Core Display Filter

Possible values for displayFilters are:

  • documentState, unpublished, published, not yet published, my articles, needs proofreading, currently proofreading
  • timeRange, filter the search results in time ranges such as last 24 hours
  • liDateTimeRange, filter the search results in time ranges (quick filter + from/to range)
    // simple config - filters by updatedAt
    displayFilters: ['liDateTimeRange']
    // custom config
    //   documentPropertyName: Supports 'createdAt'/'updatedAt', defaults to updatedAt
    //   metadataPropertyName: Supports any of your metadata date fields
    displayFilters: [{filterName: 'liDateTimeRange', config: {documentPropertyName: 'createdAt'}}]
    displayFilters: [{filterName: 'liDateTimeRange', config: {metadataPropertyName: 'publicationDate'}}]
  • sortBy: relevance (default), creation_date, updated_at, alphabetical
  • language: uses the project configuration for available languages to offer a select box to filter for languages (requires multi-language feature to be enabled)
  • contentType: uses the content-types configuration in your server to filter for different content-types, e.g. galleries or regular articles.
  • category: uses the project configuration for categories to offer a multi-select box to filter for categories (OR filter)
  • Enterprise-only: channels give the user a dropdown to filter by a specific channel

Custom Display Filter

One can also register it’s own display filter. Look into this guide for more information.