on how to compute URLs in the delivery read our guide here

Watch out:

  • ⚠️ When you’ve configured a storage.computeKey function, a storage.extractKey config is now also required that can extract an asset key attribute from an url. If the functions do not result in the same key, the process does not start. Possible values are:
    • stripHostnamePrefix, this removes just the hostname from the original url
    • stipDateStringPrefix, this matches against our default 2024/01/01/filename.jpg format.
    • a function that must return a key without / prefix. e.g. (originalUrl) => new URL(originalUrl).pathname.replace('/', '')
  • ⚠️ If you’re still using a static elasticsearch mapping and not the index: true options on metadata properties, please add the key attribute to the image objects of your Elasticsearch mapping.
server Webhooks

New webhook conditions contentType and metadataPropertyName 🎁

New webhook conditions contentType and metadataPropertyName to allow for more fine-grained control when webhooks are triggered. The contentType condition allows you to specify which content types will trigger the webhook. The metadataPropertyName condition allows you to specify which metadata properties and its value the webhook should be triggered for, conditions.metadataProperties can be of any primitive metadata type (e.g. li-boolean, li-text, li-integer, li-enum, etc). All document.* webhooks support the new conditions.

  name: 'document.update',
  conditions: { // always AND combined
    metadataProperties: [
        name: 'thePropertyHandle',
        value: '' // strings, numbers, and booleans are supported
    contentTypes: ['myArticle', 'someNewsletter']
server Project Config

Named crops isDefaultIfSet configuration 🎁

New configuration property for named crops isDefaultIfSet has been introduced. It specifies the default crop if the crop is set. As a result, it is rendered as the image preview in the editor. For example, an optional named crop becomes the default if it is set. It overwrites the named crop that has isDefault: true.

  namedCrops: [
    {name: 'desktop', isDefault: true},
    {name: 'mobile', isOptional: true, isDefaultIfSet: true}
server Public API

Command API isPublishedAndHasNoChanges pre-condition 🎁

New pre-condition isPublishedAndHasNoChanges was added to Command API. It checks if the document is published and has no changes. It can be passed as data payload in the PATCH /api/v1/documents/:id/commands endpoint. As previous pre-conditions, commands won’t be executed if the pre-condition is not met and a 409 error will be returned.

Example request:

  "version": 1,
  "preConditions": [
    // Asserts that the document is published and
    // has no changes since last publish
    {"type": "isPublishedAndHasNoChanges"}
  "commands": [
      // update a single metadata property
      "operation": "setMetadataProperty",
      "propertyName": "title",
      "value": "updated title", // send null to delete metadata property
      "oldValue": "previous title" // optional, for conflict detection (not necessary when sending document version too)
      // sets the content of an editable directive
      "operation": "setEditableDirective",
      "componentId": "doc-1a2b3c4d5",
      "directiveName": "headline",
      "value": "updated headline"
      "operation": "publish"
editor Woodwing Integration

Allow drop from Woodwing on li-image metadata 🎁

This improvement allows editors to drag images directly from WoodWing Assets into li-image metadata fields. No additional configuration is required.

server Project Configuration

Allow contentType.defaultComponents config 🎁

Configuration contentType.defaultComponents has been added to the project configuration. This configuration allows you to define default components for a content type. The default components will be added to the document when the content type is selected. The default components are added to the end of the document.

contentTypes: [
    handle: 'gallery',
    documentType: 'article',
    defaultComponents: {
      paragraph: 'p',
      image: 'img',
      video: 'video'

Vulnerability Patches

We are constantly patching module vulnerabilities for the Livingdocs Server and Livingdocs Editor as module fixes are available. Below is a list of all patched vulnerabilities included in the release.

Livingdocs Server

This release we have patched the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Server:

No known vulnerabilities. πŸŽ‰

Livingdocs Editor

This release we have patched the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Editor:

We are aware of the following vulnerabilities in the Livingdocs Editor:

  • CVE-2023-44270 vulnerability in postcss, it affects linters using PostCSS to parse external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It is not exploitable in the editor as we don’t load untrusted external CSS at build time.
  • CVE-2023-26116, CVE-2023-26118, CVE-2023-26117, CVE-2022-25869, CVE-2022-25844 are all AngularJS vulnerabilities that don’t have a patch available. We are working on removing all AngularJS from our code and vulnerabilities will go away when we complete the transition to Vue.js.


Here is a list of all patches after the release has been announced.

