Container directives allow you to nest lists of Livingdocs components. Common examples for containers are separations into header, body, sidebar, etc.


  name: 'bullet-list',
  label: 'Bullet List',
  directives: [
      name: 'list',
      type: 'container',
      defaultComponents: {
        paragraph: 'bullet-list-item'
      defaultContent: [
        {component: 'bullet-list-item'}
      allowedChildren: ['bullet-list-item']
  html: dedent`
    <ul doc-container="list" class="ld-list"></ul>

The above example is an idiomatic bullet list. The container (list) will have one item by default and upon pressing enter in an item, a new item is inserted (defaultComponents.paragraph).

Config Options

defaultComponents: object, allows you to overwrite the global default components for all components within a container directive. Probably the most important one is the paragraph default component which defines what happens upon pressing the “Enter” key. in the example above it is used to insert a new list item when pressing “Enter” in a bullet list.

defaultContent: array, defines a set of components that are available by default in the container. In the example above it is used to add one list item in the bullet list by default. ATTENTION: This applies only when the component is dragged in by a human. If a component is created by a machine (e.g. import or data migration) no default content is set.

allowedChildren: array, allows you to define which components are allowed within a certain container.