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A li-enum metadata field shows a select form based on a statically defined list. On publish the selected value gets validated against the defined static list. With that you can assure that only specific values gets published.

Display Filters support Added in: release-2023-09

Default UI

Select input


Storage Format


Content Type Config

  handle: 'myContentType',
  // ...
  metadata: [
      handle: 'myHandle'
      type: 'li-enum',
      config: {
        // common
        hideFromForm: false,                     // optional, default: false
        required: true,                          // optional, default: false
        requiredErrorMessage: 'Provide a value', // optional
        index: true,                              // optional, default: false. Added in: release-2023-07
        // specific
        dataProvider: {                          // required
          type: 'labelValuePair',                // required
          items: [
            {label: 'Tag A', value: 'a'},
            {label: 'Tag B', value: 'b', isDefault: true}, // isDefault sets the value if document opened the first time
            {label: 'Tag C', value: 'c'}
      ui: {
        label: 'foo',                   // optional, takes camelized name otherwise
        config: {
          readOnly: true,               // optional, default: false
          placeholder: 'foo'           // optional, takes camelized name otherwise
    // ...