Livingdocs Server Patches

  • v248.5.37: chore(webhooks): Add err attribute to webhook log for errors
  • v248.5.36: fix(new-device-email): Do not send new device email for revoked sessions
  • v248.5.35: fix(scheduled-publishing): Parse dates instead of relying on string strict comparison, which is error prone if we get postgres dates
  • v248.5.34: fix(documents): Require toISOString correctly for repo config cache
  • v248.5.33: fix(includes): Convert preloaded metadata to JSON
  • v248.5.32: fix(api-clients): Do not return archived clients when querying them
  • v248.5.31: chore(oidc-api): Replace server.log with log
  • v248.5.30: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 29.2.7 to v29.2.8
  • v248.5.29: chore(example-server): Use getCount for documentPreloader example
  • v248.5.28: chore(queue): Automatically delete processed jobs without calling job.del()
  • v248.5.27: fix(link-directive): Fix link directive html validation to support links without hostname
  • v248.5.26: fix(azure-blob-storage): Correctly handle processing errors by propagating to all the streams
  • v248.5.25: fix(security): Patch security vulnerabilities CVE-2024-30260 and CVE-2024-30261 in undici, CVE-2024-29041 in express, CVE-2024-28863 in tar, CVE-2024-28849 in follow-redirects, and CVE-2024-28176 in jose
  • v248.5.24: fix(queue): Properly await in lib/async-queue
  • v248.5.23: fix(project-secrets): Fix support for AWS Aurora for Postgres v14.9
  • v248.5.22: fix(deps): update dependency ioredis from 5.3.2 to v5.4.1
  • v248.5.21: fix(desknet): Add info logs for request tracking
  • v248.5.20: chore(cypress): Make media library id search test less strict
  • v248.5.19: fix(planning-system): make bundleContentType optional
  • v248.5.18: fix(planning boards): allow search strategy config
  • v248.5.17: fix(hugo): Return promise from async controller functions
  • v248.5.16: chore(desknet): Don’t deprecate integration arguments in 2024-03
  • v248.5.15: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 29.2.6 to v29.2.7
  • v248.5.14: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 29.2.5 to v29.2.6
  • v248.5.13: fix(lists): Define limit as option on documentListModel.getInbox(), as it is possible to retrieve more than 1010 leading to Too many results error
  • v248.5.12: fix(documents): Remove publish control schedules when deleting documents
  • v248.5.11: fix(deps): update dependency exifreader from 4.21.0 to v4.21.1
  • v248.5.10: fix(task): don’t notify user if he assigns himself
  • v248.5.9: fix(document-inbox): Only retrieve documentId and title fields from elasticsearch
  • v248.5.8: fix: Remove mandatory durationSeconds from video directives
  • v248.5.7: Chore: Add link to publication.updated deprecation message
  • v248.5.6: fix(media-library): Don’t emit actor in scheduled events
  • v248.5.5: fix(local-authentication): Allow null for projectId
  • v248.5.4: fix(deps): Upgrade to @livingdocs/framework@29.2.3
  • v248.5.3: fix(local-authentication): Adjust tests to new schema
  • v248.5.2: fix(webhooks): Do not rely on order of events in tests
  • v248.5.1: fix(release-2024-03): Update framework to v29.2.2 (release-2024-03 tag)

Livingdocs Editor Patches

  • v110.1.84: fix(comments): Do not emit comment update events for eventSource: remote

  • v110.1.83: test: Fix tests for image.key attribute

  • v110.1.82: fix(useDocumentSearch): transform baseFilters to filterStates

  • v110.1.81: fix(workspace): Prevent infinite refetch loop while on conflict screen

  • v110.1.80: fix(draft-storage): Fix function context in backported fix

  • v110.1.79: fix(editor): Do not load ticker panel for non-ticker documents

  • v110.1.78: fix: update framework to fix safari 17.5 bug

  • v110.1.77: fix(ticker): Re-render content before editing

  • v110.1.76: fix(draft-storage): Fix document conflicts with self

  • v110.1.75: fix(webhooks): Normalize webhook events defined as strings

  • v110.1.74: fix(draft-storage): Log error when journalist enters the conflict ui that requires conflict resolution

  • v110.1.73: fix(print): Fix this.draft context in print metadata plugin

  • v110.1.72: fix(integrations): Log error message instead of throwing in vue created hook when imatrics or retresco integrations are not active

  • v110.1.71: fix(draft-storage): Trigger digest when entering document conflict screen

  • v110.1.70: fix(drop-actions): Make uploadOptions optional

  • v110.1.69: fix: do not query parent bundles when no bundle content type defined

  • v110.1.68: fix(trackjs): Do not use serialize-error as we suspect it can’t handle circular references in our production workloads

  • v110.1.67: fix: update framework to fix override snapshot diffing

  • v110.1.66: chore: Revert reactive change on draft.remoteDocument

  • v110.1.65: chore: Add last save try and save success to autosave issue log

  • v110.1.64: fix(documents): Prevent overwriting newer revisions on save errors

  • v110.1.63: fix(print modal): Layout

  • v110.1.62: fix(create print article): handle overflow for the publication dropdown

