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The li-issue-management metadata plugin can be used to manage issues (a data-record with references to pages).

For it to work properly you will also need to define a finiteProducts config in the projectConfiguration.

Issue management overview

Note: The status of pages and articles does not update automatically. Please refresh the page to get an up-to-date overview.

Issue management plugin:

  • Page status, article count and status
  • Create and add new pages
  • Open pages
  • View and open page articles
  • Remove pages (this will not delete the page, only remove the reference from this issue)
  • Disable / enable a page reference for this issue
  • Change order of pages

Issue navigation:

  • Navigate between the issue and its pages
  • Summary status of page and its articles
Issue management page view

The issue navigation is also visible when navigating to a page that belongs to an issue.

The issue navigation can only show one issue at a time. If a page is connected to two issues then only the first issue will be shown in the issue navigation.

When a contentType (in this example a “page”) is a member of an issue, then then all the “Un-/Publish” buttons in the publish control will be named “Release/Withdraw”. See Project Config below.

Issue management view articles

See and open articles of the selected page.

Issue management remove page

Removing a page reference has to be confirmed in a second step, to prevent accidental removal.

Default UI

List of linked documents with actions to manage references

Storage Format

  $ref: 'documents',
  references: [
      id: <String>,
      inactive: <Boolean>

Content Type Config

  handle: 'myContentType',
  // ...
  metadata: [
      handle: 'myHandle'
      type: 'li-issue-management',
      config: {
        index: true // Needed to find a parent issue of a page. If a parent issue is found for a page, then the page will be shown with an issue navigation on top.
      ui: {
        label: 'Local',
        config: {
          documentCreationFlows: [{
            useDocumentCreationFlow: 'digitaleAusgabePage' // document creation flow function to call, when the "add page" button is clicked - see
    // Each `li-issue-management` metadata plugin presents an issue-group inside an issue.
      handle: 'sport',
      type: 'li-issue-management',
      // ...
    // ...