HTML directives allow you to insert arbitrary HTML within the tag on which the directive is specified. The idiomatic use case is the free-html component. But you can also use embeds that have predefined validators and only allow specific “whitelisted” HTML to be inserted.

Use of doc-html (client-side embeds) is not recommended and deprecated. We advise you to use includes to control the rendering of third-party embeds on the server.


  name: 'tweet',
  label: 'Tweet',
  html: dedent`
    <div class="embed-container">
      <div doc-html="tweet">
          <div class="embed tweet">
            <div class="placeholder"></div>

Config Options

There are no config options. The automatic validation is hardcoded for a set of given embeds and is recognized by the name of the directive:

  • free-html -> no validation
  • iframe -> only allow iframe embeds
  • tweet -> only allow twitter embeds