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A simple text value store.

Display Filters support Added in: release-2023-09

Default UI

Renders a select element if a dataProvider is configured, otherwise renders an autogrowing reasonably sized textarea.

Storage Format


Content Type Config

  handle: 'myContentType',
  // ...
  metadata: [
      handle: 'myHandle'
      type: 'li-text',
      config: {
        // common
        hideFromForm: false,                     // optional, default: false
        required: true,                          // optional, default: false
        requiredErrorMessage: 'Provide a value', // optional
        // specific
        minLength: 100,                          // optional
        maxLength: 200,                          // optional
        recommendedMinLength: 110,               // optional
        recommendedMaxLength: 150,               // optional
        allowNewlines: false,                    // default: undefined, validated if set. Effect on ui: newlines are stripped uf not true and ui.config.rows is undefined and ui.component is not liMetaTextareaForm
        useAsTitle: true,                        // optional. Removed in: release-2023-07, migrate to `displayTitlePattern`
        index: true,                             // optional, default: false. Added in: release-2023-07
        translatable: true,                      // optional, default: false, translations are only supported for data-record and mediaLibrary
        dataProvider: {                          // optional
          // Option 1 - list of items
          type: 'labelValuePair',
          items: [
            {label: 'Item A', value: 'a'},
            {label: 'Item B', value: 'b', isDefault: true}, // isDefault sets the value if document opened the first time
            {label: 'Item C', value: 'c'}
          // Option 2 - DataSource
          dataSource: 'labelValuePairDataSource'
      ui: {
        label: 'foo',                   // optional, takes camelized name otherwise
        config: {
          placeholder: 'bar',           // optional, takes camelized name otherwise
          readOnly: true                // optional, default: false
    // ...