Metadata Plugins List

This overview contains a list of all metadata plugins provided by Livingdocs.

Go to Metadata to get an overview of the metadata concept.

You can create your own plugins in the downstream.

NameDocumentMediaIncludeTable DashboardDisplay FilterSearch IndexingSystem MetadataDescription
li-booleanA simple Boolean value store, represented in the UI with a checkbox which you can toggle on/off.
li-bundled-documentsA list of documents belonging to a bundle.
li-buy-inAllows users to ask for buy-in when writing an article or pitching an idea. Other users can provide feedback.
li-categorySingle category selection.
li-colorText input with color picker.
li-datetime-validitySet validity between a start and an end date/time.
li-desknet-globalUsed to connect Desk-Net stories with Livingdocs documents.
li-desknet-integrationLegacy plugin to connect Desk-Net stories with Livingdocs documents using a publication platform.
li-desknet-scheduleAllows a user to select Desk-Net platforms and categories that they would like to view in the Desk-Net Schedule side panel.
li-distribution-planningEnables the Distribution Planning panel, and allows documents to be assiged to a distribution schedule.
li-distribution-scheduleAllows a user to select Distribution Channels that they would like to view in the Distribution Schedule side panel.
li-document-referenceShows a reference to another document.
li-document-referencesA list of references to other documents.
li-document-searchDynamic teaser lists based on configurable filters.
li-document-soft-lockEnables a user to temporarily lock a document while editing.
li-enumA select form based on a statically defined list.
li-estimated-time-of-completionEnables a user to set an estimated time of completion for the current document.
li-external-idAn input field to save an external id of another system.
li-invalidA simple Boolean value store used to indicate when a media library entry is no longer valid.
li-issue-managementA list of linked documents with actions to manage references.
li-languageAllows a user to translate articles and pages into different languages.
li-media-languageRemoved in: release-2023-09. Use li-metadata-translations instead.
li-metadata-translationsAllows a user to translate media library and data-record metadata into different languages.
li-named-cropsDefine Named Crops on a Media Library Image.
li-numeric-listInput for multiple numbers.
li-poster-imageSet a poster image for a video.
li-publish-dateHolds the first publication date, which is user editable.
li-push-messagesSend custom push messages.
li-push-notificationsLegacy feature to send push messages. Use li-push-messages instead.
li-referenceRemoved in: release-2023-11. Use li-document-reference instead.
li-reference-listRemoved in: release-2023-11. Use li-document-references instead.
li-retrescoManage tags
li-routingDefine aliases.
li-target-lengthProvide a suggested total character count for the text in the document.
li-teamDisplay team in metadata form or dashboard.
li-textA simple text value store.
li-ticker-host-referenceA reference to the host document of a ticker entry.
li-transcoding-stateState of external transcoding job.
li-treeTree with links, document references, and groups.
li-video-referenceA reference to a video (and a poster image).