Component Model

A component model is the model of a component. You edit a livingdoc by creating, updating and removing componentModels in a componentTree.



Every component has a unique id that allows Livingdocs to always identify a component no matter if it was moved to a different place somewhere else in a document.


The name of your component. E.g. a title component could have the name ’title’. Normally you use the name when creating a new component of the same type querying for component of a certain type.


The content of a component is managed through directives. For different content types like text and images there exists different directive types.

Quick examples:

const textDirective = paragraph.directives.get('text')
textDirective.setContent('Lorem Ipsum dolorem...')
const content = textDirective.getContent()

// Test if a directive contains content
textDirective.isEmpty() // false

// Set the content of a directive directly from the componentModel
paragraph.setContent({text: 'Lorem Ipsum dolorem...'})

For more information see the detailed directive documentation.


Component properties let you define css classes or styles that can be set on the root element of a component.

Component Properties definition in the design:

componentProperties: {
  'css-background-color': {
    type: 'style',
    label: 'Background Color',
    cssProperty: 'background-color'
  'css-class': {
    type: 'option',
    value: 'capitalize'
  'css-class-selection': {
    type: 'select',
    options: [
      {caption: 'Default'},
      {caption: 'Red', value: 'color--red'}

Component definition:

<script type="ld-conf">
  name: 'header',
  properties: ['css-background-color', 'css-class', 'css-class-selection'],
  "iconUrl": "",
  "description": "A header with multiple colors"

Setting the style on the componentModel:

header.setStyle('css-background-color', '#29b96f')
header.setStyle('css-class', 'capitalize')
header.setStyle('css-class-selection', 'color--red')


The Template from which your component was created.


A referenc to the componentTree a component is part of. If empty a component is not yet part of a document just like a detached DOM node.


ComponentTree operations

const title = componentTree.createComponent('title')

// Insert the title component before this one

// Insert a component after this one

// Append a component to a container of this component
component.append(containerName, title)

// Prepend a component to a container of this component
component.prepend(containerName, title)

// Move this component up

// Move this component down

// Remove this component from its componentTree

Traverse the componentTree relative to a component

// Get the parent component if the component is nested

// Iterate through all parents
component.parents((component) => {
    // your code

// Iterate through all direct children
component.children((component) => {
    // your code

// Iterate through oneself and all direct children
component.childrenAndSelf((component) => {
    // your code

// Iterate through all descendants (children and their children and so on...)
component.descendants((component) => {
    // your code

// Iterate through oneself, and all descendants
component.descendantsAndSelf((component) => {
    // your code