  • v110.1.61: fix(groups): Increment version when updating group members

  • v110.1.60: fix(kanban-dashboard): Load document state from database on kanban dashboards

  • v110.1.59: fix(groups): Hide api clients from group invitation screen

  • v110.1.58: fix(editable teaser): show original reset now on blur

  • v110.1.57: fix(bundle): don’t show “add to bundle” if no bundle configured

  • v110.1.56: fix(li-date-time-range-filter): Select correct filter key

  • v110.1.55: fix(tests): adapt tests for better li-image metadata UI testing

  • v110.1.54: fix(security): Update vulnerable dependencies in cypress/ and server/, namely follow-redirects and undici

  • v110.1.53: fix(security): Patch security vulnerabilities CVE-2024-30260 and CVE-2024-30261 in undici, CVE-2024-28863 in tar, CVE-2024-28849 in follow-redirects, and CVE-2024-29180 in webpack-dev-middleware

  • v110.1.52: fix: add LEFT_DOUBLE_QUOTATION_MARK + RIGHT_DOUBLE_QUOTATION_MARK for shortcuts

  • v110.1.51: fix(comyan): correctly notify the user on comyan imageData loading error

  • v110.1.50: chore(documents): Log document conflict errors, so we have trackjs traces

  • v110.1.49: fix(ticker): Reassign shallowReactive attributes to trigger reactivity

  • v110.1.48: fix(timeline): Render includes in timeline view

  • v110.1.47: fix(planning system): don’t make the user pick the contentType if only one option

  • v110.1.46: fix(planning-system): make bundles optional

  • v110.1.45: fix(screen-manager): Close overlay when opening side panels

  • v110.1.44: fix: hide remaining media library button when showUi: false

  • v110.1.43: fix(editor): Prefill existing teasers when dropped from side panel

  • v110.1.42: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 29.2.6 to v29.2.7

  • v110.1.41: fix: Blur components when exiting the edit mode

  • v110.1.40: fix(dashboards): Do not rename dashboardType variable

  • v110.1.39: fix(deps): update dependency @livingdocs/framework from 29.2.5 to v29.2.6

  • v110.1.38: fix(tasks): the task panel is not hidden anymore for narrow screens, so we can allow the toolbar action

  • v110.1.37: fix(workspace): Do not try to lock components in read-only view

  • v110.1.36: chore(collaboration): Simplify collaboration bar to only use one event listener

  • v110.1.35: fix(toolbar): Lock indicator

  • v110.1.34: fix(properties-panel): Only show transforms when there are alternatives

  • v110.1.33: fix(comments): Do not allow @assignment of api client and import users

  • v110.1.32: fix(distribution planning): Highlight

  • v110.1.31: refactor: remove lodash get

  • v110.1.30: fix(page): list button only enabled with permissions

  • v110.1.29: test(editable-teasers): cypress tests for teaser override workflow

  • v110.1.28: fix(e2e): navigate to dashboard after document was created

  • v110.1.27: fix(canvas): render doc-include UI behind other directives UI

  • v110.1.26: fix(app max width): Borders

  • v110.1.25: fix: ensure same mediaId and recreate crops after image was replaced

  • v110.1.24: fix(conditional components): improve UI labels

  • v110.1.23: fix(media-library): Append file extension to download url

  • v110.1.22: fix(proofreading): skip highlighting of invisible component elements

  • v110.1.21: fix(deps): Upgrade @livingdocs/framework@release-2024-03

  • v110.1.20: fix(ticker): Always load the design of ticker entries before rendering them

  • v110.1.19: fix(webhooks): Add publication.update webhook

  • v110.1.18: fix(local-authentication): Do not include projectId if it is null

  • v110.1.17: fix(images): Fix named crops for imported images that don’t have an imageService configured

  • v110.1.16: fix(media-library): Use same base filters for multi-source summary and media type queries

  • v110.1.15: chore(vue-components): Use correct lifecycle method in li-angular-component

  • v110.1.14: chore(multi-select): Check group existance instead of using disabled flag

  • v110.1.13: fix(media-library): Indicate when li-invalid is true

  • v110.1.12: fix(dashboard): Use dashboard handle as fallback in cache key

  • v110.1.11: fix(deps): Upgrade to @livingdocs/framework@29.2.3

  • v110.1.10: fix(url): Allow URLs without a TLD

  • v110.1.9: fix: update to latest editable.js version from allowed range

  • v110.1.8: fix(groups): Fix li-tag usage in angular. The text= attribute gets bound as variable

  • v110.1.7: fix(release-2024-03): Update framework to v29.2.2 (release-2024-03 tag)

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